martedì 29 dicembre 2009

CBR Review: The Absolute V for Vendetta

Moore's wake up call has aged well, but it's not a great fit for the Absolute format.

CBR's Decade In Review: 2000 - 2002

CBR's reporters take a look back at the decade and realize all the amazing things that happened over the last decade, starting today with 2000 through 2002, including "Ultimate Spider-Man," Free Comic Book Day" and more!

Preview: Mickey Mouse & Friends

The epic WIZARDS OF MICKEY tale continues! Student of the great wizard Grandalf, Mickey Mouse, along with friends Donald Duck and Goofy, must face off against the Phantom Blot and his nefarious Team Black Phantom! Join BOOM! Kids for a whole new epoch in Disney publishing!

Pipeline - Tuesday, Dec 29th

Augie concludes his look at a thousand comics he's glad to have read over the last 20 years with titles from Robert Kirkman, Brian Bendis, Ron Lim, Alan Davis, Alan Moore, Dave Sim, Mark Waid, George Perez and lots of others.

The Week That Diamond Forgot ? But Comics Remembered

This week Diamond Comics Distribution doesn’t ship comics to any of its stores. This was because, due to UPS holiday schedules, a significant percentage of stores would not have received their comics on the due ...

On Eve of Break, GEOFF JOHNS Talks BLACKEST NIGHT, pt. 1

Blackest Night #6 is one of the only shows in town tomorrow at comics stores. That makes it a great time to catch up with its writer

Readers' Favorites of 2009 Tourney: ARTIST Final Round

J.H. Williams III and Ivan Reis. Two man enter. One man leave. Who is YOUR favorite artist of 2009?

This week Blackest Night, Siege and lots of indy comics rule the racks

If you think the Diamond skip week means that you'll be missing out on new comics, think again.
As you may have already heard, the week isn't completely dead ... even if the one new mainstream comic you can buy features a bunch of guys who are. Blackest Night #6 shipped early, meaning your retailer [...]

Christos Gage's War "Initiative"

This January, writer Christos Gage kicks off a new arc in "Avengers: The Initiative" that ties into the Avengers "Siege" event by plunging his large cast into a two-front war. CBR News spoke with Gage about his plans for the series.

Piecing Together "Amazing Spider-Man's" Future

Marvel Comics teases a cabal of Spider players to come and a possible fall for Peter Parker in the coming year of its marquee comic, but what do their puzzling teases have to do with Mary Jane and the events of "One More Day"?

Best Shots Reviews: THOR, DETECTIVE COMICS, Tons More

The Best Shots team has a bunch of reviews from several publishers, including a couple from weeks past

Unbound: The year in manga

At the outset, 2009 didn’t look like a promising year for manga. Tokyopop had split in two, laid off a third of its staff, and seemed to be tottering toward its grave; Broccoli had just given up the ghost; Vertical let its marketing manager go; and ADV couldn’t bring itself to publish Yotsuba&!, despite the [...]

"Popgun" Takes A Fourth Shot

CBR News spoke with "Popgun" editor D.J. Kirkbride and creators Jeffrey Brown, Frank Stockton, Andy Ristiano, Amanda Becker and Janet Kim about the upcoming fourth installment of Image Comics' popular anthology series.

STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS - Grievous Intrigue

General Grievous springs a deadly trap for the Jedi heroes in "Grievous Intrigue," an all-new episode of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS premiering at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT Friday, January 1 on Cartoon Network.

Your video of the day: The animated Don Martin

Somehow it just seems all the more horrifying once you add motion, doesn't it?  (via)

ROBOT 6 Talks With Indy Comics Week Planners

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea spoke with the planners of tomorrow's Indy Comics Week celebration, discussing the various challenges faced, responses received and lessons that have been learned in pulling off the inaugural event.

Slash Print | Keenspot, Apple tablet talk and more

Webcomics | Fleen's Gary Tyrell dives into some of the changes that the webcomics host Keenspot is making to its business model starting next July. Tyrell talks to Keenspot CEO Chris Cosby and some creators who are currently hosted on the site, and also posts an internal memo that describes the changes. I'd quote from [...]

CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2009, Part I

Wrap up 2009 with CBR as we present the first 25 comics to crack our coveted Top 100 of the Year, including senses-shattering superheroes, hilarious, historical alt comics wondrous webcomics and more!

Creator Nick Spencer Hopes You Remember Image's FORGETLESS

It's described by series creator Nick Spencer as “Rashomon in a night club, just with a lot more bullets". We speak with the writer

A solid Paul Cornell interview, from before the sun set on Captain Britain

I enjoyed reading this transcript of Matt Badham's 2008 interview with Paul Cornell, writer of Marvel's Captain Britain and MI-13, even if the title's subsequent cancellation casts a shadow across some of the quotes.
I'm only now reading the entire series -- yes, I'm part of the problem -- so Cornell's comments about characterization, themes and, [...]

Gene Colan is Still "Invincible"

In February, the Hero Initiative will publish "The Invincible Gene Colan", a retrospective covering the career of one of the legends of the comics industry. CBR News spoke with Colan about the project and the long career that led up to it.

Sebastian Jones is "Untamed"

CBR spoke with writer Sebastian Jones, who is launching an ambitious new line of shared-universe fantasy titles through his publishing company, Stranger Comics. The first series, "The Untamed," will debut in Spring 2010.

A review a day: Demons of Sherwood

It's time for Robin Hood! Robin Hood is perfect for comics, isn't he?

ComicMix has been putting comics up on-line for a while now, and then IDW publishes the print version (I assume they're connected somehow, but I don't feel like digging around). Now, I would say you shouldn't spend any money for these [...]

R.I.P. David Levine

The New York Times is reporting that famed illustrator and caricaturist David Levine passed away today at the age of 83 after complications from prostate cancer.
Mr. Levine’s drawings never seemed whimsical, like those of Al Hirschfeld. They didn’t celebrate neurotic self-consciousness, like Jules Feiffer’s. He wasn’t attracted to the macabre, the way Edward Gorey was. [...]

Straight for the art | Maxim Dalton's "Guitar Lessons"

I've got your Guitar Heroes right here, pal: Argentinian illustrator Maxim Dalton has paid homage to a small army of six-string warriors with a print called "Guitar Lessons." Featured are guitar gods from Jimi Hendrix to Jack White; personally, I was happy to see Pete Townshend mid-windmill and David Gilmour in his Guinness t-shirt. Click [...]

Review: The Color Trilogy (Blog@Newsarama)

The Color of Earth The Color of Water The Color of Heaven Written & Illustrated by Kim Dong Hwa Translated by Lauren Na Published by First Second Ambitious. Kim Dong Hwa’s trilogy tracks a mother and daughter in the time of pre-industrial Korea as the younger comes of age, following her from the age of seven until her wedding [...]

Unfortunately it will not actually draw the comic for you

Dealing with a bad case of writer's block? Looking for that perfect plot for your upcoming 24-hour comic project? Brad Tibbils and Michael Avolio have just what you need -- Plotboiler, a random generator of more than 40,000 individual storylines, with lists for characters, actions, genres and locations. You can even create your own [...]

So Super Duper - Page Ninety Three! Comet Fun! (Blog@Newsarama)

If you like what you’ve read so far (c’mon, how can you not') totally check out more super cute comics!

Movies - Animation Exclusive: SHS Thor Sketches (Marvel)

Take a look at some exclusive production sketches of the God of Thunder himself, Thor!

Terrorism is never funny?underpants, however? (Blog@Newsarama)

In his Comics Riffs blog for the Washington Post, Michael Cavna writes about the dilemas that are facing the nation’s political cartoonists in light of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s failed attempt to blow up a plane about Detroit on Christmas Day: Terrorism generally isn’t very funny, most of them are on holiday vacations anyway and yet [...]

Indy Comic Book Week preview: Invisible Sam, The Unremarkable Man

Adam O. Pruett, creator of Invisible Sam, The Unremarkable Man, will have hsi book in many, many comic shops this week, from California to the New York island, and many points in between. Here's some info he sent over on the book:

Van Lente Writes His Own "Legacy"

Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth travel into Marvel's leading futurist's past in the new ongoing "Iron Man: Legacy." CBR spoke with Van Lente about his plans for the series, which will tell stories from various points in Iron Man's history.

Astonishing X-Men BEHIND THE SCENES Ep. 6

Get a behind the scenes look at the chart-topping Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic with this all new video!

'New' Fletcher Hanks story discovered

It was assumed that the two Fantagraphics collections -- I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets and You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation -- contained all existing stories by Fletcher Hanks, the obscure and eccentric Golden Age artist whose work has been rediscovered thanks to the efforts of editor Paul Karasik and others. [...]

Straight for the craft | Jenny and Johnny Ryan's Prison Pit doll

Well, who's this adorable little gentleman? Why, it's Cannibal Fuckface, star of Johnny Ryan's gruesomely good action comic Prison Pit. This felt doll version of the blood-soaked bruiser was constructed by Ryan's wife Jenny, and here he hangs on the Christmas tree, making the season bright. Alas, with Prison Pit, Vol. 2, on the way [...]

Erika Moen's webcomic DAR comes to a close today

Cartoonist Erika Moen said farewell today to her long-running webcomic journal DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary.
Launched in late 2003, DAR chronicled Moen's life from a 20-year-old college sophomore to her struggles with depression and sexual identity to her emergence as a professional cartoonist. "Oh, and I guess there were some dick ‘n’ [...]

A roundup of best-of-the-year (and decade) pieces

• Canadian retail chain Indigo Books & Music names Jeff Smith's Bone: Out From Boneville and Jeff Kinney's hybrid Diary of a Wimpy Kid among its 75 best books of the decade (selected according to impact and popularity). The two titles appear in the young-adult fiction category, alongside such works as Harry Potter and the [...]

A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments - Day 362

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!
With the year almost over, we're going to spend five days on finales of long-running comic books. Spoilers are most certainly [...]

CBR Reviews Last Week's New Comics

Last week, CBR's review staff covered twenty-two new comics, including "Chew" #7, "Secret Warriors" 11, "Detective Comics" 860, "Avengers: The Initiative" 31, "Irredeemable" #9, "Blackest Night: JSA" #1 and many more.

Outlook 2010: Comics in the Next 365 p.2 Editors, Publishers

Vaneta Rogers continues a series looking at challenges & opportunities in the next year for the comic book industry

New Dan Dare Figure And Chris Weston Character Designs

These are the prototypes for upcoming Dan Dare figures to be manufactured by day2daytrading, known for their retro-style Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon figures).
And they’re based on these model sheets by Chris Weston.

Expected release is ...

Marvel Hotline: Bendis on House of M

Brian Michael Bendis' multi-part Marvel Hotline series continues with a look back at his first collaboration with artist Olivier Coipel on House of M!


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Spartacus Moves, Reminds Me Of Forked Sausage

Devil’s Due’s Spartacus: Blood and Sand has a motion comic available. Narrated by Ray Park, the man who couldn’t even do his own voice in Phantom Menace, with a trailer on YouTube, it’s now ...

Holiday Sales Grow Slightly

Between November 1st and Christmas this year, over-all retail sales (not including cars and gas) were up 1% vs. 2008.