martedì 19 gennaio 2010

DC Comics Solicitations for April, 2010

DC Comics has released images and solicitations for new comics and products on sale in April 2010, including the latest from "Brightest Day," "Batman & Robin," "The Last Stand of New Krypton" and much more.

VIDEO: "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths"

Warner Bros. has released a scene from their upcoming "JL: Crisis on Two Earths" feature in which the Justice League battles their evil counterparts, the Crime Syndicate. The movie hits DVD and Blu-ray February 23.

Rob Liefeld Covers "Deadpool & Cable" #25

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive First Look at Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld's cover for the final issue of "Deadpool & Cable," scheduled to hit stores in April 2010.


A Battle between the Justice League and the Crime Syndicate will always be packed with action. This clip, from the DCU Animated Original movie coming February 23, 2010, jumps straight into an all-out brawl between the mirrored teams.

New Taiwan news ‘toon: Coco vs. Leno vs. Zucker

After the Taiwanese CGI cartoon about Tiger Woods stunned the world, it was pretty obvious that Taiwanese CGI cartoon news recreations were the artform for a new era…but NO ONE could have predicted the game-changing genius of the new video depicting the Late Night Wars of ‘10. This one [...]

Random Thoughts! (January 19, 2010)

Random Thought! For some reason, I've begun calling my girlfriend 'Ladygirl' as a nickname. She hasn't dumped me yet. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!
Link Thought! The top 5 wrestling returns (my list is very subjective, particularly my number one). High Road/Low Road on ECW Homecoming (plus, lots of comments regarding Jeff Hardy and TNA [...]

Hibbs talks a little about 1/13

Advance Image Comics Solicitations for April, 2010

Image has provided CBR with a first look at cover artwork and solicitation information for new comics shipping in April, including previews for "Splatterman," "The Light" and Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards' "Turf."

Simone is Ready to Fly (Again) With the BIRDS OF PREY

Birds of Prey is returning with Gail Simone and Ed Benes. We talked to the writer about her new/old gig

Exclusive: THE LIGHT Shines from Image This April

Image Comics presents a new story from the writer of Olympus and the artist of SURROGATES that shines a light on horror

Danielle Leigh's Reading Diary -- not simple

Natsume Ono's first comic to see print in the U.S. -- not simple -- is a powerful and haunting work.  Luckily, we won't have to wait long to see more from her later this year.

In spite of the book's title, there is a deceptive simpleness to Ono's story and art.  The done-in-one volume starts at [...]

Get an exclusive look at the Geoff Johns-penned episode of SMALLVILLE

It’s not a stretch to say comics are everywhere on the pop culture landscape — movies, television, books and beyond. These colorful heroes are a part of our daily lives, and we’re proud to unveil something very cool — and by “cool,” I mean something special, that we’ve never done before on THE SOURCE.
As most [...]

Bendis Spins Spider-Woman's Web of Intrigue

With "Spider-Woman" #5 hitting stores tomorrow, CBR News spoke with writer Brian Michael Bendis about both the current storyline and future of both the printed and motion comic "Spider-Woman" series.


Take a look at the Best Shots crew's advance comic book reviews for books coming later this week!

So Super Duper! Page Ninety Nine! Eeeeekkk! (Blog@Newsarama)

If you like what you’ve read so far (c’mon, how can you not') totally check out more super cute comics!

WORLD OF HURT - ?The Thrill-Seekers? - Episode 23 (Blog@Newsarama)

WORLD OF HURT - The Thrill-Seekers - Episode 23: “Tell The Truth, Shame The Devil - Part 3” One of my goals with the depiction of Alicia Patterson was to make her attractive, but relatable. I wanted her to be the girl next door. I think this strip underscores some of what I had been setting [...]

More April 2010: Batman solicits

Why stop with BRIGHTEST DAY, right? Click below for a look at all the Batman-related titles shipping in April, including BATMAN AND ROBIN, STREETS OF GOTHAM, BATGIRL and OUTSIDERS.

Advance-solicited • On sale June 23 • 112 pg, FC, $19.99 US
Written by SAM KIETH • Art and cover by SAM KIETH
An [...]



More in

CBR Reviews Last Week's New Comics

Last week, CBR's review staff looked at nineteen new titles including "Adventure Comics" #6, "S.W.O.R.D." #3, "Lola: A Ghost Story," "The Power of SHAZAM" 48, "X-Men Origins Cyclops," "Secret Six" 17 and more.

IDW Full APRIL 2010 Solicitations

Here are all the comics and graphic novels coming from IDW in April 2010; new G.I. Joe, Transformers, Angel, & more!

Kevin Smith Has Written All Ten Issues Of Green Hornet Series, Honest

In an upcoming interview with Comic Shop News, available free in comic shops this week, Kevin Smith assures readers who may have become accustomed to certain aspects of his work.
I have a really bad reputation ...

Jellaby goes out of print just as Volume 2 arrives

Over at his blog, Kean Soo reports that the first volume of his Jellaby series has gone out of print.. Published by Hyperion, Jellaby, a lovable monster who has adventures with a little girl, had appeared in several Flight anthologies and Soo’s own website. Ironically, the second volume, Monster in the City is [...]

Take a sneak peek at April’s BRIGHTEST DAY solicit info

It’s that time again — solicitation. Where we showcase some covers and tease-worthy text about product coming your way. Today we’ve got a slice of the solicitations for April in-store. Specifically, all things BRIGHTEST DAY.
So, click below for the full rundown of covers and text.

On sale APRIL 14 • 56 pg, FC, $3.99 [...]

Making Sense Of Marvel's Ring Swap Promo

Though the publisher's "trade 50 DC Comics covers for a Deadpool variant" gimmick has gotten creators, editors and retailers talking, the question remains whether the promotion has much of an effect beyond making noise

DC Confirms Spirit And Doc Savage Series

DC’s The Source blog has confirmed Bleeding Cool’s Saturday report that they were launching two new First Wave titles, Doc Savage and The Spirit, part of the new Golden Age-ish continuity.
Doc Savage is wrTiten by ...

Marvel Comics Solicitations for April 2010

Marvel has released images and solicitation information for new comics on sale in April 2010, including "Siege," "Amazing Spider-Man," "DoomWar," "Deadpool Corps," "Second Coming" and more.

Final "Kick-Ass" Theatrical Poster Released

Lionsgate has released the final theatrical poster featuring all the major characters in their upcoming movie, "Kick-Ass," based on the Icon comic book series by co-creators Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

TCAF has website, guests

With this thrilling poster by Daniel Clowes leading the charge as it cleaves its way across the internet, a new website for theToronto Comic Arts Festival has launched. Guests for the show include Clowes, James Sturm, and more, with more to come. Exciting!

Comics: X-Men - SNEAK PEEK: Cable #23 (Marvel)

The countdown to X–Men: Second Coming continues!

Movies - Animation Exclusive: SHS Villains (Marvel)

Get an exclusive look at "The Super Hero Squad Show" as we take a trip to the shady part of town to meet the Villains of Villain Ville!

Walter Simonson covers The Authority #21 and WildCats #22

Revealing these giant, amazing WildCats/Authority split covers is now one of the top things I look forward to here at the Bleed each month. Not only do I get to show off a great piece of art, but WildStorm makes my job easy for mewith this surefire formula:
Star artist + A whole bunch of WSU [...]

The FIRST WAVE expands in April

Did you think we’d run out of news after two weeks of DCU in 2010?
No such luck, Source crew. In fact, we’ve got two new ongoing books to unveil, both hitting in April.
You’re all familiar with FIRST WAVE, right? The pulp-y, neo-noir epic from writer Brian Azzarello and artist Rags Morales hits in March and [...]

Powers, Green Lantern, Thor: Jan 19th Comic Reel

"Powers" continues its march toward television. "Green Lantern" director talks cameos and tone. Agent Coulson to appear in "Thor." Shooting beings on "Red," the "Hobbit" casting rumor and more

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Friday passes sell out for Comic-Con International! Circulation figures for Japan's manga magazines! "Jellaby" won't remain in print! Interviews with Neil Gaiman, Bill Willingham, Eddie Campbell and more!

Fox To Adapt Torchwood For The USA

The first couple of series may have been roundly mocked in the UK. But they were a smash hit in the US, breaking viewer records at BBC America and driving a large audience to the ...

Shamus expands to Atlanta

After a few false starts, Gareb Shamus/Wizard World’s slate of media conventions has announced an expansion to Atlanta, date and venue TBA. The new Atlanta Comic Con Wizard World Convention takes over the Atlanta Comics Convention, which is run by retailer Wes Tillander. The show will expand fro it’s present one-day status to a full-blown [...]

Scott's Classic Comics Corner: Hidden Ditko Treasure 1965-1980

Many Steve Ditko fans are familiar with his popular work at Marvel and DC as well as his contributions to the Tower Comics line and his work at Charlton in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Many of these books have been reprinted, and are widely available. There is, however, a lot more Ditko work to [...]

Exclusive IDW Preview: G.I.JOE #14: Snake Eyes & Hard Master

Snake Eyes and the Hard Master reunite in this issue, previewed exclusively here

How Will Apple?s Tablet Affect Comics ? Part Two

The Apple iSlate/iTablet is expected to be announced later this week.
Jim Shelley has interviewed a number of movers and shakers in the emerging digital comic book field about the emergence of the device, its effect ...

Vertigo Looking Pretty On A Monday Morning

The Vertigo blog, Graphic Content, just released the following covers. Let’s just label them as we go though, shall we?

"Moon Girl" Exclusive to comiXology

Publisher comiXology continues to bring original comics content to their iPhone app with the release of "Moon Girl" this month. Writers Johnny Zito and Tony Trov talk with CBR about their update of the Golden Age superhero title.

Exclusive: Gareb Shamus Buys Atlanta Comic Convention

Gareb Shamus, CEO of Wizard has bought the small Atlanta Comic Convention, and has renamed it Atlanta Comic Con Wizard World Convention to fit alongside the growing line of bought/created convention under the Wizard World ...

Charlie Brooker?s Newswipe Returns Tonight

Charlie Brooker, cartoonist, satirtist and panel show host returns to BBC4 tonight (10.30pm) with a new series of Newswipe, mocking and exposing the realities of modern day journalism in the UK and the USA. Isn’t ...

2010: Living In the Future

Is there anything more charming than the past’s bright-eyed view of the future? Daniel Sinker has been blogging the book 2010: Living In the Future, a 1972 children’s book by Geoffry Hoyle that envisioned a peaceful — if simply drawn– future where autos were shipped through tubes, people boarded airplanes as they might a [...]

A little bit more on Heroes 4 Haiti

Charles Brownstein has an update on Heroes 4 Haiti, the efforts of comic book folks to raise money to help ease the devastation in Haiti:

Heroes 4 Haiti, a grassroots movement of artists seeking to raise money for the victims of the January 12 Haiti earthquake, launched last weekend with immediate contributions from over a dozen [...]

Tote with Sikoryak

Speaking of the Strand, New York’s immense used book store, they’ve just launched a new tote bag with artwork fromR. Sikoryak’s Masterpiece Comics. We have a full fleet of tote bags standing by at a moments notice, but even for those over toted, this is hard to resist…

Mistakes of a Past History #1

This is the first in a series (of indefinite length and regularity) of pieces looking at instances in comic book history where, well, let's just say that some unfortunate choices were made. These decisions were certainly more acceptable in the context of the time when the comics in question came out, but "more acceptable at [...]

Vertigo Cover Gallery

Could An 8.0 Detective Comics #27 Break The World Record?

The most expensive comic sold to date at auction was a copy of Action Comics #1 for $317,000.
On February 25th, a copy of Batman’s first appearance, Detective Comics 27, is to go on the block. ...

A Year of Cool Comics - Day 18

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!
Today [...]