domenica 3 gennaio 2010

Disney Expands Ties With Stan Lee

The Walt Disney Company announced is expanding its ties with Stan Lee’s Pow! Entertainment.

'Avatar' Posts Trifecta

James Cameron’s Avatar remained firmly in control of the box office for the third weekend in a row.

The Ten Best DVDs of 2009

Here is a list of discs released in 2009 that takes into account both the quality of the film itself and its presentation.

Manga Before Flowers -- My Year in Manga

End of semester madness and holiday travel kept me from regular updates on the blog but I can't let the whole of 2009 go without some commentary.  So you all get a list of manga released in 2009 that meant something to me.  It isn't quite a "best of" list, nor it is exactly a [...]

Books about comics creators chatting should be good!

Okay, so Eisner/Miller came out in 2005, but I just got around to reading it, so I'm going to review it! Nyah-nyah-nyah!

I've written this before and I'll write it again, but I LOVE behind-the-scenes stuff. I love books about the making of things, be they comics or movies (I love All About "All [...]

Founder Of Aircel Comics, Barry Blair, Dies

I’m told by close friends that Barry Blair, founder of Aircel Comics, died today from a brain aneurism.
He complained to friends of an ear ache previously and was on medication as a result. However he ...

Amazing Fantasy 15

Amazing Fantasy 15 (Aug. 1962).
Penciler: Jack Kirby.
Inker: Steve Ditko.

Amazing Fantasy 15 original Spider-Man artwork given to Library of Congress.
An Insider's Part of Comic History. Jack Kirby's Spider-Man.
Amazing Fantasy - Wikipedia.

Le origini segrete di Spider-Man (prima parte).
Le origini segrete di Spider-Man (seconda parte).
Le origini segrete di Spider-Man (terza parte).
La prima copertina di Spider-Man.
Amazing Fantasy 15 donato alla Biblioteca del Congresso.

What are you excited about for 2010

ROBOT 6 wraps up its round-up of industry pros talking about what they're looking forward to in 2010 with comments from Walt Simonson, Scott Wegener, Jamie S. Rich, Vito Delsante and more.

Comic Critics #100!!

Here is the ONE HUNDREDTH installment of the Comic Critics strip, courtesy of Sean Whitmore (writer) and Brandon Hanvey (artist)! You can check out the first ninety-nine strips at the archive here and you can read more about Sean and Brandon at the Comic Critics blog.

Congrats, guys!!
6 Comments At January 3, 2010, Mark Black [...]

The 30 Most Important Comics of the Decade, Part Two

ROBOT 6 finishes its countdown of the 30 influential comic books that changed the industry over the past ten years, with looks at "Daredevil," "Persepolis," "Naruto," "Penny Arcade," "Jimmy Corrigan" and more.

Review: Spider-Man 2099 (Blog@Newsarama)

Spider-Man 2099 Written by Peter David Penciled by Rick Leonardi, with Kelley Jones Inked by Al Williamson, with Mark McKenna Colored by Steve Buccellato & Noelle Giddings Lettered by Rick Parker Only 89 more years until this becomes the Spider-Man of today! Years back, when I bought my first comic book, Marvel’s 2099 line was brand-spankin’ new, just hitting comic shop [...]

'Usagi Yojimbo Plush Figure'

Dark Horse Deluxe has announced the first ever Usagi Yojimbo Plush Figure, 14 inches of fluffy badass bunny.

Into the back issue box #51

Today: Classic creators! But will it result in a classic comic? You be the judge!
(Or, Today: A comic that Greg Hatcher probably loves. Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

It's a new year, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop linking to the ground rules for these posts! They're still [...]

The 50 best covers of 2009

ROBOT 6's Kevin Melrose highlights 50 covers he loved from the past year, which includes art by Brian Bolland, John Cassaday, Marko Djurdjevic, Dave Johnson, Dustin Nguyen, Skottie Young and many more.

Speaking of Dusty Abell...

And I just was, check out this amazing piece Abell did of the various television stars of science fiction and fantasy during the 1970s!

Click on the image to go to Abell's deviantART page where you can see the full image (it's yooooooooooge)!

BOOM! Studios Titles On Sale January 6, 2010

BOOM! Studios has provided CBR with advance looks at new comics on sale January 6, including "28 Days Later" #5, "Kill Audio" #4, "Dingo" #2, "Mickey Mouse & Friends" 299, and "Donald Duck and Friends" 349!

Comic Book Legends Revealed

Is Frank Quitely a pseudonym used by Grant Morrison? Or Lynn Varley for Frank Miller? Or is A. J. Lieberman really John Byrne? Find out today in a special edition of Comic Book Legends Revealed on COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD.


Courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Buck Rogers" #7, the first installment of an all-new storyline by Scott Beatty and Carlos Lopez that hits comic stores this Wednesday, January 6.

What are you excited about for 2010?

Part two of ROBOT 6's round-up of industry folks talking about what they're looking forward to in 2010 includes comments from Jimmy Palmiotti, David Gallaher, Chris Schweizer, Molly Crabapple, Mike Dawson and more!

419 Scammers Become Superheroes, Get Own Comic Book

The 419 scam is, to some, Darwinian principles in action. The stupid, the greedy, the ignorant, getting parted with their cash. Those emails, often associated with Nigeria, claiming that they have $20,000,000 which they need ...

The Mad Men Comic That Never Was

There have been plenty of TV-to-comics over the years, from Sergeant Bilko to Doctor Who. For some it became a licence to print money, such as X-Files or Buffy Season 8. Some, like Chuck, are ...

Sunday Runaround ? Beanworld In The Summer

BeanWatch: Larry Marder unveils the cover to the next Beanworld volume, entitled “Something More” as the Beanworld enters Summertime, and the Beanworld cover to April’s issue of Dark Horse Presents, featuring a short Beanworld story.

Beanworld ...

A Year of Cool Comics - Day 2

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)!
Today we look at Brian Michael Bendis' Jinx!

Did you know that Brian Michael [...]

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twenty-ten here we come!

Here we are in 2010 (Happy New Year everyone), and our first book of the year is off to press. I'm talking none other than James Kochalka's wickedly funny collected SuperF*ckers. Due in March, this book will make you laugh so hard you'll spew milk out your nose if you're not careful. Make sure you're not eating Oreo cookies with that milk! The collected edition includes all four previously published issues of the series, PLUS the unpublished Jack Krak solo issue!



• Some fine holiday greetings i received in my in-box these last couple of weeks.

Ulf K.

Sam Henderson

Gregory Benton

• A sneak peak at Mike Huddleston's stunning cover sketch for the upcoming Homeland Directive, written by Robert Venditti.

• Finally, read the recent King-Cat (#70) by the nothing less than sublimely talented John Porcellino today on the exercise bike, only to discover that this issue celebrates King-Cat's 20th Anniversary. Holy shit! Unbelievable. I did a little digging and found this recent article/interview with John at Newsarama. If you're unfamiliar with John's work and profess to love comics, then please check out and purchase some of his masterful work, either here at his own King-Cat website or from his collected editions publisher, our friends at Drawn & Quarterly.