sabato 27 marzo 2010

CBR Review: Deadpool, issue 21

Deadpool vs. Hit-Monkey, with a side order of Spider-Man.

Remembering Dick Giordano: Industry Pros Reflect

Newsarama collects thoughts and reaction from comic book industry pros on the passing of Dick Girodano

CBR Review: Prelude to Deadpool Corps, issue 4

It's "Gilligan's Island of Dr. Moreau" this week, as Deadpool and Headpool team up.

Diane Nelson, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio on Dick Giordano

“Dick Giordano has left a lasting legacy as a comic book artist and as a DC Comics executive,” said Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment. “I join the industry in recognizing his tremendous contribution to DC Comics and send my sympathy to his family and friends.”
“When I was just trying to break [...]

How To Fix Twilight Manga Lettering

While the general public can’t give a toss about the lettering in Twilight: The Graphic Novel, it’s certainly got enough people in the comics industry and community narked - and understandably so, considering it’s such ...

Wizard World Toronto Comic Con Fails To Burn To The Ground

The idea of a comic convention at least partially full of dealers with comic books being engulfed in a ball of flame, licking at the exclusive Captain Swing variant covers is a nightmare no one ...

Cross-Hatchings for Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Little things I wanted to mention here are piling up on me again, so let's see how many of them I can get off my desk today.
It was a little depressing to see two of my boyhood icons of cool pass away within the last couple of weeks.

I mean, I vaguely knew Peter [...]

"Smallville" Creators Sue Warner Bros. Television

"Smallville" creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough have sued Warner Bros. Television, claiming it made license-fee deals with The WB and The CW that were "unreasonably low." ROBOT 6 has details.

RIP Dick Giordano 1932-2010

Comics lost a giant with the passing this morning of Dick Giordano, a former Executive Editor at DC and an influential inker who helped shape the look of Bronze Age comics and usher in a new era of talent.

Giordano's career included work at Charlton, Dc and Continuity Associates, the studio run by Neal Adams. As Adam's inker on such much admired works as Batman and Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Giordano's techniques influenced a generation of inkers, including Terry Austin, Bob Layton, Al Milgrom, Joe Rubinstein, and Bob Wiacek, essentially setting the tone for the entire Bronze Age of comics.

Dick Giordano: A Legacy Remembered

Newsarama looks back more in-depth at the career and legacy of the late legendary comic book figure Dick Giordano

Hechinger, Mu�oz pit kids vs. bears in 'Bear Beater Bunyan'

ROBOT 6 wraps up a trio of wrestling-themed posts by talking to the creators of the webcomic 'Yon Kuma,' which underwent a name change as it became available on mobile devices.

Dick Giordano Passes Away at 77

The legendary penciler, inker and executive Dick Giordano has died, leaving behind a legacy of professionalism and reinvention across the comic book industry and superhero genre.

Dick Giordano Passes

Bob Layton has sent a message to the comics community at large.
Dear Friends & Colleagues,
It is my sorrowful duty to announce that legendary artist/editor/entrepreneur Dick Giordano passed away today.
Few could ever hope to match what ...

Who will win at Wrestlemania?

Will Shawn Michaels retire? Will Cena win the title? Will Rey Mysterio dress as a superhero? ROBOT 6 talks to various comics pros and bloggers to get their opinions on tomorrow's Wrestlemania card.

Legendary Comics Creator Dick Giordano Passes Away

Legendary comic book creator Dick Giordano passed Saturday morning at the age of 78

Dick Giordano 1932-2010 (Blog@Newsarama)

News has spread fast that legendary inker, artist, and editor Dick Giordano has passed away at the age of 77. When one thinks of legendary personalities in this business, Giordano quickly pops up in the top three. Hired by Carmine Infantino in the late 60’s as an editor and if not for him, we would [...]

Underwire UPDATE 03/27/2010

Jennifer Hayden updated Underwire.

Keith Champagne enters the squared circle with 'WWE Heroes'

With Wrestlemania looming large tomorrow, ROBOT 6 kicks off the first of three posts that showcase the comics/wrestling connection. Up first is a chat with 'WWE Heroes' writer Keith Champagne.

Rejected By Zuda #1 ? Brian Andersen?s Moxie Marvel

Just because your submissiondidn’t even make it to the DC online Zuda vote, doesn’t mean it’s without merit. So why not face the public? Is your comic a misunderstood work of genius? Or is it ...

Comics Are Awesome #30

Triple feature!

Sorry, Western Romance Genre, readers did know how to quit you.

Bryan Singer to take producer?s role on First Class, not director (Blog@Newsarama)

It looks like Bryan Singer won’t be directing the X-Men prequel, X-Men: First Class, but still have a rather have a role as producer. Indie Wire reports that 20th Century Fox wants to proceed with “First Class” with such haste that Singer will have to produce it as he directs Jack the Giant Killer for Legendary [...]

A Year of Cool Comics - Day 85

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!
Today [...]

Alan Moore ? The Spanish Impersonation

There is a Spanish TV show featuring parodies of various celebrities.
But it was quite a surprise when one episode featured Alan Moore.
In a bowler hat.
And then it gets really odd.

Saturday Runaround ? Oscar The Grouch

GaimanWatch: Neil Gaiman describes his Oscar experience.
The night before the Oscars, they had a small reception at the Chateau Marmont for their two nominees, Coraline and A Serious Man. The partygoers were a ...