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Seen In Illinois

Fan Boy 1 has landed.

'Kick-Ass' Doesn't

Kick-Ass didn’t have an eponymous weekend at the box office, but it still might eek out a narrow win.

Picking the NBA Playoffs, Comic Book Style

Over at Pop Culture Shock, Jon Haehnle put together a "NBA Playoff Smackdown," where a group of basketball fans who write about comics on the web make their predictions as to who will win each series throughout the NBA playoffs.
At the end of the playoffs, whoever has picked the most series correctly (with extra [...]

CBR Review: Ultimate Comics Enemy, issue 3

Fury and Danvers try to figure out what’s going on while Aunt May’s house is attacked.

CBR Review: Iron Man Noir, issue 1

"Times are dark. Depression. War on the horizon. People want stories they can escape into," says Tony Stark of why does what he does. This is a good escape right here.

Uplift The Positivicals UPDATE 04/18/2010

Tim Hall updated Uplift The Positivicals.

CBR Review: Mindfield, issue 0

Telepathic security agents in a world they know too much about. The fodder for a decent television show, perhaps?

John Rogers? Backhanded Kick Ass Compliment

There’s a bit of an unwritten rule in comics, that you don’t slag off another creator’s or their work. Do-as-you-would-be-done-by is the general rule, and when broken regularly  by certain people, it  can see said ...

C2E2: Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way

Marvel addressed the burning question of would-be comics professionals: how do I break in? The panel of writers, artists, and editors answered questions and discussed their own experiences of getting their first work.


DC's Sunday Conversation gave way to the DC Nation Town Hall Meeting Sunday at C2E2

Goodbye To C2E2 Says Greg Baldino

Greg Baldino continues to report for Bleeding Cool from the floor of C2E2.
In a weird way C2E2 is a much welcomed throwback as a con. These days most of your big conventions tend ...

Life?s A Pitch At C2E2 #3 with Geoffrey Wessel

Geoffrey D Wessel has written a story for a to-be-announced Image anthology. A comic called There Is A Light with John Keogh. Together they also had a page in Phonogram Vs The ...

C2E2: Truman Hails "King Conan"

One of two big "Conan" announcements at C2E2, the "Conan the Cimmerian" team of Tim Truman & Tomas Giorello will move on to "King Conan: The Scarlet Citadel." We Spoke with Truman about the new miniseries.

C2E2: G.I. Joe

At C2E2, panelists from IDW's G.I. Joe team announced writer Larry Hama's renewed run on "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" and address the return of Serpentor and Crystal Ball's Alan Moore makeover. CBR was there.

JOSH ORTEGA's Gears of War & Queen Sonya @ C2E2 2010

Writer Joshua Ortega talks with Newsarama about Gears of War and Queen Sonya at C2E2 in Chicago.

Marvel Announce #1s For X-Men, Wolverine, Dark Wolverine, New X-Force And New Mutants Forever

The Marvel X-Men Panel is in full flow at C2E2. And amongst news of Layla Miller getting off with Jamie Maddros, there are a lot of issue 1 mutant books coming through the evolutionary pipe.
Chris ...

C2E2 2010 - Marvel's X-MEN Panel Preview Images

Here's a look at some preview art Marvel is showing Sunday afternoon at the X-MEN panel

C2E2: DAKEN Darkens the Door of New WOLVERINE Ongoing

Wolverine's son DAKEN is no novelty act, his continued popularity gets him a new ongoing series later this year

Toys!Toys!Toys! At C2E2 by Greg Baldino

Greg Baldino continues to report for Bleeding Cool from the floor of C2E2.
Comics aren’t the only things on sale at C2E2. There’s been a number of toy vendors on the floor including Rotofugi, ...

London Book Fair Under A Cloud

Tomorrow, in my role as Avatar Foreign Rights Manager (I know, I laugh just to type it) I’m attending the London Book Fair at Earl’s Court (sans children for once, though I’ll have the little ...

C2E2: "X-23" Marks the Spot

Laura Kinney knows how to kill a man in a variety of ways, but she doesn't know how to live life on her own terms. This September, she sets out to discover how to do that in the new "X-23" ongoing series by writer Marjorie Liu.

C2E2 2010 - Marvel's X-MEN Panel LIVE!

Marvel is wrapping it up in Chicago with their last program of the weekend, a panel focusing on the X-MEN

Tobin and Coover's Gingerbread Girl @ C2E2 2010

Husband and wife comic book team, writer Paul Tobin and artist Colleen Coover, talk to Newsarama about their upcoming graphic novel Gingerbread Girl

Greg Baldino?s C2E2 ? Finder In Color For Dark Horse Presents

Greg Baldino continues to report from the floor of C2E2 for Bleeding Cool.
So far impressions at C2E2 have been pretty good. “We’ve been having the time of our lives,” said Nerd City member Max Minor, ...

The Reread Reviews -- Earth X

The reread reviews return after a long hiatus with the book the most people said they wanted to read about when I asked in a random thoughts post a few weeks back: Earth X. It's Marvel's Kingdom Come and it began as a free book included in a year-end issue of Wizard. But, it's got [...]

C2E2: Flash & Green Lantern: Revelations LIVE

The DC Universe's bravest and boldest get the spotlight as creators including franchise mastermind Geoff Johns unveil plans for the lives of the Fastest Man Alive and the Emerald Warrior, and CBR News is there LIVE with constant updates.

CBR TV: Aaron Johnson & Chloe Moretz

The stars of "Kick-Ass," Aaron Johnson and Chloe Moretz talk to CBR TV at C2E2 about the new Matthew Vaughn film based on the hit Icon comic book by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.


It's Day 3 of C2E2 and DC is holding their last major panel, FLASH & GREEN LANTERN: REVELATIONS

C2E2: Oni Press

"Yo Gabba Gabba's" Brobee invaded the Oni Press panel at C2E2 to help announce a new anthology based on the hit Nick Jr. television series, and CBR was there to get all the details on that and other projects from Oni.

C2E2: WILDSTORM PANEL: Tony Harris's New Book, More

WildStorm held their own panel to announce new projects & update on their current ones at C2E2

C2E2: Marvel Animation

Joe Quesada and others spoke to fans at C2E2 about Marvel's upcoming animated plans including the new "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" and a second season of "The Superhero Squad Show."


Writer Bill Willingham talks to Newsarama about Fables at C2E2 in Chicago.

C2E2: Robot's Saturday Report

Robot 6's Michael May takes you on a tour of what was to see and do at C2E2 on Saturday, including highlights from Archaia's presentation, the Women in Comics panel, and, of course, pictures of cosplayers.

C2E2: Marvels "Hulks Smash!" Panel LIVE!

The minds behind "Fall of the Hulks," from Jeph Loeb to Greg Pak and more, unite for an hour of talk on what's in store for the future of the Goliaths Green and Red in "World War Hulks" and CBR is one the scene LIVE with CONSTANT UPDATES!

C2E2: Avatar Press Panel

E-i-C William Christensen joined writers Christos Gage, Mike Wolfer and Brian Pulido and artist Jacen Burrows to talk about Lady Death, "Crossed," "Absolution" and much more during the Avatar Press panel at C2E2.

Looking At Those Bright Shiny New iDaleks

The new colour range does feel reminiscent of the old iMac ads. And removing the horizontal slots and the chunky connections from eyepiece to helmet has helped make the whole look a lot smoother and ...

Jennifer Hayden Interviewed On "spin Cycle" - by Jennifer Hayden 04/18/2010

Jennifer Hayden added a blog post titled "Jennifer Hayden Interviewed On "spin Cycle"".

C2E2 2010 - Marvel's HULK SMASH! Panel LIVE!

It's Day 3 of C2E2 and Marvel gathered the faithful to talk about World War Hulks and all things red & green

Mark Bagley ?Back To Marvel? In Six Months?

Mark Bagley’s work on Ultimate Spider-Man helped redefine Marvel Comics in the 2000s, and who left DC to work on the Trinity series and is currently working on JLA,.
Well, Bagley who is attending the C2E” ...

C2E2 Day 2: Crowds, Casanova, Whistling Skull

A much bigger crowd descended on C2E2 yesterday, Saturday, and more people seemed to be buying. With folks parading around in costume and announcements from Marvel and DC panels, there was definitely the feeling that we had achieved con. Also, folks seemed to know their way around some more, so there was less standing around [...]

Oni signs up Yo Gabba Gabba

The big news from Oni’s panel yesterday was a license for Yo Gabba Gabba, the insanely popular show for young kids and those who think like them. PR below, although the creative team hasn’t been announced — maybe Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer, who write for the show, will be involved.

W!LDBRAIN Entertainment, producers of Yo [...]

The Abominable Charles Christopher comes to print

Karl Kerschl’s much admired webcomic The Abominable Charles Christopher is coming to print!

Wrapped in an embossed, faux suede cover, this 144-page tome collects all of the comics from the first two years of the series, along with many additional illustrations and a gorgeous 40″ gatefold at the end of the book, featuring a dramatic [...]