sabato 30 gennaio 2010

CBR Review: Amazing Spider-Man, issue 619

Silvermane! Mysterio! Marcos Martin! Three cheers for another good "Spidey" issue.

Pop Star LIGHTS up the Motion Comic Medium

Writer Tom Coker recently brought a pop star into a motion comic at MTV. We talk about the unique challenges of the medium

Flippin' through Previews - February 2010

The Marvel Universe has apparently never existed before ... because it starts in Previews 257!

I mean, what's up with that cover? I know that it's time for shiny, happy Marvel again, but it's not the start of the Marvel Universe, which has existed for five decades. Right? Oh, who cares? Let's [...]

Preview: Berserker

The bone-crushing new series produced by Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia and DiVide Pictures continues this month! Both Aaron and Farris have been courted, hunted and manipulated by Midgard and Asgaard since they manifested their powers. But have they been pushed too far? And what path have they chosen? Featuring variant covers by series artist Jeremy Haun (Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum) and Dale Keown (The Darkness/Pitt).

The Fantasy Lantern Draft

Would Miss Piggy be an Orange Lantern or a Violet Lantern? Would Starfire have made a better Violet Lantern than Wonder Woman? ROBOT 6's Sean T. Collins looks around the internet at various Lantern picks by fans.

CSBG Enters the Foggy Ruins of Time

CSBG has debuted a new feature exploring the forgotten popular culture that influenced comic book history. This week, learn who Hugh Herbert is, and how he influenced characters as varied as Daffy Duck, Etta Candy and others.

Angoul�me On Saturday ? A Quick Peek

Traditionally Saturday is the busiest day of any comic convention. And it’s no different for the world’s biggest comic convention, Angoulême. As Cameron Stewart just put it,  reporting from the floor, “There are so many ...

BOOM! Studios Titles On Sale February 3, 2010

BOOM! Studios has provided CBR with advance looks at new comics on sale February 3, including "28 Days Later" #6, "Kill Audio" #5, the debut of two new Disney heroes series, "Toy Story" #1, and more!

Dark Horse Titles On Sale February 3, 2010

Dark Horse has provided previews of titles on sale this week, including "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" 32, "Conan the Cimmerian" 18, "Mass Effect: Redemption" #2, and more!

Saturday from the Archives

So this week I did something not just stupid, but spectacularly stupid.
I agreed to help move a printshop the same week I was taking students to Comixtravaganza.
For those of you that may not understand why that was dumb, I'll simply say that moving a business that largely runs on heavy machinery requires a [...]

Diamond Truck Accident Causes Marvel Delays

Diamond Comics Distributors has informed comic shops of a major accident involving a delivery truck between Marvel’s printers and Diamond’s distrubution centres. And of a considerable loss of product as a result.
As a result next ...