giovedì 11 febbraio 2010

Tilting v3 #22 is up! BookScan 2009

Alliance East Shut Down By Storm

Mike Webb has informed ICv2 that Alliance East is closed today (Thursday) due to a 2'nd major snowstorm.

Hughes Brothers Helming 'Akira'

Albert and Allen Hughes are set to direct a two-film adaptation of Katushito Otomo’s Akira for Warner Bros.

Konami's Q2 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Releases

Konami Digital Entertainment has announced its second quarter 2010 releases for its Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

Olbermann Takes on 'Cap Tea Party Flap'

On Thursday night Keith Olbermann took on the “Captain America Tea Party flap” from his liberal perspective.

Mainstream Media Still a Bit Slow Crediting Certain Online Sites

Keith Olbermann did a feature on his MSNBC show tonight about the controversy surrounding Captain America 602. If you don't know the controversy, the issue featured some protesters carrying signs with "Tea Party" slogans on them. Marvel says that they did not intend for the protesters to be identifiable one way or the other, but [...]

Preview: Web of Spider-Man

Curt Connors has played a tricky role in the life of Peter Parker - at his best, he's an ally whom even Spider-Man must keep an eye on. At his worst, he's The Lizard - a ferocious creature with killer instincts - and Connors' fine scientific mind to boot. Web-head Stalwarts Fred Van Lente and Barry Kitson bring you the tragic case of Curt Connors - while Zeb Wells and Xurxo Penalta gives a preview of his synapse-shattering return later this year in the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! Meanwhile, in the Spectacular Spider-Girl, a brand new era is born for Mayday Parker as she finally gets through to her clone, April - and just in time, as a Mob War EXPLODES - and Midtown High is caught in the crossfire!

CBR Review: JSA All Stars, issue 3

"JSA All Stars" is in a strange position thanks to odd scheduling, where its subplots are more interesting than the main story.

Tilting at Windmills - Thursday, Feb 11th

The time has arrived for the annual TILTING AT WINDMILLS analysis of the sales numbers for 2009 graphic novels in the bookstore market, and this year, Brian Hibbs looks at them in more depth than ever before.


Take a peek at Marvels: Eye of the Camera #6, Doomwar #1, & Dark Avengers 14, shipping from Marvel Comics Feb 17, 2010

Marvel INCREDIBLE 3-View: HULK #20, INC HULK #607, HERC #141

Take a peek at Hulk 20, Incredible Hulk 607, & Incredible Hercules 141, shipping from Marvel Comics on Feb 17, 2010

Marvel SOLO ACT 3-View - CAP #603, DD #505, PUNISHER #14

Previews of 2/17 titles starring Marvel solo stars - CAPTAIN AMERICA 603, DAREDEVIL 505, and PUNISHER 14


Previews of team-oriented 2/17 titles - GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 23, AVENGERS vs. ATLAS #2, and UNCANNY X-MEN 521

Marvel Comics On Sale February 17, 2010

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale this coming Wednesday, February 17, including "Doomwar" #1, "Uncanny X-Men" 521, two doses each of Deadpool, Hulk, and Black Widow, and much more!

Review: The Cartoon Introduction to Economics vol. 1: Microeconomics (Blog@Newsarama)

The Cartoon Introduction to Economics vol. 1: Microeconomics Written by Yoram Bauman, Ph.D. & Grady Klein Illustrated by Grady Klein Published by Hill & Wang Good news, Internets! I’m back. … You could at least pretend to have noticed. Thankfully I opted for the warranty on my laptop a year and a half ago, and the review I had planned [...]

CBR Review: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, issue 7

Meet Ultimate Rick Jones, who may be a mutant and needs the help of Spider-Man, Iceman, and the Human Torch. Uh oh, this won’t end well.


SONIC GOES DIGITAL WITH A WAY PAST HUGE COMIC COLLECTION Sonic is speeding faster than ever into the new year with tons of digital comics popping up on iTunes just for you! The way past cool hero is available...

Trailer - The Last Airbender

The Last Airbender is an upcoming 2010[1] adventure-fantasy film based on the first season of the highly successful animated television series, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

So Super Duper! Page 106! Peeping Toms and Tomettes! (Blog@Newsarama)

If you like what you’ve read so far (c’mon, how can you not') totally check out more super cute comics!

David Hine brings Arkham to "Detective Comics"

"Arkham Reborn" writer David Hine spoke with CBR News and discussed the upcoming conclusion to his ongoing Arkham saga scheduled to appear in the pages of "Detective Comics" this April.


Archie Comics Co-CEO Jon Goldwater talks about the newly-announced superhero publishing deal with legend Stan Lee

BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD: The Super-Batman of Planet X!

Batman lands on this distant planet Zurr En Arrh and finds a
doppleganger Batman, but more surprisingly, on this planet the Caped
Crusader has super powers! Together they battle the mad genius
Rhotul, who soon learns Batman's super weakness.

Comics: Marvel Heroes - Download the Girl Comics Podcast (Marvel News)

Editor Jeanine Schaefer discusses the three–part anthology created entirely by the most talented and exciting women working in comics today!

Images Teases "ShadowHawk: Resurrection" For May

A planned relaunch for Jim Valentino's original Image superhero is in the works,
but in the wake of the "Image United" event, the new series promises the return of
an old face as the first teaser art reveals.


"The Original Backbreaker" is making his return in May 2010. This teaser says... well, not "it all" but "it some"

Difficult Spreadsheet Man is Probably a Secret Avenger

I'm not totally sure but I think this is him.

J.G. Jones’ cover to DCU: LEGACIES #1

You know the basics on the series: DCU: LEGACIES goes back to the roots of the DC Universe and tells the tale of ts heroes from the dawn of the masked men to more modern days. Written by industry veteran Len Wein and featuring the artistic talents of superstar artist Andy Kubert (inked by his [...]

Grey DeLisle's Ms. Marvel Runs "The Superhero Squad"

The voice actress behind Ms. Marvel and the Enchantress spoke with CBR about her work on Marvel's family friendly series as well as "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" and "G.I. Joe: Resolute."

First look at the variant cover to I, Zombie #1 by Darwyn Cooke

If you think Ginkgo is the answer for mind loss, think again.

Hungry yet?

Fourth "Secret Avenger" Teaser Released

Marvel has released yet another teaser image for the upcoming "Secret Avengers" title, this time featuring what appears to be a flying male character accompanied by the quote "I excel through adversity."

Invincible Goes To "War" With The Viltrumites

Robert Kirkman spoke with CBR News about the upcoming "Viltrumite War" story-arc in "Invincible," the culmination of seventy issues worth of build-up in his long-running Image Comics series.

Hercules In Marvel?s Heroic Age: Prince Of Power

Italian site Comicus has conducted an interview with Marvel writer Greg Pak. And they got a very nice little exclusive out of it, which they are teasing the upcoming featire with…
Meanwhile the future of your ...

Exclusive Top Cow 1st Look: MAGDALENA #1 Ryan Sook Cover

Take a look at the previously unannounced Ryan Sook retailer incentive variant cover to Magdalena #1

Hot Comics ? The Forty Dollar Club

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran The Fifty Dollar Club – recent comic books that have risen from their floppy retail prices of a couple of dollars to requiring the approval of President Ulysses S. Grant to ...

J. Bone on his Super Friend-ly gig (Blog@Newsarama)

This past Wednesday DC shipped the twenty-fourth issue of their Super Friends title, the kid-friendly Johnny DC book based on the Mattel toy line of the same name. That means cover artist J. Bone has been working on the title for two straight years now, providing all 24 covers and the interior art for a [...]

David Gallaher explains it all (Blog@Newsarama)

Want to get some tips on comics-making? David Gallaher has answers for you! The High Moon writer and Zuda star is compiling a list of tips over on the DC Message Boards for all up-and-comers. Among his suggestions are Web Comic Triage, I Should Be Writing, and Scott Kurtz’s How to Make Webcomics. If you want to [...]

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Weather, truck accident lead to tough week for Diamond! Crumb's "The Book of Genesis" has sold 120,000 copies! "Kirkus Reviews" finds a buyer! More from "Brian Wood Month"! Plus, comics "Twilight" fans might enjoy!

Akira, Brave and the Bold, Spider-Man: Feb 11th Comic Reel

The Hughes Brothers take "Akira." "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" delayed? "Spider-Man" reboot goes 3D. Also, "Robocop" begins with Aronofsky, "Thor" to film in NM and more.


Preview DC Comics' May 2010 shipping titles, starting with the Batman Family.

Exclusive: So How Will That Brightest Day Logo Be Used?

I understand that the following symbol, the logo for the upcoming Brightest Day crossover/banner/promotional thematic thingy from DC Comics…

That’s the one. Also available on an upcoming t-shirt…

There we go. Anyway, I understand that it’s not ...

Exclusive: Greg Scott And David Axe To Create Embedded Graphic Novel ?The Stan?

Greg Scott, comic book artist for titles such as newuniversal, Gotham Central, The Shield and Red Circle has a very different project to start next month. On March 1st, Greg Scott is flying to Afghanistan ...

First look at the cover to I, Zombie #1 by Mike Allred

Told from a female zombie’s perspective, the new monthly comic book series, I, ZOMBIE is a smart, witty detective series with a mix of urban fantasy and romantic dramedy. Gwendolyn “Gwen” Dylan is a 20-something gravedigger in an eco-friendly cemetery. Once a week she must eat a human brain to keep from losing her memories, [...]

Take an early look at BATMAN titles for May

Bruce Wayne returns, Andy Clarke joins BATMAN AND ROBIN, the Riddler continues to muck up the works for Batman and much more in May. Click below for covers and solicit info for all the Bat-titles.

Issue #1 on sale MAY 12 • Issue #2 on sale MAY 26 • 48 [...]

Seven Lies UPDATE 02/11/2010

Rami Efal updated Seven Lies.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Dark Avengers" #14

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Dark Avengers" 14 by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato. The latest chapter of the Avengers "Siege" crossover hits stores next Wednesday, February 17.

Preview: Dark Avengers

SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! The secrets of the Sentry are revealed but is it too late? Is this a hero reborn or a eulogy? The most pivotal moment in this controversial character’s life yet is here, and how it affects the siege on Asgard will leave you breathless. Rated T …$3.99

This is how Adam Beechen and Tim Seeley deliver an amazing WildCats spread

You want to know how Adam Beechen and Tim Seeley laid out that awesome team spread previewed in The Cut? This panel description comes from Mr. Beechen’s final draft of the script. How many can you find in the sketch version of the art?

Okay, guys, you know what you want to [...]

Is The Amazing Absorbing Boy The New Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier & Clay?

Rabindranath Maharaj’s fourth novel The Amazing Absorbing Boy tells the story of a Trinidadian teenager sent to live with his father in Toronto after his mother dies. And while young Samuel is unprepared for much ...

MoCCA poster and guests revealed

Dash Shaw has posted his poster and program guide cover for this year’s MoCCA, which is in only a couple of months…yeep! While the type is tiny, the poster reveals the names of this year’s guest list:

Bill Ayers — yes THAT Bill Ayers — he has a new graphic novel out.
Gabrielle Bell
Kim Deitch
Emily Flake
Tom Hart
Jaime [...]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits – 2/11/2010

§ MAC makeup creates a real-life Lichtenstein girl. From Illusion 360 via Valerie D”Orazio Those Benday dots look SICK.
§ Does this guy EVER STOP? Stan Lee is teaming with Archie and A Squared Entertainemnt to create yet NOTHER new comic!

Lee — the comic icon responsible for “Spider-Man,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “X-Men” and “Iron Man” [...]

Vertigo trade release schedule

The Graphic Content blog has a run down of the Vertigo graphic novel release schedule for the rest of the year. The list mixes in some reprints along with new editions, so here are some selected highlights:
Writers: Scott Snyder and Stephen King
Artist: Rafael Albuquerque
$19.99 US, 192 pg

Feel Good Video of the Day: Dwarfed Punk

Let’s get this party started quickly. (Via Rob Bricken)

Comics Grinder: Captain America (Blog@Newsarama)

What Ed Brubaker is doing with Captain America, in this new story arc, is great stuff and don’t let anyone tell you different. As a casual observer, my big question as I became familiar with the title was whether or not Steve Rogers was really interesting. What would make someone want to care about him? [...]

A Filthy Orphan Background Special ? Starring Nevs Coleman

I’ve known him since he was about 16, when we used to both work at the UKCAC conventions and he’s always been a top geezer.  But a number of people have been in touch to ask more ...

A Year of Cool Comics - Day 41

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!
Today [...]

WORLD OF HURT - ?The Thrill-Seekers? - Episode 30 (Blog@Newsarama)

WORLD OF HURT - The Thrill-Seekers - Episode 30: “Storming The Gates” Pastor takes the fight directly to Ned’s front door! To show you how committed I am to this, my Mac crashed two nights before I was supposed to post this strip. Thankfully, I ink the old fashioned way, but I still letter using Adobe [...]

Nihilarity UPDATE 02/11/2010

Shannon Wheeler updated Nihilarity.

Thursday Runaround ? DC?s Big Comics

ListWatch: DC Comics lists DCU trade paperbacks and hardcovers coming this autumn. Hitman continues to get reprinted, a Legion Of Superheroes: Prologue To Darkness gets reprinted, which may indicate a reprint of the Great Darkness ...

Tim Seeley With Colt Noble

“Hack/Slash” creator and “WildCats” artist Tim Seeley poses with his new 64-page Image one-shot “Colt Noble And The Megalords” at a release party at Chicago’s Challengers Comics.

Radical Colt Noble Custom Figures

As seen on CBR TV!