sabato 24 aprile 2010

More Comic Icons For The Wall

We showed you ten earlier… so here’s another ten to match.
I’ve just ordered the Mad Man/Mad Men. Diamond bullet to the forehead that one.

Don’t walk to Rogan Josh/ModHero/Etsy… run!

Saturday's Bargain Hunt

Our friend Carla called last week to remind us about the giant library sale at Magnusson Park. You may remember me mentioning this last year -- the Friends of the Seattle Library fill a gigantic old hangar out at Sand Point with aisles and aisles of books and the sale goes on all weekend. It's [...]


Preview DEADPOOL 22, MARVEL ZOMBIES 5 #2 and PUNISHER 16, shipping from Marvel Comics Apr 28, 2010

BOOM! Studios Titles On Sale April 28, 2010

BOOM! Studios has provided CBR with advance looks at new comics on sale April 28, including "Incredibles" #8, "Incorruptible" #5, "Disney's Hero Squad: Ultraheroes" #4, and more!

Spectacular Spider-Girl Cut To Four Issue Mini-Series, Tom DeFalco Rallies The Troops

Bleeding Cool was happy to bring you news that Spectacular Spider-Girl was returning to print from original creative team Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. However, I understand that return will be short-lived, reduced from an ...

Preview: Shuddertown

Beaten and broken, troubled Homicide Detective Isaac Hernandez continues his investigation into a mysterious series of killings seemingly perpetrated by the dead. His search leads him to the worn-down velvet couches of Cherry's Gentleman's Club, and into the arms of a beautiful dancer with some questions of her own.

From the creator of EXISTENCE 2.0 and FORGETLESS, a story of deceit, desire and revenge-- perfect for fans of THE WIRE, SE7EN, and MULHOLLAND DRIVE.


Dynamite to Publish "Stargate: Daniel Jackson"

BOOM! Studios Announces Plans for LA Times Festival of Books

The Reread Reviews: "Earth X"

Check out the return of Reread Reviews, where Chad Nevett takes an extensive look at comics he hasn't read in years. Readers chose this week's subject, Marvel's "Earth X."

Dark Horse Unveils the Next Chapter of Conan Comics

Preview: Wizards of Mickey

The tale of the Iron Dragon comes to a close as the Wizards of Mickey unleash their burrowed technological terror on the forces of the Lord of Deception! But, will this metal beast of burden be more than our heroes bargained for? Find out as the magical marathon from BOOM Kids! continues!

Shadowline and Image Comics Release "Fractured Fables"

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Journey Begins #1 Launches This May

Underwire UPDATE 04/24/2010

Jennifer Hayden updated Underwire.

Jane Wiedlin & Bill Morrison Get celestial with "Lady Robotika"

Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go's) and Bill Morrison (Bongo Comics) blast off this July with the out-of-this-world space adventure "Lady Robotika" from Shadowline and Image Comics.

Avatar?s Tree Of Souls In Hyde Park Is A Bit Rubbish Really

In the movie Avatar, the Tree Of Souls is a rather magnificent creation, as organic fusuion between plant and animals, the foundation of an enire ecosystem.
In Hyde Park, it’s a plastic lump with some string ...

Small print: DC Entertainment solicitations for July 2010

ROBOT 6's Tom Bondurant lets you know what he'll be doing in July, as he takes a look at DC's solicitations for "Atom Special," "Mighty Crusaders" and more.

Comics Are Awesome #34

No jokes this week. This is just plain awesome.

Female Audience Makes The Losers? The Losers

Bleeding Cool was predicted a low turnout for the Joel Silver movie based on Andy Diggle and Jock’s comic for Vertigo. But even we thought it would take the number one spot ahead of The ...

Put A Comic Book Icon On Your Wall

These are a few incredibly stylish takes on the superheroes of the Marvel and DC Universes by Rogan Josh/ModHero/Etsy. Completely unlicensed, they are also completely superb. $18 a pop, get to these before the lawyers ...

Comics Make It Through The Volcano

It’s like that scene from 2012. Just instead of John Cusack, there’s Steve Geppi in the cockpit of the plance, flying it through the cloud of volcanic ash. And instead of carrying his nearest and ...