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Comic Book Movies in 2009?

Penny-Farthing Press?s New Website is Live

Zenescope Announces "Tales from Wonderland" Volume 3

BOOM! Town Announces Shannon Wheeler's "I Thought You Would Be Funnier"

Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! Winter Games Coverage!

As the world turns its eyes and hearts toward Vancouver for this years Winter Games, the question on every True Believers mind remains, how will Marvels most agile athletes fare in all of that slipping, sliding and skullduggery? Luckily, Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! has the answers! Check out the all-new Winter Games promo right here! Then, beginning Friday, February 12 stay tuned to and throughout the Winter Games for regular updates brought to you like only Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! can!


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Captain America Reborn #6 Sells Out & Returns With New Printing

CBR Review: The Question, issue 37

A clever and smart “Blackest Night” tie-in that can’t help but fall prey to the formula of the event.

Danielle Leigh's Reading Diary -- Kimi Ni Todoke vol 3

Today's romance comic, Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me To You, features a simple but moving story about a group of young people getting to know and care for each other

Although set in high school, it would be reductive to call this title "a high school romance."   While yes, there is a charming and delightful romance [...]

Preview: X-Factor Forever

THEY'RE BACK! Once they were Xavier's young charges: mutant teens who bore the responsibility of protecting a world that hated them. But time has hardened these five X-Men, forcing them to reimagine their mission and purpose. And now, the original dream-team returns to fight the one threat that's haunted them since the day they took on the X-Factor name. Join legendary X-scribe Louise Simonson as she reunites with the title and characters she made famous for an epic in the FOREVER tradition! Rated A …$3.99

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "X-Factor Forever" #1

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you an exclusive preview of March's "X-Factor Forever" #1, as Louise Simonson picking up where she left off with the original X-Men.

Exclusive: Ortega's QUEEN SONJA #2 "Commentary Track"

Writer Joshua Ortega stops by with his notes on Queen Sonja #2. Pull out your copy and read along!

Current Rankings / February 2010

1st rank update of the month!

Here are the results:

Monsterplex -- Current Rank: 1

Island, Alone -- Current Rank: 2

Sci-fi Drive-by -- Current Rank: 3

Aliens vs. Ninja vs. Samurai -- Current Rank: 4

Fulcrum -- Current Rank: 5

Gelgun -- Current Rank: 6

Techno Insecto -- Current Rank: 7

Divided by Seven -- Current Rank: 8

New Morning -- Current Rank: 9

Hawkrider -- Current Rank: 10



In this new trailer for Iron Man 2 The Game, Tony Stark's friend and confidant James Rhodes steps into a new suit of armor. The game will be on all consoles April 2010.

Exclusive Preview - AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #620

Mysterio make his big move and we make ours with your exclusive Newsarama preview of the next AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Torajiro Kishi on his Western ?Devil?

Manga artist Torajiro Kishi swims against the current to create an American-style comic in “Devil,” a three-issue Dark Horse miniseries about a mysterious vampire virus. Kishi spoke with us about the series and shared exclusive art.

Preview: Secret Six

It's the exciting conclusion of John Ostrander and Gail Simone's epic team-up! The Black Lanterns have both the Suicide Squad and the Secret Six up against the wall. But Amanda Waller always has a plan. That plan: Manhunter! Plus, Deadshot is forced to make the decision of his life!

The Buy Pile - Thursday, Feb 4th

It's easy to have a good week when only one book really annoys and the rest are filled with mud-splattered legends, a blood-splattered anti-hero, Chinese super military men, Tony Stark in crisis and a return to Milestone.

Indie Comics Month-to-Month Sales: December 2009

[Editor's note: the DC Sales chart will appear tomorrow.]
By Matthew Murray
Buffy tops the charts yet again, while further down the charts there are some rather large drops that may be due to Diamond’s decision not to ship any comics in the last week of December.
Incorruptible, the spin-off from Mark Waid’s Irredeemable, was the highest selling [...]

What I bought - 3 February 2010

Turkish influence would have been better for Georgia than Russian influence, because Atatürk took a backward Turkey and made it modern, while Lenin and Stalin took a directionless Russia and made it backward. (Robert Kaplan, from Eastward to Tartary)

Criminal: The Sinners #4 by Ed Brubaker (writer), Sean Phillips (artist), [...]

Take a look at LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, page 1, issue #1

Legendary LEGION writer Paul Levitz goes back to the future to reunite with the characters he helped define in an all-new space adventure, teaming him with rising star artist Yildiray Cinar. Heroes return. A planet will be in ruins and old friends will be reunited. All in one issue? Yup. If that’s not enough for [...]

Levitz Serves Duty With "Legion,"Gets Dirty With Vertigo

In a wide-ranging discussion, the former DC Publisher goes in depth on how he'll change up his take on the future with "Legion of Super-Heroes," explains his expansive plans for "Superman/Batman" and digs into a "House of Mystery" jam script.

"Iron Man 2" Game Trailer Features War Machine

SEGA's all-new trailer for their upcoming video game based on Marvel's heavily anticipated "Iron Man 2" is now online, featuring the debut of James Rhodes in his War Machine armor.


Robert Kirkman, Marc Silvstri (& Joe Benitez too) tells us about the latest Top Cow PILOT SEASON title, DEMONIC

Doomed by technology

A tragic cable service outtage scuppered all our morning content. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.
But keep the tips and notes coming in. The response to the new site has been overwhelmingly positive and we’re really gratified. Also we are still tinkering, so the suggestion box is OPEN.

02/04 -- Cynical Comic Book Guy Says...

The bad joke about further Watchmen material is that 99.9999% of the people who bitch about the idea will still buy whatever DC puts out.

3 Comments At February 4, 2010, TimCallahan wrote:
We've already had PLENTY of "Watchmen" spin-off projects. It's called JMS's entire career.

I just hope they do a shot-for-shot remake ...At February 4, 2010, [...]

So Super Duper! Page 104! Kissing time! (Blog@Newsarama)

If you like what you’ve read so far (c’mon, how can you not') totally check out more super cute comics!

Logan Lerman in talks for Spider-Man reboot? (Blog@Newsarama)

Forget the Robert Pattinson rumors for a second — this is something that I actually wouldn’t mind seeing. Access Hollywood has revealed that Sony is in discussions with Percy Jackson and the Olympians star Logan Lerman for potentially helming another franchise — this one with the proportional strength of a spider. “[Spider-Man is] of my favorite characters [...]

Filip Sablik in ?2010: Doing Better? (Blog@Newsarama)

By Filip Sablik Publisher, Top Cow Productions, Inc. “So this is the New Year, And I have no resolutions,” – Death Cab for Cutie Well, that’s not quite true. I do have one resolution; it’s “do better.” Every year I take a look at how we did as a company and try to figure out ways we can [...]

Preview: Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War

Machiko Noguchi is the only human known to have lived among the extraterrestrial hunters known as Predators -- and she's had plenty of up-close-and-personal experience with another deadly, otherworldly life form, the xenomorph Aliens, hunting the beasts alongside her Predator hosts. Machiko thought those days were long past, but now a long-lost rival clan of warlike Predators has emerged, using specially bred Aliens as weapons, and both Predators and humans are threatened. Now, Machiko must again don her Predator armor and negotiate a possible alliance with the very same race that made trophies of humans for centuries. And when you "negotiate" with Predators, there will be blood!

Featuring the creative dream team of original AvP writer Randy Stradley, superstar penciller Rick Leonardi, inker Mark Pennington, colorist Wes Dzioba, and stunning cover art from Raymond Swanland, Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War ties together story threads introduced in the 1989 AvP series and new Aliens and Predator storylines, setting the stage for the most epic AvP brawl ever imagined.

2/4 - If Only...

Everyone's dreams could come true...

(Sadly, this was just someone messing with Cap's head. It hardened him to the point where when he finally did meet Fury, he was unenthusiastic)

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "AVP: Three World War" #2

Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at "Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War" #2, which hits stores February 24.

"Zatanna" Arrives At Last

The backwards-speaking, fishnet-wearing magician of the DCU finally gets a start date for her long-rumored ongoing series as writer Paul Dini and artist Stephane Roux team up for "Zatanna" in May.

Best Shots Rapid Fire Reviews: RED ROBIN, IRON MAN, more

The Best Shots team has 13 pellet reviews from 7 different companies in this edition of Rapid Fire!

The Untapped Movie Mine Of Vertigo Comics

“I will say that Vertigo is an area of great interest to me. It is even less well tapped than other parts of DC, and could potentially offer amazing stories for our future television video ...

Demo Launch Party at Rocketship Tomorrow!

I'm afraid I won't be able to attend (I have a friend's birthday party that night), but all you other folks in the New York area without birthday parties to attend should totally go!


How cool is this? The February 3 episode of Jeopardy! College Championship included this clue: "A graphic novel by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele was the basis for this Bruce Willis film about androids that live for users."

Solution: "What is THE SURROGATES," of course! Freshman James Hill III nailed it -- and went on to trounce his competitors with over $25,000.

Check out the video here!

Way & Van Sciver Chat On Cherry Capital Con

The writer behind "Deadpool" grills the "Flash Rebirth" artist on con-going, sketch-making and his future comic projects, from whether his creator-owned "Cyberfrog" will return to which DC character is poised for greatness in 2010.

VIDEO: International Kick-Ass Trailer

Here’s the international Kick Ass poster. Empire gives it five stars apparently. I’m still not allowed to tell you what I gave it, bloody embargo. Anyway, here’s the new international trailer…

Tom Welling to produce show about cheerleading (Blog@Newsarama)

Entertainment Weekly’s Mark Ausiello has announced that Tom Welling has sold a new pilot to the CW — a show that may make you cheer! Or cheerlead. The show is called Hellcats — not to be confused with the Thundercats — and it’s a “dramedy” based on competitive cheerleading. Not that that show would remind you of [...]

The Ostrander/Simone team-up concludes in SECRET SIX

Do the two teams survive? What’s Manhunter got to do with it? Find out in SECRET SIX 18, which hits 2/10.



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Nihilarity UPDATE 02/4/2010

Shannon Wheeler updated Nihilarity.

[Mature Viewers Only] FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS Teaser

Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainment have announced
Fallout: New Vegas will have a Fall 2010 release fro Xbox 360, PS3,
and PC, and released this first trailer!

ZATANNA #1 by Paul Dini & Stephane Roux Coming May 2010

DC Announced today that Zatanna will have an ongoing launching May 2010

Avengers Animation Gives Clues To Movie Lineup?

Froma publishing fair in Hong Kong comes this look at the Avengers teams for animation – seems a good way to get the kids used to differing continuities from the get go!
Coud this reflect the ...

Movies: Hulk - Animation Exclusive: Planet Hulk Crown City (Marvel News)

Take a look at some exclusive background sketches from the "Planet Hulk" DVD/Blu–ray in stores NOW!

Underwire To Be Published By Top Shelf - by Dean Haspiel 02/4/2010

Dean Haspiel added a blog post titled "Underwire To Be Published By Top Shelf".

Brendan McCarthy Catches "Spider-Man: Fever"

ROBOT 6 spoke with Brendan McCarthy about writing and drawing the surreal "Spider-Man: Fever," which sends Spidey and Dr. Strange on a mystical adventure.

Hawkeye Rejoins The Avengers

Marvel's premier archer returns to the team he once led, as Hawkeye is revealed through the publisher's latest teaser image to be part of May's "Avengers" relaunch, written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by John Romita Jr.

Does re-posting Twitter tweets count as blogging? (Blog@Newsarama)

I hope so, because that’s what I’m doing at the moment. Just the rumor of the possibility of more Watchmen comics of any kind that David just mentioned below has got plenty of comics folks talking—I’m still sifting through my Google News hits of responses—and, of course, tweeting. Writer Mark Waid was among those doing the [...]