martedì 23 marzo 2010

4Kids Has 'Tai Chi Chasers'

4Kids has acquired worldwide rights (excluding Asia) for the 39-episode anime series Tai Chi Chasers.

Toei Planning CG 3D Features

Toei is developing two CG feature films with an eye toward distributing them theatrically in the U.S. and Europe.

A 'Kick-Ass' Premiere

Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass had a star-studded premiere in London.

IDW Returns to 'Jurassic Park'

IDW has acquired to rights to create a new line of licensed comics based on Universal’s Jurassic Park franchise.

LOST: The devil is in the details

At long last, the Richard Alpert flashback episode. Let’s discuss it after the jump.

If you’re one of those people who complain about no answers being given, what do you have to say about tonight’s show? We saw how the Black Rock got the island, how the statue got destroyed, Richard’s first meeting with Jacob and [...]

CBR Review: WWE Heroes , issue 1

The battle for the title of "Worst Comic of the Year" begins here.

Preview: Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal

In JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE, Roy Harper lost everything at the hands of Prometheus, barely surviving the brutal severing of his arm. But when he finally awakens from his coma, Roy will find that his dangerous journey into despair is just beginning.

Marvel Announces Avengers Day

IDW Welcomes Readers Back to Jurassic Park

IDW today announced that "Jurassic Park: Redemption" will launch in June, written by Bob Schreck, illustrated by Nate Van Dyke, and featuring covers by Frank Miller and Tom Yeates, with other luminaries providing covers for future issues.

CBLDF Expands Management Team

Nick Cannon's School Gyrls Rock Archie Comics

Umbrella Academy, The 1: Apocalypse Suite

You could be forgiven for thinking that there aren’t really many places left to go with superhero teams. But with The Umbrella Academy, what might at first appear to be a mixed homage and pastiche of the X-Men, quickly develops a life and character of its own in the hands of Gerard Way and Gabriel [...]

Free FULL Issue: Kirkman/McFarlane's HAUNT #1

As the TPB premieres, read the entire first issue of Kirkman and McFarlane's collaboration here for free!

X-POSITION: Paul Cornell

As "Dark Reign" wraps up and the "Heroic Age" is just around the corner, the writer of "Dark X-Men." Paul Cornell, answers your final questions on the eve of the end of this dark time in the Marvel Universe...

So Super Duper! Page 113! Poo on You! (Blog@Newsarama)

If you like what you’ve read so far (c’mon, how can you not') totally check out more super cute comics!

Pipeline - Tuesday, Mar 23rd

Augie finds the third volume of the "Hulk" hardcovers to be a return to hilarious glee-filled fun. He has one qualm on Soleil/Marvel's "Ythaq," but generally likes it. Plus, the return of the Pipeline Podcast.

Writers Gates & Robinson Wage the WAR OF THE SUPERMEN

James Robinson and Sterling Gates are ready to tell you what happens when 100,000 superpowered beings from Krypton go to war

IDW's Ted Adams Talks Premier Status

With a new spot in the front of "Previews" and a all the perks that come with it, the CEO of the now "top five" direct market publisher, IDW, explained to CBR News what brought his company to this moment.

The Gorillaz are also COMPLEX

As if Olivia Munn wasn’t enough, this month’s Complex also features a Jamie Hewlett–drawn cover of the greatest cartoon band of all times. Yowzah.

Random Thoughts! (March 23, 2010)

Random Thought! The girlfriend is out of town until Thursday. That has no bearing on this post at all. I don't know why I mentioned it, actually. Ah well, whatever. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!
Link Thought! Top 5 Non-Main Event WrestleMania Matches (lists!). Wrestling Fact or Fiction (wherein Matt and I agree right up [...]

The Darkness Engine threatens to destroy the JSA

Writer Bill Willingham and artist Jesus Marino up the ante as the war takes a turn for the worse for the JSA , with their foes firing up the super-power negating “Darkness Engine.” And what’s powering the thing? And why does it look so familiar to the heroes?

From The Desk of the BPRD (Blog@Newsarama)

Dark Horse has sent out its second BPRD “Classified” e-mail in as many weeks, with this to say: Dear B.P.R.D. member, Thank you for joining this elite team of dedicated men and women. Your service is a valuable asset to our organization, and we are proud to have you aboard. Membership, however, is merely the [...]

Marvelman is back…kinda

Marvel finally announced the return of Marvelman today…but not, as many might have hoped, in the form of reprints of the legendary Alan Moore comics from the 80s, but rather as a prose “primr” with interviews, pin-ups and variant covers. While the ultimate ownership of the Eclipse Marvel/Miracleman is as tangled as Pamela Anderson’s hair, [...]

Kidd Designs Alex Ross' "Rough Justice"

Designer, editor and writer Chip Kidd spoke with CBR News about the new Alex Ross book "Rough Justice," Pantheon's line of graphics novels, designing for DC Comics and much more.

Outrun Joins the Guardians of the Globe

Image Comics has revealed the second member of Robert Kirkman's upcoming "Guardians of the Globe" miniseries spinning off from "Invincible" - a female speedster character that goes by the name of Outrun.

Best Shots Advance Reviews: NEMESIS, RED HULK, more

Check out reviews of books coming Mar 24, including books from Marvel, BOOM!, and Dynamite

Camelot, Comics in the Classroom and Candidates (of the Rogue Variety) (Blog@Newsarama)

Some quick notes on things I’ve noticed in the last few days… First of all, it was called to my attention after I wrote up JMS’ new-to-video release Ninja Assassin yesterday that Straczynski’s bestselling and wildly controversial Spider-Man: One More Day is available for only $6.97 in hardcover in the bargain section of Barnes & Noble [...]

Exclusive Dynamite Preview: BLACK TERROR #9, + More

Check out the huge 8-page preview of Phil Hester's new Black Terror issue, + previews of Queen Sonja, Robocop, & Wheel of Time

John Hicklenton Leaves Us With 100 Months To Remember Him By

Famed 2000AD artist John Hicklenton passed away last week, aged 42, after suffering with multiple sclerosis for many years.
Known here mostly for work with Pat Mills such as Nemesis The Warlock, Zombieworld and Blood Of Satanus, he also worked ...


Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive 5-page preview of "Haunt" #6 by the superstar team of Robert Kirkman, Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo. "Haunt" #6 hits stores this Wednesday, March 24.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 3-23-10

§ A fond good luck to blogging superstar Graeme Mcmillan whose last day at the Gawker network nerd blog io9 was yesterday. Prior to stepping in as the weekend editor and comics go-to guy for io9 Graeme was, of course, the proprietor of the great Fanboy Rampage which helped solidify the blogospheric discourse of the [...]

City overrun by zombies? Better call on Holmes…

Hooo, boy, is Victorian Undead rapidly coming to a crazy climax. With only two issues left to the series, Holmes and Watson are recruited by the crown to bring an end to their zombie problem.
How does the duo plan on cleaning up a London overrun by the undead? Follow their case in Victorian Undead #5, [...]

A look at artist Guillem March?s BATMAN work

With BATMAN writer/artist Tony Daniel taking a brief break to gear up for the major fireworks hitting the Dark Knight in the pages of BATMAN 700, it was a no-brainer to call up GOTHAM CITY SIRENS artist Guillem March for a two-issue Gotham romp, focusing on the fallout of the big Black Mask reveal. Batman [...]

Preview: Haunt

The events surrounding Kurt's death are revisited, this time from the perspective of the mysterious Mirage, providing more insight into the birth of Haunt. An excellent jumping-on point for new readers, leading up to the second explosive story-arc beginning next issue!

Last Week's Comics Reviewed

Last week, CBR's review staff tackled over 25 newly released comics, including "Amazing Spider-Man" 625, "The Shield" #7, "Green Hornet: Year One" #1, a 4.5 star review for "X-Factor Forever" #1 and more!

(Super)Girl Power? (Blog@Newsarama)

In a week that saw Supergirl as fantastic as it’s ever been (apologies to the Peter David enthusiasts out there), a curious piece was found by way of The Hollywood Reporter this week. According to the press release… [Warner Bros. Consumer Products] has partnered with five-time Olympic medalist Nastia Liukin to create Supergirl by Nastia, the first-ever [...]


NEW COMIC DAY FROM ARCHIE COMICS - ON SALE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24th � Archie Comics, home of the world-famous band The Archies, guest stars the Island Def Jam Records recording artists School Gyrls in the upcoming issue, Archie 607. The...

PREVIEW: SuperGod #3 by Warren Ellis and Garrie Gastonny

The third issue of the Avatar series SuperGod by Warren Ellis and Garrie Gastonny ships this Wednesday in the US and Thursday in the UK. Here is a preview of the mad superhero barmyness coming ...

Marvel Comics Solicitations for June, 2010

Marvel has released images and solicitation information for new comics on sale in June 2010, including "New Avengers," "Astonishing X-Men," ""Avengers Academy," "Heralds" and much more.

PREVIEW: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency" #3

Courtesy of Radical Comics, CBR presents a preview of "Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency" #3 by David Hine, Wayne Nichols and Roy Allen Martinez. The issue hits stores on March 24 .

SCOOP: Ryan Phillippe And Keira Knightley To Star In Captain America ? According To A Woman On The Bus

People on buses talking on mobile phones, you must realise that other people may be listening. People who then send me e-mails
So while THR are confirming Chris Evans as Captain America, one woman on the ...

Preview: FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

The final showdown between the living and the undead! When Hugo Pecos and the FVZA discover the plans of the European vampire council to infect the United States, they quickly locate the underground headquarters of the vampires in the city. As Landra and Vidal split into two squads to thwart the sinister plot of the undead, they realize that there is far more to their mission than simply extermination. A stunning revelation, a tragic death and a shocking betrayal await Landra as she journeys into the belly of the beast to battle the bloodthirsty and ruthless Chaucer and the queen vampire herself - Yaelis.

Featuring covers by Clint Langley and Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic.

When friends become enemies, it?s trouble for POWER GIRL

Power Girl squares off against Satanna and her Animal Army just as Terra enters the fray. This should be a good thing, right? Maybe not. Somehow, PG’s gained herself a new enemy. Talk about a rough day. All thanks to the team of writers Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner.
POWER GIRL 10 hits 3/24.