venerdì 9 aprile 2010

Gene Colan was not mugged

Yesterday Clifford Meth, who works as an advocate for many older comics artists, posted that legendary artist Gene Colan had been injured and some of his art was missing:
Gene was injured last week and is now being cared for by his son and daughter. In addition, it appears that some of Gene’s artwork [...]

MoCCA Time!

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art's 2010 MoCCA Festival starts tomorrow in New York City!
I will be at Rocketship tonight to celebrate the kick-off of the MoCCA Festival, along with celebrating Top Shelf's "Swedish Invasion"!!

I'll then be at the actual festival on Saturday! I hope to see some of y'all there!

NEAL ADAMS on THE ODYSSEY: Highlighting Truths About BATMAN

The legendary creator talks about how his own career Odyssey took him to his new Batman series

Gene Colan was not mugged

Yesterday Clifford Meth, who works as an advocate for many older comics artists, posted that legendary artist Gene Colan had been injured and some of his art was missing:
Gene was injured last week and is now being cared for by his son and daughter. In addition, it appears that some of Gene’s artwork [...]

Gregory and Ruditis Are "Charmed"

Co-writers Raven Gregory and Paul Ruditis spoke with CBR News about the new Zenescope ongoing series, "Charmed," which picks up the witch sisters' story where the popular television series' finale left off.

MoCCA 2010 Debuts

Who is where and what are they doing at MoCCA, which takes place this weekend at the Armory on Lexington.
I Know Joe Kimpel at MoCCA Festival 2010!

Dean Haspiel
traditionalNathan Schreiber:
I’m debuting Power Out – Book One ($9.99, 84 pages, ISBN 978-0-615-34662-5) at MoCCA this weekend at table E22. I’m publishing it with a [...]


As promised, a look at the myriad new characters that popped up in the pages of BATMAN AND ROBIN, from the creators themselves. Have a great weekend, folks.
Pyg, along with his mind-controlled killer Dollotrons, had appeared briefly as a crucified, upside-down corpse in issue 666 of my BATMAN run with artist Andy Kubert. [...]

Exclusive BOOM! 10-Page Preview - PALE HORSE #1

BOOM! Brings an all-new and different kind of Western to comics in this new number one, coming in June

Emma Caulfield to kick off Chicago signing tour (Blog@Newsarama)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Emma Caulfield has teamed up with Popcult to start off a Chicago signing tour in conjunction with the first issue of her new webcomic, Contropussy. Curious as to the dates and times? Have no fear: Wednesday April 14 Contropussy Issue One debut 6 – 8 pm Challengers Comics 1845 N. Western Ave. 2R Chicago, IL 60647 Thursday [...]

Iron Man 2 Movie Clip: Sky Dive

Iron Man makes an electrifying entrance in the Stark Expo 2010 in this two minute clip!


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Film & Animation

Ahearne & Kesel Tell All About "Iron Man: Kiss & Kill"

Writers Joe Ahearne and Karl Kesel discuss their upcoming Iron Man one-shot, what they like most about the armored Avenger and his two partners in crime in their espionage influenced tales.

Exclusive Marvel First Look: X-FACTOR #204

The Folks of X-Factor get tied into Second Coming, and have to face down Classic X-Villain Bolivar Trask in this preview

Power Out UPDATE 04/9/2010

Nathan Schreiber updated Power Out.

MoCCA: The Devastator

Okay we don’t mention every kickstarter project we get, but when they have a promo video starring James Urbaniak, you jump to the head of the list. Amanda Meadows writes:

Wanna give you heads up about a new comics and humor anthology series called The Devastator. It’s got dudes from The Onion, The Simpsons, Various Comedy Central programs [...]

Marvel One on One: Andrew WK

Party animal, TV show host and rock star Andrew WK stopped by Marvel HQ to talk about his favorite Marvel movies, Spider-Man comics, his new albums and much more!


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Comic Book Legends Revealed!

Learn the strange story of the cartoon that led to the creation of the teddy bear! Plus, what famous comic strip character was based on an unknown actor who later turned out to be one the biggest movie stars in the world?

MoCCA DEBUT: Caboose

Special Beat mention for Caboose, a FREE newspaper comics supplement, created by students and alumni from the Center for Cartoon Studies. A few thousand copies havee been printed up and will be given away FREE at this weekend’s MoCCA Fest. Get ‘em while they’re hot. Cover art by Max de Radiqués and Chuck Forsman.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "The Terminator 2029" #2

Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR presents an exlusive preview of "The Terminator 2029" by writer Zack Whedon and artist Andy MacDonald with a cover by Massimo Carnevale. The issue hits comic stores Wednesday, April 28.

Mark Millar And Ricky Gervais ? Are They The Same Man?

This isn’t the first time that Mark Millar has been compared to Ricky Gervais. Both are Brits who have made it big in the US, first in their respective fields of comics and sitcoms, then ...

Preview: The Terminator 2029

In the barely-remembered time before the Terminators, the life of a young woman key to humanity's survival depends on the actions of Kyle Reese in present-day 2029. But Kyle may not live long enough to help Sarah Conner if he and his companions Ben and Paige can't escape Skynet's terrifying new weapon-Terminators that look just like people!

Guided by information about a hidden Cyberdyne facility, the three friends must brave T-800s, HKs, rogue resistance gangs, and other threats in their search for any advantage against the machines. What they can't anticipate is the nature of the incredible resource hidden within the facility's walls!

* Written by rising star Zack Whedon (Dr. Horrible, Fringe, Deadwood)!

* Terminator and Terminator 2 are on the AFI's list of the 100 Most Heart-Pounding American Movies!

T1, THE TERMINATOR, ENDOSKELETON, and any depiction of Endoskeleton are trademarks of StudioCanal. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2010 StudioCanal ® All Rights Reserved.

Balancing Intricacy & Intrigue in Marvel's SECRET WARRIORS

Writer Jonathan Hickman discusses the multi-layered Marvel ongoing series and the upcoming SIEGE one-shot

MoCCA 2010 party poop

Due to unprecedented response, I am still working on the MoCCA Debuts post, but in the meantime, here is the party poop, I know everyone is waiting for that!

At Rocketship:

At Desert Island:

Friday, April 9th
Triple book-release party for
1) John Brodowski’s
long-awaited “Curio Cabinet”
2) Clara Johansson’s
”Lobster King” 
3) Emelie Östergren’s
”Mr Kenneth” 
Ms Johansson and Ms Östergren
will travel from [...]

Comic Book Legends Revealed #255

Welcome to the two-hundred and fifty-fifth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous two hundred and fifty-four.
Comic Book Legends Revealed is part of the larger Legends Revealed series, where I look into legends about the worlds of entertainment [...]

On the Set of "Pizza Man"

CBR News visited the set of "Pizza Man," a superhero movie that sees Frankie Muniz return in front of the camera as the title character: an unwilling delivery boy who obtains super strength and invulnerability.

MoCCA 2010 publisher news


We have a slew of signings all weekend long as well as a remarkably potent lineup of new books debuting at the show, including: 
Artichoke Tales by Megan Kelso
Best American Comics Criticism, edited by Ben Schwartz
Billy Hazenuts and the Crazy Bird by Tony Millionaire
Captain Easy Vol. 1 by Roy Crane
Dungeon Quest by Joe Daly
Culture Corner by Basil Wolverton
Blazing Combat s/c by Archie [...]


ARCHIE COMICS ROCKS OUT TO NEW ROMANCE   Everyone from CBR ( to OK! Magazine (  agrees Archie is about to rock the world of romance!   The world famous comic book bands The Archies and Josie and the Pussycats,...

There?s a word for people like this: Cowards (Blog@Newsarama)

You might have heard this story by now that was posted over on Clifford Meth’s blog. If not, allow me to share my rage. Legendary artist Gene Colan was mugged and some art was stolen, leaving Colan with an injured shoulder and now in the care of his son and daughter. It sounds like it was pre-meditated [...]

REVIEW: "Batman and Robin" #11

Tim Callahan reviewed "Batman and Robin" 11 by Grant Morrison and Andy Clarke, giving the issue 4 stars and saying that the series "has now entered that rarified air of the can't-wait-for-the-next-issue variety."

New "Iron Man 2" Stills Released

Paramount has released three new stills from "Iron Man 2, set for release in just a few short weeks. Among the pics are a shot of Iron Man in action, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts together and Iron Man and War Machine.

KING CITY Brings All-New Catty Antics to Image

This eclectic post-manga street-wise comic turns the corner into an all-new storyarc and we’re talking with the series’ creator Brandon Graham.

Aaron Marks Wolverine for Deathlok

In "Wolverine Weapon X," Logan and Captain America must thwart an army of cyborg assassins from the future. We spoke with Jason Aaron about bringing Deathlok back from the future into the present day Marvel U.


Happy Friday, Source gang. As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been taking a moment to spotlight the stellar work of Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely and Philip Tan timed to the release of BATMAN AND ROBIN: BATMAN REBORN. Well, we’ve saved two more posts for you to close out the week. First up, Grant and company discuss [...]

Con Report Part 4: Seven reasons why I’m glad I went to WonderCon

Img 8464
I've kept meaning to write a big long post about WonderCon last weekend since...last Sunday night. But a new project, other deadlines, general lethargy and now incipient MoCCA Madness have prevented me from getting the kind of court time I need for a long post. So here are a few short thoughts before I get totally distracted by the next thing. And yes, I was a guest of the con, and they are an advertiser, so you can take all the following thoughts with a big salt cellar, if you so choose.

Spider-Man Is An X-Man?

Marvel has released a teaser image featuring both Spider-Man and Psylocke bursting through Jim Lee's cover for "X-Men" #1 with the declaration the "We are the X-Men" and the promise of an answer during next week's C2E2.

Woodring Practices "Weathercraft"

Jim Woodring's hallucinatory Frank universe returns in "Weathercraft," a 100-page graphic novel arriving in May. We spoke with Woodring about the project, which sees the pariah Manhog journey toward enlightenment.

Marvel Teasers: WE ARE THE X-MEN - Wait ... What???

The X-Men are entering the Heroic Age, but what the heck is Spider-Man doing here?

S�tt ig�ng! The SWEDISH INVASION begins TONIGHT!

<p><strong>The SWEDISH INVASION begins TONIGHT at ROCKETSHIP COMICS &#038; continues all MoCCA weekend, April 10TH-11TH!</strong></p>
<p>Come meet and party with Simon Gärdenfors (<em><a href=" 120 DAYS OF SIMON</a></em>), Mats Jonsson (<em><a href=" PRINCESS</a></em>), Kolbeinn Karlsson (<em><a href=" TROLL KING</a></em>), Niklas Asker (<em><a href=" THOUGHTS</a></em>), Fredrik Strömberg (<em><a href=" COMICS HISTORY</a></em>), as well as Chris Staros, Leigh Walton, Johannes Klenell, and many of the contributors to the Swedish Anthology <em><a href=" THE SHADOW OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS</a></em> at:</p>
FRI, APRIL 9TH, 8:00PM</strong><br />
<p>And join us this weekend for:</p>
<p><strong>THE MoCCA ARTS FESTIVAL<br />
SAT &#038; SUN, APRIL 10TH &#038; 11TH </strong><br />
<p>(Next weekend we're heading to CHICAGO for C2E2, the CHICAGO COMIC &#038; ENTERTAINMENT EXPO (FRI - SUN, APR 16TH-18TH) -- don't miss the Nerd City/Top Shelf Swedish Invasion Party on SAT APR 17TH at the famed Chicago nightclub, the Double Door.)

The Dark Days of WWIII in Image's DUST WARS

Italian cartoonist Paolo Parente’s takes on World War 3 with robots, gorillas, zombies and pin-up girls –oh my!

CRYSIS 2 Premiere Trailer: "The Wall"

Catch the first look at Crysis 2, coming Holiday 2010, and the "catastrophic beauty" Crytek is delivering to NYC.

Short ?n Curlies #36 by Si Spurrier

Dear Fatties Of A Certain Kind: it is my sad duty to inform you that wearing Sportswear doesn’t actually mean you’re Doing Sports.  Weight loss, under these conditions, is unlikely.
I’m not looking to blame, you ...

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

WonderCon offers early figures, sets 2011 dates! Reactions to Eisner nominations! Gene Colan injured, art missing! Geppi mansion goes back to lender! Plus, is Agent M one of the hottest geek guys?

Green Lantern, Iron Man 2, The Losers: Apr 9th Comic Reel

Another "Green Lantern" set photo appears as the writer talks tone. Director and star talk up "Iron Man 2" as the countdown to release begins. Three and half minutes of the "The Losers," and more.

Seth Kushner's Culture Pop Coming 4/12 - by Dean Haspiel 04/9/2010

Dean Haspiel added a blog post titled "Seth Kushner's Culture Pop Coming 4/12".

A Year of Cool Comics - Day 98

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!
Today [...]

The Cut - 4/09/10

Art by Andrea Sorrentino

STARGATE Stalwart Daniel Jackson Gets Comics Spotlight

One of the longest-standing characters of the Stargate Universe gets his own comic mini-series this summer from Dynamite

5 New York Stories by Christos Gage, author of AREA TEN

AREA 10 is New York noir, from the forgotten subway platforms to the bloated, fish-chewed corpses dragged from the East River. It might surprise those who know me as a diehard Red Sox fan who grew up in Massachusetts, but I was born and spent the first five years of my life in the [...]

Claremont's Back With "New Mutants Forever"

The longtime leader of the entire X-Universe again expands upon his untapped ideas to bring the original teen team of mutantkind right back to where they started from with a new five-issue mini featuring original cast and creators.

Claremont "Opens Old Doors" With NEW MUTANTS FOREVER

Chris Claremont is returning to another set of "old friends" with NEW MUTANTS FOREVER this summer

Barney Banks: Extra Life! UPDATE 04/9/2010

Tom Hart updated Barney Banks: Extra Life!.