mercoledì 21 aprile 2010

'Yen Plus' Mag Cancelled

Yen Press has announced that it will cease publishing the print edition of its manga anthology Yen Plus.

Boardgame Expansions and a New Game

FFG has two new boardgame expansions, a new rulebook, and an all-new euro-style boardgame for July.

Young Justice, Mad, Looney Tunes

Cartoon Network announced a number of new shows in its upfront presentations this week.

‘Freeport’ joins ‘Pathfinder’

Green Ronin Publishing has a new sourcebook combining the Freeport campaign setting with the Pathfinder game system. .

CBR Review: The Spirit, issue 1

Moritat draws a 22-page lead story and Bill Sienkiewicz does an 8-page black and white back-up story. Need I say more?


BOOM! Studios is releasing an authorized prequel to Philip K. Dick's masterpiece, telling the story of early hunters

The Great Comic Book Detectives #6

Here's the bit. You, the readers, send in descriptions of comics that you remember vague details from the past and either I, or one of the readers of the piece will use detective work to figure out what comic you're talking about!
Here's the latest one, from reader Snapper52...
There was a comic I got from an [...]

Global Freezing Strip 0082 (Blog@Newsarama)

Find out more about Global Freezing here on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or at

CBR Review: X-Factor , issue 204

The tie-in to "X-Men: Second Coming" adds a lethal threat to the story and, thankfully, it completely lacks Hope or Cable running around.

Young Justice returns?but not to comics (Blog@Newsarama)

Cartoon Network has announced a whole bunch of new shows, including an animated sketch comedy show based on Mad magazine and a new superhero show, Young Justice. DC’s Source blog has a more details on both shows, including a poster of the Young Justice team lineup (follow the link to see the whole image), the [...]

Danielle Leigh's Reading Diary -- Otodama: Voice From the Dead volume 1

Youka Nitta's latest series to hit stateside is a supernatural mystery that defies easy classification.  Because it is published in Wings it is technically considered "shojo," but besides the fact the male characters are a little too pretty, the story feels more like it straddles the shonen / seinen line.

Otodama: Voice From The Dead hardly [...]

Starkings' "Elephantmen" Turns 25

CBR News spoke with creator Richard Starkings about the milestone issue jam-packed with guest artists, the recently announced "Elephantmen" movie adaptation and the issue's preview of Ian Churchill's "Marineman."

DAVID FINCH Joins DC Dept. of the Interiors for BATMAN #700

His DC exclusive has so far been covers, but now David Finch gets to draw interiors for the pivotal Batman 700

?With Great Power Comes Great Cleaning Duties?

Spider Style, is a business with offices in France and Qatar, now opening in the United Arab Emirates, serving the big corporate geek still unaffecte by the recession.
Because, while ostensibly a ‘Specialist Cleaning Services Entity ...

Jurgens Rips Into "Time Masters"

Dan Jurgens leads Rip Hunter, Booster Gold, Superman and Green Lantern into the time stream to find Bruce Wayne and stop the place where time ends from tearing itself apart in "Time Masters: Vanishing Point."

What?s Up With War Heroes?

With Tony Harris announcing a new creator owned series at Wildstorm The Further Adventures Of The Whistling Skull with B Clay Moore (is this the first superhero comic to star a mentally handicapped person? And ...

Fcbd & Book Release @ Bergen St. Comics, 5/1/2010 - by Mike Cavallaro 04/21/2010

Mike Cavallaro added a blog post titled "Fcbd & Book Release @ Bergen St. Comics, 5/1/2010".

Starfire joins R.E.B.E.L.S. just in time

Straight from the pages of TITANS, Starfire joins our merry band just in time for super-genius Vril Dox to pick up the pieces from last issue’s climactic battle with Starro the Conqueror. First on his agenda: rebuild his interplanetary police squad, L.E.G.I.O.N. Courtesy of writer Tony Bedard and artist Claude St. Aubin.
R.E.B.E.L.S. 15 hits today.

GAIL SIMONE's Secret Six & Welcome to Tranquility @ C2E2

Writer Gail Simone talks to Newsarama about what's coming up with Secret Six and Welcome to Tranquility at C2E2 2010 in Chicago.

next year?...

It's official, Chris and myself canceled our trip to Stockholm for the Swedish SPX, because of the chaos surrounding European air travel right now. What a drag. I'm SOOOOO gonna miss this! The great cartoonists. The girls. The food. The girls. The beer. The girls. Very sad day here at Top Shelf West Coast Headquarters.

As a consolation, i'm finally posting some snaps i took at Emerald City Con several weeks back... a picture of Emi Lenox and Jeff Lemire, and a plethora of sweet commissions Jeff did at the show.

Ooh, and here's some character art from Jeff from his forthcoming Top Shelf graphic novel Underwater Welder!

C2E2: An Evening with Neil Gaiman

In front of a sold-out auditorium, Neil Gaiman read his short stories and poems, answered fan questions, and told not a few amusing anecdotes Saturday night at the C2E2 benefit for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

IDW PUBLISHING JULY 2010 Solicitations

IDW has True Blood launching, Transformers, Angel, and many more continuing, as the summer heats up!

DC Confirms "Young Justice" Cartoon

Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash and more will join forces on the Cartoon Network this year for an all-new DC Entertainment animated series on the heels of a confirmed Adult Swim-style MAD Magazine show.

C2E2: Indie is In Comics Panel

BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid and acclaimed "Bone" and "RASL" creator Jeff Smith fielded questions from the audience and provided lots of laughs and memories in a Sunday panel focusing on independent comics.

C2E2: ARCHAIA Wants You To Discover The SYNDROME

Archaia's latest graphic novel announcement asks, what if you could vaccinate against evil itself?

Rick Karo Talks Digital Comics @ C2E2

Rick Karo and his company Comflix are working their way through the in's and out's of digital motion comics. Alex and Justin spoke with Rick at C2E2 - 2010.

CBR Review: Sif, issue 1

Sif stayed in Oklahoma -- until Beta Ray Bill came along. . .

Garth Ennis: Of Battlefields & Boys

Writer/creator Garth Ennis shared his thoughts with CBR News on why "Battlefields" Vol. 2 consists of sequels to the first batch of minis and why redemption for the supers won’t be in the cards for "The Boys."

Der: MAD magazine cartoon on the way along with Young Justice

Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva reports on Cartoon Network’s upfronts and there is much for Our Kind, a Young Justice cartoon, and a MAD magazine animated sketch comedy — why did it only take 60 years for them to figure THAT one out? Sam Register will produce. Chowder’s Pete Browngardt brings us another monster ‘toon, Secret Mountain [...]

5 Fictional Pilots Who Could Navigate the Volcano Ash

Volcano Ash is grounding flights, but these 5 Pilots could take it on. Read on to see who we picked.


Have you heard the news? Today Cartoon Network announced not one, but two new shows sure to bring a smile to regular readers of THE SOURCE. Here’s the skinny:
MAD MAGAZINE is an animated sketch-comedy series produced by Warner Bros. Animation that uses the iconic MAD Magazine, published by DC Comics, as inspiration. Expect a chaotic [...]

The CBR Review: "The Losers"

"The Losers," opening this Friday, is a pleasing mix of laughs and action. Equal parts caper-flick and revenge-picture, it recalls a time when action movies were meant to be fun instead of morose morality plays.

Is It An X-Men Comic Or Is It A Fetish Icon?

Okay, it’s not like the X-Men and the fetish community are a Venn Diagram that never cross. What with the Hellfire Club, Wolverine’s claws, Rachels’ spikey red rubber suit, and persistent rumours about the influence ...

Best Shots Extra: MAGDALENA #1 Reviewed!

Magdalena's new ongoing series from Top Cow kicks off today, & Best Shots' Lan Pitts tells you why you should read!

Committed: A Double Dose of Peter Bagge

This month the world was lucky enough to see two publications by the elusive Peter Bagge: Other Lives and the Hate Annual (#8). How much did these two books enrich the world, in a literary sense, and a human one?
Before Whitney Houston was famous for being on a reality show and epically flushing her life, [...]