venerdì 26 febbraio 2010

The Final Ring

DC Comics has announced that it will release a White Lantern Promotional Ring.

CBR Review: Iron Man vs. Whiplash , issue 4

A straightforward superhero slugfest, but is it a satisfying ending?

Friday's Not-So-Idle Speculation

I really don't want to beat this Captain America/Tea Party thing into the ground, but I keep thinking of stuff that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere....
It's not the controversy, you understand, it's Marvel's apology.
Let's recap. In the course of telling a story in the pages of Captain America, Ed Brubaker wrote a scene with [...]

CBR Review: Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! , issue 13

Mike Norton joins Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani, bringing a style that is all kinds of comic book cool. Readers needing a SHAZAM! fix really should check this out.

Kitty?s Back And You?re Gonna Be In Trouble?

As Marvel announce the return of Kitty Pryde in Uncanny X-Men 522, last seen saving the Earth by permanently phasing herself and the massive bullet she was trapped inside so it passed through the Earth ...

DAMN DIRTY GODS 3: Captain America's Quick Change

What, you thought there'd only be Zombies today? No way, it's time for the gods of Marvel's Norse Pantheon to get it too!

CBR TV: Samuel L. Jackson - Part 1

Samuel L. Jackson stopped by CBR TV to discuss his upcoming comic book, "Cold Space," which will be published later this year by BOOM! Studios. He spoke about the project's origins, what fans can expect from the story and more.

DAMN DIRTY ZOMBIES 18: "Destiny Awaits"

Yowza! 8 titles recapped, and a huge development in Blackest Night! Get your Spoileriffic summaries right here!

Events this weekend, East Coast: Desert Island, WW3, etc

Despite the snow, the show is going on all around New York:

Desert Island 2-year anniversary!

Friday, February 26th < our 2-year anniversary > featuring a 15% discount on all books and a comic signing with Brea and Zane Grant for their historical Zombie comic We Will Bury You #1 7 – 9 PM

Also on FRIDAY:
World [...]

Preview: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 vol. 6 TPB: Retreat

Buffy Season Eight Volume 6 showcases the first retreat of the Slayer legion. Vampires have solid footing at the top of the totem and Slayers have been crushed to the bottom-in short, no one likes Buffy anymore . . . least of all this season's mysterious Big Bad, Twilight, who is hot on her magical trail! Now that it's the world against Slayers, Buffy must find a way to return the status quo to . . . status quo-and keep her girls alive long enough to do it! Enter Oz, the only person/werewolf Buffy knows who is down with the suppression of magic, and can take the Slayer army off of Twilight's magic-specific radar. With Oz's assistance, the Slayers and Wiccans try to become 'normal' through meditation and hard labor-although, not everyone sees the advantage of being magicless, namely, Willow, Giles, and Andrew. And they could be right. After all, is a peaceful life for a Slayer even possible? o Oz appears in Buffy Season Eight! o Collects issues 26-#30 of the ongoing series. o The first three volumes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight have combined to sell over 220,000 copies!

The CBR Review: "Cop Out"

Warner Bros.' "Cop Out," in theaters today, offers moments of funny in a generally bland cop story of missing cards, cars, and women. While the leads are watchable, the film's overall shortcomings fall on director Kevin Smith.

Global Freezing Strip 0074 (Blog@Newsarama)

Find out more about Global Freezing here on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or at

FIRST WAVE editor Joey Cavalieri&#8217;s ever-growing To-Do list&#8230;

Just got off the phone with Brian. He’s gotta make a few simple adjustments on the next FIRST WAVE script.
• Gotta call Rags Morales. Let him know everybody in the office is slapping me on the back for the looks of the first issue, as if I drew it. Might as well ring him up [...]

Sanderson Rides the "Wheel of Time"

Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, tasked with completing the epic "Wheel of Time" series of novels, spoke with CBR about finishing Robert Jordan's saga and his feelings on Dynamite Entertainment's upcoming adaptation.

Comic Book Legends Revealed

Learn the history behind Barry Windsor-Smith's unpublished Hulk project and what major story it may have influenced! Plus, learn the truth behind a Watchmen mystery and see a profane protest from comic book legend Mike Sekowsky!


Preview Age of Reptiles #3, Conan the Cimmerian 19, and Mass Effect #3, shipping from Dark Horse March 3, 2010


It's time for the turn based strategy game to return with new modes, new tools, new multiplayer, and more.

REVIEW: "Fantastic Four" #576

Timothy Callahan reviews "Fantastic Four" 576 and gives the Jonathan Hickman/Dale Eaglesham comic 4 stars, saying of the team that "they're not only doing the Fantastic Four right, they're doing superhero comics right."

BOOM! Studio's CODEBREAKERS: "Nerds Being Badasses"

We speak with the writer of BOOM! Studio's new procedural title, about a team of cryptanalysts that take no prisoners

Four Million Comics For Sale, Six Cents Each, Free Shipping Worldwide

One day and four hours to go on this quite remarkable eBay listing. Four million comic books with a Buy It Now price of $240,000 for the lot. And they’re also throwing in twenty pallets ...

Kick-Ass Gets A ?15? Certificate For The UK, No Cuts, One C*nt

With the trailer showing eleven year old girls screaming the C-word, and scenes of extreme graphic violence, especially adult-on-child, Kick-Ass was expected to haver an interesting time with the censors. But the British Board of ...

Lee and Johns tweet it up

Its no secret that newly installed DC Copublisher Jim Lee and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns are two of the more charismatic and popular comics creators out there, and there is every reason to believe they will continue to be charismatic comics creators-turned-executives. Sean T. Collins has a round-up of Johns’ “charm offensive” twitter [...]

Looking at the Handley case

Whatever you do today, read these essays by Charles Brownstein, Jason Thompson and Carl Horn on the Christopher Handley case. Searching high and low, it is impossible to find an actual crime that has been committed…and yet a man is in jail for six months. “Thought crime” indeed.


While continuing with work at Vertigo (SWEET TOOTH), Canadian artist Jeff Lemire hasn’t forgotten his indie roots and has just announced a new graphic novel fro Top Shelf: THE UNDERWATER WLDER which is due later next year.

Pressure. As an underwater welder on an oilrig off the coast of Nova Scotia, Jack Joseph is used to [...]

A look at the covers to FIRST WAVE #3

If that lengthy preview this morning wasn’t enough for you, then we have another piece of lovely art to make Friday all the more fun.
Courtesy of cover artist extraordinaire J.G. Jones, here’s a peek at The Bat-Man, from the cover to FIRST WAVE #3. And for those of you that missed it the first time, [...]

Edmondson & Weldele Turn On "The Light"

"Olympus" writer Nathan Edmondson and "Surrogates" illustrator Brett Weldele spoke with CBR about "The Light," a horror miniseries debuting from Image in April, and provided exclusive teaser images from the book.

Disney Execs Become MARVEL Heroes in Fast Company Magazine

Fast Company Magazine is presenting Disney execs as Marvel Heroes in a special feature next month, we have a look here

Simmons swiping raises larger issues

Among may comments on the Nick Simmons plagiarism case, Chris Butcher has the strongest words for the connection between those who swipe art panels and those criticizing him who illegally scan and distribute manga and anime:

Here’s the thing: I’ve got infinitely more respect for obvious thief Nick Simmons than I do for the legions [...]

Is a Wanted 2 movie DOA? (Blog@Newsarama)

It’s no secret that one of the main draws for the Wanted film was Angelina Jolie — but /Film is reporting that that’s no longer in the cards. According to them, Jolie left the project to work with Children of Men’s Alfonso Cuarón on his upcoming space film, Gravity. Jolie will play the only survivor of [...]

Project Rooftop returns with some ?super? Ryan Ottley art (Blog@Newsarama)

[Via Press Release] As comic universes enter their own brightest days and heroic ages, the superhero fashion site Project: Rooftop returns in the new year with new work, a new site design, and new contributors. Earlier this week, P:R posted a collection of artwork by artist Cory Walker (Invincible) showcasing various interpretations of DC’s Supergirl character. Through several original [...]

Andrew Koenig dies in apparent suicide (Blog@Newsarama)

Normally, we probably would have let this sad news pass us by, since there’s no obvious comics connection here — but thanks to Topless Robot, there actually is: Andrew Koenig, who played the Joker in the above fan film “Batman: Dead End” as well as the son of Star Trek’s Walter “Chekov” Koenig, was found dead [...]


It's a wrap comics fans and the winner is MONSTERPLEX, the latest comic to join us at Zuda.

Chosen by you.

The Weekly Watcher: February 26, 2010

Alexa Mendez checks out Iron Man's new armor, the Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! 2010 Winter Games, and much more!


More in

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Kevin Smith's Green Hornet" #1

Courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment, CBR presents an exclusive 7-page preview of "Kevin Smith's Green Hornet" #1, featuring a story by Smith and art by Jonathan Lau, in stores March 3.

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Reactions to "Incarnate" plagiarism accusations! More on the record sale of "Detective Comics" 27! Comics in North Korea! McAlpin's efforts to get "Multiplex" into comic stores! NeilAlien's secret origin! Plus more!

Archaia Holds Free Comic Book Day Down at FRAGGLE ROCK

Archaia is hoping the cult following of Jim Henson's FRAGGLE ROCK is still alive and well, and shows up at Free Comic Book Day

What Would Josh Do? #9 by Josh Adams ? Scranton?s All-American

When hearing about John Krasinki being a casting choice for Steve Rogers my friend, Matt Bergin, defined the universal response by those who heard, “staring directly into the camera blankly.” However, after some thought ...

Preview: Kevin Smith&#039;s Green Hornet

The Green Hornet is back and Dynamite is the new home for the avenging hero and his faithful sidekick, Kato (and, the Black Beauty, ‘natch!)!

And we’re kicking things off with a BANG as we launch the first of a new series of adventures starting with the great Kevin Smith. And let’s get it out of the way, right here, right NOW – THE ENTIRE STORY IS IN! Every single chapter from BEGINNING TO END! All 10 issues to this first story arc! Joining Smith in bringing his unproduced screenplay to life is artist Jonathan (Black Terror) Lau as they present the one and only origin of the Green Hornet and Kato. This is the comic book version of Kevin Smith’s unproduced Green Hornet film and has not been seen or read ANYWHERE else! Dynamite is the only place to get in on the action – it all begins here! Pre-Order yours TODAY!

Apples to Apples, Auctions to Auctions, Batman to Superman (Blog@Newsarama)

With the first appearances of Batman and Superman selling for epic proportions this past week, hardcore fans are taking sides with a “who’s more lucrative” fight — the Dark Knight, or the Man of Steel? Well, it depends on how you look at it. (At least I didn’t say “depends on if Batman has prep time.”) Many [...]