giovedì 11 marzo 2010

'Blackest Night' Finishing Strong

The penultimate issue of DC’s Blackest Night was up 30% from the previous issue’s first month sales.

'DBZK,' 'Voltron,' 'TMNT' Toons

Nickelodeon announced its new shows for the 2010-11 season on Thursday, with several shows of interest planned for one of its digital nets, Nicktoons.

Comics as 'Top-Level' Category

The new bookstore for the iPad will include comics and graphic novels as one of 20 “top-level” categories.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #251

Welcome to the two-hundred and fifty-first in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous two hundred and fifty.
Comic Book Legends Revealed is part of the larger Legends Revealed series, where I look into legends about the worlds of entertainment [...]


Preview GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 24, NOVA 35, REALM OF KINGS IMPERIAL GUARD #5, shipping from Marvel Comics Mar 17, 2010


Preview NATION X #4, X-FACTOR FOREVER #1, X-MEN LEGACY 234, shipping from Marvel Comics Mar 17, 2010


Preview DARK AVENGERS 15, SIEGE: EMBEDDED #3, SIEGE #3, shipping from Marvel Comics Mar 17, 2010


INCREDIBLE HULK 608, shipping from Marvel Comics Mar 17, 2010

Preview: X-Men Legacy

Rogue has survived a lot in her day, but can she survive the men warring for her heart? It's not the first time several men have courted the Southern Belle, but it is the first time she can actually do anything about it. Who will she chose? You'll be shocked!

CBR Review: S.W.O.R.D., issue 5

The story (and series) ends here with Earth about to be invaded and only Brand, Beast, and Death’s Head standing in the way.

Marvel Comics On Sale March 17, 2010

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday, March 17, including "Dark Avengers" 15, "Hercules: Fall of an Avenger" #1, "Siege" #3, the return of Doop in "Nation X" #4, and many more!

Luna Bros.' "The Sword" Ends with Double-Sized #24

What I bought - 10 March 2010

It was the smell of death and destruction and it smelled fresh and lively and hopeful. (A. S. Byatt, from Possession)

Batman and Robin 10 ("Batman vs. Robin Part 1: The Haunting of Wayne Manor") by Grant "A six-issue mini-series isn't enough for my big ideas!" Morrison [...]

MillerWorld ? Now Frank Miller?s Site Launches

Frank Miller has launched his own website, Frank Miller Ink.
His first post to the site’s central blog is in memorium to Brittany Murphy, an actress who appeared in Sin City but who died late last ...

Thursday Dessert: 3/11/10

Under the cut: Vun, two, tree, tree cool links, ah ah ah ah.

ITEM! Jeet Heer at Comics Comics declares Jack Kirby to be the embodiment of the 20th century, and I agree wholeheartedly. I'll just quote the whole shebang here:
Jack Kirby Was the 20th Century. Jack Kirby was the immigrant crowded into the tenements of [...]

Exclusive Marvel Preview: PRELUDE TO DEADPOOL CORPS #3

We continue our weekly early look at Prelude to Deadpool Corps with a peek at the Mar 17, 2010 issue!

FAQ: What’s with -dome?

A few of you have asked why The Beat attempted to call the whole Amazon Omnibus thing Omnibus Dome. This is a reaction to the over use of -gate as the suffix of choice for scandal or controversy. Prior to Watergate — so named because it involved employees of the Republican party breaking into the [...]

Preview: Hulk

FALL OF THE HULKS CONCLUSION! Now allied with Banner and Skaar, the Red Hulk takes the battle back to the Intelligencia homebase…the last place anyone expected. With the future of the U.S. at stake, can the most dangerous Hulk triumph? Guest-starring the AVENGERS, the FF and the X-MEN…who are in for a shock ending you won’t see coming!

Artist DUNCAN FEGREDO - The Right Hand of HELLBOY

He's right behind Mike Mignola in being associated with HELLBOY. We talk with the artist about the latest turn in his diverse career

Whedon Tells "The Shepherd's Tale"

CBR continues its discussions with "Serenity's" new crew, as we spoke with writer Zack Whedon about the upcoming Dark Horse graphic novel that will lay bare the truth about the mysterious Shepherd Book.

Editor Rachel Gluckstern talks THE COVEN with Rex Ogle and Ted Naifeh

The best thing about the co-features that’s we’ve been doing is that we get to give characters and creators a chance to shine that schedules and availability might otherwise prevent. As the excellent Ravager feature in Teen Titans started to wind down, the need to find a new one with an entirely new voice [...]

Never Forget, Never Forgive UPDATE 03/11/2010

Rami Efal updated Never Forget, Never Forgive.

Fabian Nicieza Swings Onto "Red Robin"

The writer who ushered in the end of Tim Drake's solo run as Batman's sidekick returns to the character with June's "Red Robin" 13, planning on moral dilemmas and a Red Robin rogue's gallery.

Mike Raicht On Legends, Instruments And Men of Steel

The writer behind the indie hit "Stuff of Legend" gears up for a second volume launch on Free Comic Book Day and teases his adaptation of the hot YA series "Mortal Instruments" and a Superman tale.

Fortress Joins "Avengers Academy" Student Body

Marvel introduces Fortress to the swelling roster of students enrolled in this June's "Avengers Academy" via a new teaser image. The series launches in June from the creative team of Christos Gage and Mike McKone.

Choose Marvel's Next MDCU Exclusive Action Figure

Marvel is letting YOU choose their next action figure from 3 exciting options

Exclusive Marvel Preview - AVENGERS vs. ATLAS #3

The Agents of Atlas vs. original Avengers showdown continues next week and here's an exclusive preview of the action

A Year of Cool Comics - Day 70

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!
Today [...]

From the Editors: Ben Abernathy on Emerald City Comicon

I’m pretty excited as this weekend will be the first Emerald City Comicon I’ll be attending—and the word of mouth on the greatness of this show is off the charts. It’s got terrific buzz, an astounding guest list for such a “young” show and is located in one of America’s greatest cities, Seattle. I love [...]

Thor, Kick-Ass, Smallville: March 11th Comic Reel

Insider report from the set of "Thor"! SXSW Panel to feature "Kick-Ass"! "Smallville" news and photo round-up! Also, "Spider-Man" musical loses Mary Jane, "Tron" on the monorail, and more.

Jedward Appear In Batman And Robin?

Heavily-mocked-then-feted stars of the most recent series of The X-Factor singing performace talent show on ITV, Jedward, have made their mark in the most recent issue of Batman And Robin from DC Comics.


If by way ...

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 3/11/10

§ Jeet Heer looks at Alex Toth’s handling of phallic symbols and does not even mention the fact that this guys cigarette holder is drooping, which symbolizes erectile anxieties.

A 1950s romance comic, one that features a stereotypically weepy woman crying over her love life, is normally not where you would expect to see a commentary [...]

Josh Dysart picks his 3 favorite pages from UNKNOWN SOLDIER Vol. 1

THREE OF MY FAVORITE PAGES FROM THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER Vol. 1: EASY KILL (on sale March 17 in comic stores and everywhere books are sold March 23) by writer Josh Dysart

The title of this post isn’t totally accurate. It was impossible for me to pick three pages that were my absolute favorites. Both Alberto Ponticelli [...]

Nihilarity UPDATE 03/11/2010

Shannon Wheeler updated Nihilarity.

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

"Blackest Night" #7 leads direct market in a weak February! More on Fantagraphics' manga line and First Second's webcomics! San Diego's love-hate relationship with Comic-Con! Plus more!

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

"Blackest Night" #7 leads direct market in a weak February! More on Fantagraphics' manga line and First Second's webcomics! San Diego's love-hate relationship with Comic-Con! Plus much more!

Cartoonist Continues Adventures of FRANKIE PICKLE For Kids

Eric Wight's art has been in comics, on The OC, and now back to his own series "Frankie Pickle" as the kid gets into more adventures

FABIAN NICIEZA Takes the Reins of RED ROBIN in June

The veteran writer will join the RED ROBIN regular creative team in June, and here's the first details


Tim Drake’s had a rough year, to say the least.
Struggling with a new identity, searching for the mentor only he believes is actually alive and tangled up with Ra’s Al Ghul and his deadly League of Assassins — not exactly a recipe for long-term health, y’know?
Well, things aren’t going to get any easier. Starting with [...]

Preview: Siege

THE MARVEL BLOCKBUSTER OF THE YEAR!! In the halls of Asgard and on the streets of small town America the entire Universe is gripped in a the greatest battle ever seen: SIEGE!! Lives have been lost! Lines have been drawn! And the battle for Asgard is in full force. The moment for revelations and life-changing moves is here, and for some, this will be the last choice they ever make in this world. What happens next is so epic, so historic, that it changes the entire dynamic of the Marvel Universe. You're gonna want to be there for this us.


Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Siege" #3, including all the variant covers. The issue, written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Olivier Coipel will hit stores next Wednesday, March 17.

Win Your Chance To Appear In Beckham BlueWater Biography Book

As part of the “Have A Heart” charity auction organised by Heart Radio in Gloucester, listeners are invited to bid on the Ultimate Makeover package.
Not only does this include a hair and beauty session at Cream ...

Trailer for TO TEACH

Before he was a polarizing figure in the 2008 US presidential election. Professor William Ayers was also a respected educational figure with many books to his credit. Now he’s bringing his thoughts on the teaching life to comics with a graphic novel adaptation of TO TEACH: THE JOURNEY, IN COMICS, illustrated by Xeric Grant winner [...]

Thursday Runaround ? Pride, Prejudice, Zombies, Barnes And Noble

Barnes&NobleWatch: I wake to discover that Barnes & Noble seem to be happily shipping the relatively-limited range of potential-glitch hardcover comics ordered yesterday. Many of the affected books have sold out, and so Barnes & ...

Twilight Manga Holds Leaks? Mostly

So shops who ordered Twilight: The Graphic Novel Vol 1 through Diamond received their copies on Tuesday/Wednesday this week, with a rushed through shipping date order to hold the books until the street sale date of next Tuesday.
And, ...