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Casting Call: Comic Book Fans REPRESENT on morning TV

Comic book fans, have you always wanted to represent our clan in the best possible light? Well here is your chance. A Major National Morning News Show is looking for comic book fans to fill their plaza on the morning of Free Comic Book Day. They encourage all ages and would love if people came [...]

Alan Moore Creates Supergroup ? With Napalm Death, Faith No More, Hella, Mogwai, DoseOne and Fog

Two/three years ago  Comic Book Resources, I reported extensively on the Alan Moore/Mitch Jenkins project Unearthing, based on the Moore’s extended essay about his magical life experiences with Steve Moore. At the time it was ...

EXCLUSIVE: "Hawks of Outremer" #1

Courtesy of BOOM! Studios, CBR brings you an exclusive preview of "Robert E. Howard's Hawks of Outremer" #1 by Michael Alan Nelson and Damian Couceiro with covers by Joe Jusko and Karl Richardson.

Preview: Robert E. Howard's Hawks of Outremer

BOOM! Studios brings you an epic story by CONAN creator Robert E. Howard published in comic book form for the first time ever!

His name is Cormac FitzGeoffrey, and he has no master. As a wandering warrior born and bred on the battlefield, Cormac is a renowned fighter, a ruthless adversary, and a man who is no stranger to the ways of bloodshed and violence. Cormac counts his friends on one hand, so when he learns that his most recent liege has been murdered, nothing will stop his quest for revenge. By oath, a path of vengence will be marked by the blood of his enemies. Sword swinging, beserker action only the way Robert E. Howard and BOOM! Studios could deliver. Featuring covers by fan-favorite THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN artist Joe Jusko and SLAINE artist Karl Richardson!

Special Notes: Issue ships with two covers in a 50/50 split

Pipeline - Tuesday, Apr 27th

In this week's all-new PIPELINE: A toy store visit makes Augie happy. Will digital comics invert the back-issue market? Guy Davis is a Modern Master. And The Pipeline Webcomics Project begins now!

Iron Man 2 7-Eleven Spot

The "Iron Man 2" 7-Eleven ad is airing right now nationally, so watch out for it during your favorite television programs!


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Making Comics with a KICKSTARTER to Your Funds

Website Kickstarter wants you to get creative, & wants to help you get the money you need to do so.

Exclusive DC Preview: TEEN TITANS #82

Superboy is back with the Teen Titans, but just what does that mean for Wonder Girl, and their relationship?

CLIPS: Iron Man 2

Newsarama brings you four clips from the upcoming Iron man 2 movie.

Random Thoughts (April 27, 2010)

Random Thought! Just imagine if Alan Moore's writing for those early Image books he contributed to had been really, really good. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!
Link Thought! 411 Wrestling Top 5 Gimmick Changes (I forgot Vince McMahon! Dammit!). Wrestling 4Rs including my write-up of TNA Impact (Holy shit, a really good episode! That won't [...]

Slott's Farewell to ?Mighty Avengers?

This week's "Mighty Avengers" 36 marks the end of a series and of an era that saw Hank Pym redeem himself by turning an eclectic and unlikely band of heroes into Avengers. Writer Dan Slott talked to CBR about the book.

Jim Lee Talks All Star Batman and Robin @ C2E2

Jim Lee talks to Newsarama about All Star Batman and Robin, Dark Knight Boy Wonder and DCU online at C2E2 2010.

Fujikawa: A Stark Industries Subsidiary


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Marvel First Look - AGE OF HEROES #1

Marvel says the "true heroes are back" to usher in the "Heroic Age". Here's a 1st look at AGE OF HEROES #1

TRAILER: Jonah Hex Motion Comic

Trailer for the upcoming Jonah Hex motion comic.

EXCLUSIVE: Jo Chen's "Buffy Season 8: Riley" Cover

Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at Jo Chen's cover artwork for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8: Riley," a one-shot by Jane Espenson and Karl Moline & Andy Owens.

PW reviews Neil Young’s Greendale!

Coming this June, NEIL YOUNG’S GREENDALE by Josh Dysart and artist Cliff Chiang.
“An engrossing story of how every generation rediscovers its own coming-of-age journey, adapted from the rock opera album by Neil Young. . . . Dysart’s writing ably builds the mystery of the story toward Sun’s climactic discoveries about herself and her family that [...]

Preview: Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock FCBD Flip Book

Archaia is proud to present three amazing all-new stories in one fantastic flip book: David Petersen’s award-winning MOUSE GUARD and Jim Henson’s beloved FRAGGLE ROCK share the spotlight on Free Comic Book day!

In the spring of 1153, the Mouse Guard deal with the onset of the spring thaw and the havoc it wreaks on their territories. As they scatter to clean, and hunt and glean, they also search for their missing redfur…

Meanwhile, it’s time to dance your cares away as Archaia and The Jim Henson Company invite you to return to FRAGGLE ROCK. Join Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red for a brand-new series of hilarious and heartfelt adventures written and drawn by some of the most imaginative creators in comics. In the Free Comic Book Day issue are two, brand-new mini adventures!


The next DC Universe Animated movie is coming this summer, now with the official date of July 27, 2010. See Batman face a new foe with a familiar face.

"Batman: Under the Red Hood" Trailer

CBR has the trailer and all the details for "Batman: Under the Red Hood," the new Warner Premier home video release based on the DC Comics story written by Judd Winnick. Check it out!

Full Bleed Stumptown 2010: We got a theory about magic and miracles

I’ve probably started my last three Stumptown reports with this, but I love Portland and the Stumptown Comics Festival. You could rightly say that it’s because Stumptown was the first show that I actually set up at, back in 2007 (has it only been two and a half years of being on the other side of the table?). You could, but I’m not sure how accurate that is. Comparing the Stumptown show of 2007 (in chilly October) to that of 2010 (in springtime cool April) is a tricky thing. The show has grown and been managed in such a way as to make the two very different.

2007 yielded decent attendance for an independent comics show, though was often long periods of quiet punctuated with silence. Sure, part of that was the fact that I was just selling a mini/ashcan preview then. Nobody else seemed to have any complaints about the size/speed of the show and I didn’t have anything to compare it with, though I remember it not being particularly busy most of the time (a good starter show, as opposed to jumping in with both feet to say Wonder-Con or the like.)

So Super Duper! Page 122! Deadly and Unstable! (Blog@Newsarama)

If you like what you’ve read so far (c’mon, how can you not') totally check out more super cute comics!

EXCLUSIVE: "Gotham City Sirens" #11 Preview

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR brings you an exclusive preview of "Gotham City Sirens' 11 by writer Paul Dini and artist Guillem March, on sale this week in comics stores everywhere.

Charlie Brown Sold for A Lot of Peanuts

Charles M. Schulz's creation has been sold back to the family for $185 million, with future development in mind.

GlitchWatch: Realm Of Kings Hardcover 71% Off

Right now, Marvel’s Realm Of Kings Hardcover by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Scott Reed, Kev Walker, Pablo Raimondi and Miguel Munera is at $11.46 at That’s  71% off the $29.99 recommended retail price at ...

A double-shot of BRIGHTEST DAY covers

And what a pair of covers. For your viewing pleasure, here’s a first look at David Finch’s cover to BRIGHTEST DAY #1, along with Tony Harris’ take on the second issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST. Good way to kick off the day, no doubt.


Scott's Classic Comics Corner: Dell's 'Little 5' War Books

DC’s 'Big 5' war books are legendary. Somewhat less well known are the war books published by Dell in the 1960s. While none of Dell’s Little 5 series had much staying power, they should prove to be of interest to fans of the genre, so let’s take a look:

Combat is really the Big Daddy of [...]

Preview: Transformers

It’s the AUTOBOTS versus the biggest foe they’ve faced since DEVASTATOR! But with OPTIMUS PRIME in captivity, do our heroes stand a chance? The action keeps coming courtesy of Mike Costa and Don Figueroa!

Sweet on Dark and Gritty Crime

IRON MAN: EXTREMIS Motion Comic Episode 2

This incredible epic blends seamless motion, dynamic voice acting, and stunning special effects, bringing to life the story that redefined Iron Man for the 21st Century. The second episode of IRON MAN EXTREMIS goes on-sale Wednesday, April 28th!

Turtles — true and false

TMNT.jpg Yesterday the above, somewhat disturbing photo, swept through the internets like a virus, with the breathless question : is this a leak from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?... Latino review, which first cirulated he photo, says that it's just a class project from one of make-up master Tom Savini's students. 4549350977_2f20660334_o.png However we are happy to report that THIS is the real deal: PIZZA TIME!... The above is Jon Vermillyea 's drawing, and it is not disturbing at all.

Hester Unearths Black Terror's "Inhuman Remains"

"Black Terror" writer Phil Hester talks about the new storyline for the maverick hero of Dynamite's "Project Superpowers" universe and what makes him the star of Alex Ross' Golden Age revival.

JAMES ROBINSON: JLA, JSA, Generation Lost & Starman

James Robinson talks with Newsarama about Justice League of America, the JLA/Justice Society of America crossover, Captain Atom/Generation Lost and Starman at C2E2 2010.

GREEN LANTERN Vets Marz and Staton: Discussing The Legacy

At Albany Con this past weekend, writer Ron Marz & artist Joe Staton talked about the character they both worked on

Iconix buys Peanuts for $175 million

Iconix, the world's second biggest licensing company, has acquired the licensing rights to E.W. Scripps (aka United Media's) comic strips, including Peanuts, Dilber, Get Fuzzy and many, many others, it was reported today. The price was $175 million. As we reported a few months ago, Scripps, had put its lucrative licensing business on the block, given the problems in their other segments, including the newspaper business. The deal will be a joint venture with the family of Charles Schulz continuing to get a share of the licensing income from a previous deal.

Audrey Hepburn — the best sketchbook subject ever?

2263650552_f5bbac9d48.jpg Jamie S. Rich's sketchbook might say yes. The above is by Mike Allred, proving that many Mike Allred characters have a family resemblance to Audrey Hepburn.


Moses has a list. Throughout his murder investigation of the IDP camp’s doctor, he’s been deciding just who will live and who will die. Now, caught in an arms deal near the Sudan border, it’s time to start checking names. But this is one battle that’s not as simple as it seems.
Check out the preview [...]


Continuing the story that exploded in the pages of CRY FOR JUSTICE, writer J.T. Krul and artist Geraldo Borges continue Roy Harper’s story, as he discovers that getting a new arm doesn’t make him whole again. He’s also forced to deal with Green Arrow’s shocking revelation from JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE RISE AND FALL SPECIAL #1. [...]

Cartoon Boy UPDATE 04/27/2010

John Kerschbaum updated Cartoon Boy.

Post Modern Myths #3 by Eric M Esquivel ? A Moral Compass

We’re twenty three seconds into the gig when somebody drops the “g” word.
A fine glaze of pretentious sweat forms over my Casanova and Invisibles tattoos. My hands start doing that shaky thing they ...

Lost: The Animated Series fan art

Waitaminnit! That Slaterman23 is quite the busy bee — he’s also designed a Lost: The Animated Series poster. Click for larger image!
Looking at this, it’s obvious that Lost is MADE for an animated spin-off…who will be the first to draw the model sheets for LOST BABIES?

Speaking of Lost, shooting of the final episode [...]

Sean Kleefield’s GARFIELD mashups

A single gag is recycled in various settings.
“What is it about Garfield that makes it so infinitely mutable? Seriously. You can’t do this so readily with, say, Beetle Bailey or Blondie or B.C.,” the author muses. Garfield’s universality and mutability is truly an imponderable. What do you all think?

Diamond UK Get Their Comics Through

Today I received a Bleeding Cool cheque from Avatar Press and a Tales Of The Uncanny package from Steve Bissette. I can almost smell the volcanic ash on them, as they finally made it through ...

Random Acts Of Mark Waid

Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Giancarlo Caracuzzo’s new graphic novella from Image Comics is published next week. A metatextual tale about a comic character becoming real and impinging on the lives of its creators in ...

Tuesday Runaround ? A Thundercats Horror Story

HealthWatch: Every month or so there is an appeal for an American comic book creator who cannot afford their healthcare costs. Even with the charity HERO Initiative, there are still appeals, still fundraisers, still adult ...