giovedì 22 aprile 2010

'Gaia,' 'Winds of Magic'

Fantasy Flight Games has announced two new roleplaying books scheduled for July release.

'Green Hornet' Pushed Back for 3D

The release date for the Green Hornet film has been pushed back from to January 14th to accommodate a 3D release.

Death Threats Lead to 'South Park' Censorship

Comedy Central censored this week’s episode of South Park, after the edgy 200th episode last week led to death threats.

Midnight Snack: 4/22/10

It's TV for Nerds time! Below the fold, we check in on Brave and the Bold, Doctor Who, and the season finale of Human Target.

HUMAN TARGET DEPT: "Christopher Chance" Written by some guy

Lo, it came to pass: the secret origin of Christopher Chance! Now, the question, more than ever, is... why the hell is this [...]


Preview WOLVERINE ORIGINS 47, X-FORCE 26, and X-MEN FOREVER 22, shipping from Marvel Apr 28, 2010


Preview INVINCIBLE IRON MAN 25 and IRON MAN 2: PUBLIC IDENTITY #1, shipping from Marvel Apr 28, 2010


Preview MIGHTY AVENGERS 36, NEW AVENGERS 64, THOR 609, and THUNDERBOLTS 143, shipping from Marvel Apr 28, 2010

Marvel Comics On Sale April 28, 2010

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday, April 28, including "Captain America" 605, "Amazing Spider-Man" 629, "Invincible Iron Man" 25, and many more!


Preview FANTASTIC FOUR 578, CAPTAIN AMERICA 605, and ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS #2 1, shipping from Marvel Apr 28, 2010


Preview FALL OF THE HULKS: RED HULK #4, and WORLD WAR HULKS: HULKED-OUT HEROES #2, shipping from Marvel Apr 28, 2010

What I bought - 21 April 2010

"It is something so monstrous it is past sin and becomes necessity," he said. (Greg Bear, from "Petra")

Avengers vs. Atlas #4 (of 4) ("Earth's Mightiest Super Heroes Part Four"/"My Dinner With Gorilla Man") by Jeff Parker (writer, "Super Heroes"), Jason Aaron [...]

Preview: X-Men Forever

Sometimes the best way to take down a secret organization is with a team of the best, strongest, fiercest mutants on the planet! But have the X-Men-along with Nick Fury-bitten off more than they can chew? You won't want to miss these heart-pounding issues, from ICONIC X-MEN WRITER CHRIS CLAREMONT and ORIGINAL X-MEN FOREVER SERIES ARTIST TOM GRUMMETT!

CBR Review: DV8: Gods and Monsters, issue 1

DV8 is back and the team is on a strange planet for reasons unknown. And members keep disappearing.

Geek Nation Tours Still Has 4-Day Passes for San Diego Comic-Con International

A Couple of Interesting Superman Stories...

The first original full-sized painting of Superman was found hanging in a City University of New York library!

Check out the interesting mystery of how it got there at the New York Times here.
Thanks to my old high school English teacher, Mr. Kavanah, for the head's up!
Also, Marc Tyler Nobleman has an interesting blog post [...]

Aspen Announces Pittsburgh ComiCon Plans

F.A.C.T.S. Convention Announces First Guests

Swipe File: South Park Vs The Killing Joke

Alan Moore may have made an appearance on The Simpsons. But it would be his comic Killing Joke, with Brian Bolland that would be picked up by South Park.
Here’s a few comparison’s from last night’s ...

A few summational thoughts on the Chicago branch of the Magical Comical Tour

Since my Spring convention schedule wrapped up on Monday I’ve been trying to just sit quietly on the porch with my eyes closed, but I had some links and thoughts and thingies about the just passed C2E2 that I wanted to express for the big wrap-up before I slide into a puddle of my own [...]

Pro Footballer, Lance Briggs @ C2E2

Newsarama talks to professional football player, Lance Briggs about his love for comics @ C2E2 2010.

ComiXology Introduces Comics 4 Kids App

ComiXology, the creators of the Comics app for iPhone and iPod Touch, is set to please parents by expanding its line with their Comics 4 Kids app, designed specifically for children age nine and up.

Hama Returns To "Real American Hero"

This summer, IDW relaunches the comic that birthed the entire G.I. Joe franchise with Joe creator Larry Hama returning to the continuity of his original Marvel run. We spoke exclusively with Hama about the book.

Exclusive Marvel Preview: SECRET WARRIORS #15

The secret history of the Viper is revealed on this latest issue of Marvel's SECRET WARRIORS and we have a preview

Solicit Statistics for July 2010

Number of $3.99 issues: 22
Percentage of DC's periodicals: 24.2%
Number of $3.99 issues: 70
Percentage of Marvel's periodicals: 68%
Dark Horse
Number of $3.99 issues: 0
Percentage of Dark Horse's periodicals: 0%
Number of $3.99 issues: 32
Percentage of IDW's periodicals: 91.4%
Number of $3.99 issues: 7
Percentage of Image's periodicals: 27%
Above numbers do not include collections, variants,  or "magazines". Only single issues, almost [...]


It’s a bountiful time for fans of Grant Morrison’s BATMAN work, with the first collection of BATMAN AND ROBIN on shelves and the first issue of BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE speeding toward comic shops. So, a perfect time to check a few lengthy and interesting Grant interviews, no? Of course.
Morrison made the rounds [...]

Preview: The Thanos Imperative: Ignition (PENCILS)

Thanos is back! On one side you have the Marvel Universe’s #1 threat! On the other: a dark new force determined to obliterate everyone! In the middle are the outnumbered and battle-hardened heroes that stand between us and complete decimation! A war has ignited which will combine the galaxy’s most dedicated warriors with a collection of heroes that you never saw coming! It’s a battle that will span the cosmos, deliver major shocks, and will prove to you why IGN proclaims “Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning can seemingly do no wrong” and Aint It Cool News raves that Abnett and Lanning consistently deliver “terrific action, interesting character development, and some pretty good jokes all rolled into one amazing package.”

Siege: Fallen Made Returnable For Retailers

There’s a book coming out called Siege: Fallen from Marvel. Possibly. We don’t know who is writing it, but we do know that Tom Rainey is drawing it. Or what it’s about, though it’s probably ...


Archie Comics writer George Gladir will be at Hi De Ho Comics booth at the LA Times Festival of Books in Los Angeles, California this Saturday, April 24th. Look for him there. He will be signing comics and talking to...

Chris Samnee draws best OTP ever (Blog@Newsarama)

I try not to overpost certain artists, but sometimes people make it difficult for me. Namely, Chris Samnee, whose cover sketch for Thor the Mighty Avenger #4 puts the “DAAAAAWWWWWWW” into adorable. Think not too hard on my questionable linguistics and pronunciation, and instead check out his blog, which has some other design masterpieces, like Tony [...]

C2E2: Inside The Diamond Summit

The pre-con meeting of retailers and publishers held of new series and trades from Marvel and DC and the unprecedented idea of moving new comics day to Tuesday. CBR has an in-depth report from the conference.

MICHAEL USLAN Talks Archie @ C2E2 2010

Writer Michael Uslan talks about the Archie wedding series, the comic's worldwide impact and what's in store for the nearly 70 year old Archie Comics.

Best Shots Rapid Reviews: SIF #1, THE SPIRIT #1, More

The Best Shots team is back with an all-pellet column covering several of this weeks releases with quick reviews!

Greg Pak Talks Hulk @ C2E2 2010

Greg Pak talks Fall of the Hulks, Planet Hulk, The Incredible Herc and more at C2E2 2010.

Preview: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dust to Dust

Written by Chris Roberson, a John W. Campbell Award-nominee and writer of DC’s hit mini-series CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE, DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? DUST TO DUST will feature spectacular interior art by 48 STRON and STATUS 7 artist Robert Adler. The prequel makes a great companion to BOOM! Studios and Electric Shepherd’s Eisner Award-nominated DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? comic series or can be read completely on it’s own.

DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? DUST TO DUST answers the question of who hunted androids before Rick Deckard. Taking place immediately after World War Terminus ends, the problems with artificial life -- androids -- become apparent. The government decides that the androids must be hunted down — but who will do the dirty work? Two men are assigned: Malcolm Reed, a "special" human with the power to feel others' emotions, and Charlie Victor who's the perfect man for the job... or is he? What secret does Victor hide? All the while, Samantha Wu, a Stanford biologist, fights to save the last of the living animals.

The Buy Pile - Thursday, Apr 22nd

Things go well for THE BUY PILE this time around with the King of Magic, an armor-clad futurist and the Lord of Latveria leading off a week that even managed to beat back the horrible, tragic tales of...Forbush Man!

The Great Nine And Other Solicitation Curiosities

The 52-spinoff comic The Great Ten, has sadly been cancelled after just nine issues. You’d have thought for irony’s sake, DC could have pushed it to one more issue.

Will people please stop completely reinventing the ...

So Super Duper! Page 121! Typical Spaz! (Blog@Newsarama)

If you like what you’ve read so far (c’mon, how can you not') totally check out more super cute comics!

CBR TV @ C2E2: Mark Waid

Mark Waid spoke with CBR TV during C2E2 about the new "Irredeemable" cologne, the BOOM! Studios title's one year anniversary, upcoming plans for the series, how the industry has changed in recent years and more.

Earth Day: Five Earthy Heroes (and Three Dirty Villains)

To help us honor Earth Day, we have 5 heroes and 3 villains who have cause to celebrate the day

ASPEN Stops at Pittsburgh Comic-Con On 2010 Tour

The next stop on the Aspen Comics Tour 2010 is Pittsburgh, this weekend, April 23-25, 2010.

First Look At Green Hornet Covers – One By Alex Ross And Two By John Cassaday

I reckon Nick Barrucci of Dynamite Entertainment must have Alex Ross and John Cassaday’s beating heart locked in a treasure chest in his office. Either way, we have two new covers for Kevin Smith’s Green ...

The first DV8 reviews are in…

… and they’re glowing!
“Wood, as always, is a master of deep characterization. Copycat, as the focal character of issue #1, benefits much more from Wood’s methodical approach than the rest. I would assume, or at least hope, that Wood intends to switch up his narrator with each issue. There’s a sensation of foreboding as each [...]

Preview: Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton

LAST STAND OF NEW KRYPTON ships twice in April as the biggest Superman story in years rockets towards its mind-blowing conclusion!

In this epic conclusion, Superman and Zod must work together if they're to have a chance of stopping Brainiac! But a victory for New Krypton means a devastating loss for the Legion!

Over a year's worth of New Krypton stories has been building up to the final page of this series, and once you see it, you'll know there's only one outcome: the WAR OF THE SUPERMEN!

CBR Review: Justice League of America , issue 44

With the not-so-surprise return of a fan-favorite DC character, "Justice League of America" joins the "Brightest Day". This issue is the brightest yet of this run.

News, notes, kibbles. bits

§ “Ruben Bolling” writes to us to let us know that his weekly comic strip “Tom the Dancing Bug” is now appearing on Boing Boing. Details here.
§ The HBO series “Bored to Death” is looking for comics fan extras and you even get paid and all.

Comer & Gallucio Casting is seeking comic book [...]

WORLD OF HURT ? ?The Thrill-Seekers? ? Episode 41 (Blog@Newsarama)

WORLD OF HURT – The Thrill-Seekers – Episode 41: See? Dirty fighting. There’s a little WWE in here, but I thought it was a pretty fun- and painful looking- sequence. New strips of WORLD OF HURT – The Internet’s #1 Blaxploitation Webcomicare posted every Wednesday at - JEP

Van Meter's Lucky "Black Cat"

Writer Jan Van Meter spoke with CBR about bringing the thieving feline into her own limited series, her own personal love of heist tales and the secret behind the Black Cat's relationship with Spider-Man.

Artist DON KRAMER on WONDER WOMAN's New Direction with JMS

Vaneta Rogers talks with the new artist of WONDER WOMAN about the titles new direction under J. Michael Straczynski

PREVIEW: "Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton" #3

DC Comics has released a preview of next week's "Last Stand of New Krypton" #3 by the writing team of James Robinson and Sterling Gates and artist Pete Woods and a cover by Ryan Sook.

Review: Prime Baby (Blog@Newsarama)

Gene Luen Yang’s Prime Baby (First Second) has two unusual factors going for it, beyond the obvious fact that it’s a new-ish comics work from Gene Luen Yang. First, its protagonist is an extremely unlikable (and thus, somewhat lovable) jerk whom one is more likely to root against instead of for. And second, the narrative takes [...]

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Ultimate Comics Avengers 2" #1

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Ultimate Comics Avengers 2" #1 by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu, with a variant cover by Marc Silvestri. The new series launches next Wednesday, April 28.

ARCHIE, Meet KEVIN, Riverdale's New Gay Student

Riverdale has a homosexual character for the first time, we have the exclusive 1st interview about Kevin

Archie’s First Gay Character To Debut, Kevin Keller

Archie Comics is introducing its first gay character later this year, in Veronica 202, one Kevin Keller.
In a move that I have to say I thought must have happened some time over the last twenty ...

Editor Wil Moss on Alex Garner?s stunning Nightwing and Flamebird send-off

As Nightwing & Flamebird wrap up their run in next week’s ACTION COMICS 889, we wanted to give them a truly dynamite final cover, so we contacted the talented Alex Garner, and he delivered this gorgeous piece of work! Check it out and don’t miss 889, as Nightwing & Flamebird have their final showdown with [...]

Preview: Ultimate Comics Avengers 2

Some jobs are just too dirty for the Ultimates. For these, Nick Fury must gather the Avengers, a black ops team willing to do the missions that others won’t. What role will an infamous mass killer play in Fury’s plans? Find out here, as the Punisher returns to the Ultimate Universe! The blockbuster team of MARK MILLAR (ULTIMATES) and LEINIL FRANCIS YU (SECRET INVASION) presents the explosive beginning to ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT.

TRUE SWAMP is back

Jon Lewis’s cult comics about a bunch of neurotic critters in the swamp is back as a webcomic. Fo forth and bookmark.

London Book Fair 2010 ? Comics news

Although clouds of volcanic ash kept most Americans away from the London Book Fair this week, the localsbattled their way through, and there was even a Comics and Graphic Novel Pavilion, reports the Nuge at Geek Syndicate:

It was a pretty small set up, well smaller than I was expecting, although I did hear that some [...]

R. Crumb’s Genesis…the band

As imagined by Ward Sutton: The Band Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb Sutton has mastered the “visible” touch, for sure.

Tucci and McCool team for NEVSKY

Oh yeah, speaking of the London Book Fair, this little news nugget was buried in Rachel Deahl’s preview of the event for PW:

Russia will be the country of honor at the 2011 fair, and Trident has a few projects with ties to the former U.S.S.R. From authors Ben McCool and William Tucci is the graphic [...]

Chris Ware’s rejected Fortune cover

As he mentioned on his C2E2 panel, Chris Ware recently finished a cover for Fortune magazine, only to see it killed, perhaps because of all the jokes in the tiny spaces of the cover. This is really what the internet was invented for, don’t you agree? (Click for larger, rejected version.)

Bizarre Breasts ? Lady Deadpool #1

She eats pizza. She’s got a teddy. Hopefully she washed her hands after slaying. It’s a fun cover, one of seven Deadpool-titled comics this month. But… I’m sorry, what are those on her front?
While we ...

A Year of Cool Comics - Day 111

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!
Today [...]

Archie Comics First Look: ARCHIE'S DOUBLE DIGEST #208 and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #212

Archie Comics First Look: ARCHIE'S DOUBLE DIGEST 208 and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 212 ARCHIE'S DOUBLE DIGEST 208 "Give Until it Hurts": Archie decides to take up Mr. Weatherbee's volunteering challenge... and a challenge it is, when he ends up doing...

Pond Life #1 by Martin Conaghan ? A Bit Of A Burke

I’m Martin Conaghan, I work as a journalist for the BBC, and I try to write comics. By try, I mean do. I produced a fact-based graphic novel about the serial killers Burke & Hare ...