mercoledì 3 marzo 2010

Kevin Smith Gets Bupkiss For Green Hornet Comic

How much would it cost for movie writer/director Kevin Smith to write you a comic? How much for him to sit his ass down in front of that keyboard and tap out ten issues, two-hundred ...

'Game of Thrones' on HBO

HBO has placed a first season order of nine episodes plus the pilot for the long-awaited Game of Thrones.

Diamond Gets Playmates Exclusive

Diamond has been named the exclusive distributor for Playmate Toys products to the specialty market.

Burton, Toon Games

USAopoly presented a number of new projects featuring the films of Tim Burton and a variety of toon properties at the recent New York Toy Fair.

Avengers Series on Disney XD

The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will debut on Disney XD this fall.

Midnight Snack: 3/3/10

Open your refrigerator, and watch the internet fall out. Links of interest, beneath the cut!
ITEM! In honor of NeilAlien's tenth blogiversary (holy poo!), Tom Spurgeon shares 21 things he likes about Dr. Strange:
Dr. Strange has the best headquarters/home in the Marvel Universe. Entire stories can be generated from what's resting in the cabinets and drawers, [...]

CBR Review: The Amazing Spider-Man, issue 623

The newish Vulture returns, and Spidey swings around town, but it's Paul Azaceta's art that's the real star of this issue.

Global Freezing Strip 0076 (Blog@Newsarama)

Find out more about Global Freezing here on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or at

Marvel Says ?Eff You? To Its Readers

Okay, okay, it’s just a typo.
And it’s hardly like I’m in any position to throw stones when it comes to this sort of thing.
But in the back of the new issue of Ultimate Avengers is ...

Flogging A Dead Horse - Wednesday, Mar 3rd

Paul is back with his list of "Five Jobs I Narrowly Avoided," including near misses with becoming a wedding DJ, a ladies hairdresser and, perhaps the most frightening almost-job of all, a Bingo announcer in North London.

Azzarello & Morales Ride DC's "First Wave"

Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales spoke with CBR News and shed some new light onto DC's new pulp-comic crossover title, "First Wave," which features Doc Savage, Will Eisner's Spirit and a different type of Batman.

Gallery: JUSTICE LEAGUE: RISE & FALL Covers (Spoilers)

CRY FOR JUSTICE ends and the fall-out begins. Here's a look at the covers and editor commentary for the RISE & FALL storyline

Gallery: JUSTICE LEAGUE: RISE & FALL Covers (Spoilers)

CRY FOR JUSTICE ends and the fall-out begins. Here's a look at the covers and editor commentary for the RISE & FALL storyline


The events in Cry for Justice #7 are shocking to say the least. We want to know, what did you think?

Planetary volume 4 hits stores today

Those of you who wait for your comics in trade format can let out a sigh of relief as Planetary Vol. 4 hits comic shops today. You guys can finally get the beautiful sense of closure to Ellis and Cassaday’s masterpiece series that the rest of us experienced five months ago.
Below are some of the [...]


But before we pass the mic to Adam, let me dust off ye olde Spoiler Warning: Do not click below until you’ve read the final issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE.
Done? What a finale, huh?
OK, take it away, Adam:

In JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE #7 Green Arrow murdered Prometheus — but it’s not over [...]

GelaSkins Inc. Releases Marvel Designs

$1-million-plus Batman comic leads Guinness World Record-breaking $5.6 million comics auction at Heritage Auctions

HALO: REACH Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

Can't wait for the "Halo: Reach" beta on May 3? Here's your
first glimpse of gameplay from the highly anticipated game, with more
than a few surprises. "Halo: Reach" hits Xbox 360 Autumn 2010.

Full FREE Issue: BEYOND WONDERLAND #0-1 [Mature Readers]

Enjoy the full first issue of Zenescope's dark tales of Alice and the Wonderland denizens, right here, for free!

Spectrum 17 Award Winners! — Spectrum Fantastic Art –

Spectrum 17 Award Winners! — Spectrum Fantastic Art –

Gold Award: STEVEN TABBUTT (“The Incident” / art director: Sungyoon Choi / client: Rabid Rabbit)
Eric Orchard
“Cloud Cave 3″ by Eric Orchard
Silver Award: ERIC ORCHARD (“Cloud Cave 3″ / art director: Chris Staros / client: Top Shelf Productions)

Ben Ross with Belladonna at GA

First time comics writer Ben Ross at Golden Apple supporting the release of his IDW comic “Belladonna.”

Tischman Books Angel a Trip to "Barbary Coast"

In "Barbary Coast," Angel visits 1906 San Francisco's seediest district in search of a cure for his troublesome soul. We spoke with David Tischman about filling in the gaps of Angel's undead life.

Solicit Statistics for May 2010

Number of comics featuring Batman: at least 16
Percentage of DC's output: 12.4% (including Vertigo, Wildstorm, Johnny DC, and manga)
Number of comics featuring Wolverine: at least 20
Percentage of Marvel's output: 14%
Number of comics featuring Deadpool: at least 6
Percentage of Marvel's output: 4.2%
Number of comics featuring Spider-Man:  at least 30
Percentage of Marvel's output: 21.1%
Number of comics featuring [...]

Kelly Prepares Spider-Man for a "Grim Hunt"

"The Gauntlet" is over and the "Grim Hunt" begins in "Amazing Spider-Man" 634. CBR spoke with Joe Kelly about the arc, which finds the family of Kraven the Hunter poised and ready to take down a beaten and battered Spidey.

FIRST LOOK: "Fantastic Four" #577

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR presents an exclusive First Look at Dale Eaglesham's issue-opening splash page from "Fantastic Four" 577, depicting the Inhumans in their one-time home in the Blue Area of the moon.

DC Reveals Cover for "Blackest Night" #8

DC Comics has released the spoilerific cover for "Blackest Night" #8 by series artist Ivan Reis. The final issue of the Geoff Johns scripted event is scheduled to hit stores on Wednesday, March 31.

The Kravens Make Their Move in June's SPIDER-MAN: GRIM HUNT

It's outta the Gauntlet and into the GRIM HUNT in June as Spider-Man faces the Kravens, and they have a plan to take him down

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales — January 2010

by Paul O’Brien

The first month of a new year brings event season again, thanks to SIEGE and FALL OF THE HULKS. There’s also a new Ultimate miniseries, ULTIMATE COMICS ENEMY, and the “Nation X” branding continues in the X-books. But the big release this month is SIEGE.
As usual, Marvel were the biggest publisher [...]

Get a signed copy of THE FLASH #1 via TWITTER

April 14 is a big day for fans of THE FLASH. How can The Source make it bigger, though?
Well, we’re hoping you’re as excited as we are about the launch of THE FLASH #1. Surely, you’ve seen the preview of THE FLASH #1 we ran on Monday and yesterday’s sneak peek into artist Francis Manapul’s [...]

PREVIEWS: New Comics On Sale Today!

It's New Comics Day here in the United States, and CBR has nearly fifty previews of titles hitting stores today from Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite and more!

The German Nick Simmons

As the Nick Simmons case over swiping Bleach, Hellsing and DeviantArt pages for his Incarnate comic hits the headlines, a similar case is kicking off in Germany.
Helene Hegemann, like Nick, is the child of a ...

Marvel?s ?Heralds? ? Another Sign of The Feminisation Of Marvel?

After years of coasting on a She-Hulk here and a Spider-Woman there, Marvel seems to be in the business of feminising their output of superhero comic books. And about bloody time too.
Since the arrival of ...

TOLDJA: Marvel Confirm Avengers Academy

Okay, I know, these “Toldjas” could get a little annoying, but let’s hear this one out at least. I’m on a roll, humour me for a bit, okay?
In a Newsarama interview, Tom Brevoort wrote;
At the ...

Cast Pirate Girl

Jeremy Bastien’s CURSED PIRATE GIRL is one of those comics in periodical format that in an earlier era probably would have gotten a great deal of support as an independent project by a talented cartoonist with a distinctive vision, kinda steampunk, kinda old school illustration. However, in a day and age inhospitable to the [...]

A cat that cooks ramen and a boy and his gorilla

A couple of publishing announcements that caught our eye the other day.

• Tokyopop will publish Kenji Sonishi’s NekoRamen a manga about cat who cooks ramen. SOLD. Via Johanna, who has a rundown of the busy marketing campaign, which includes weekly online comics.

• Slave Labor has announced Captain Long Ears, the debut [...]

Lost Episode 6�06 — The Bad Sayid

Well well. Things are really happening.
While we’re waiting for Mark Coale’s official write-up, here’s a few of our own quick observations. SPOILERS BELOW THE BREAK!!

• Okay, so Sayid finally turned to the dark side — or did he? In the flash sideways we see him atoning for past crimes, respecting Nadia’s marriage and family [...]

End Times: Gilligan’s Island The Movie

If you were going into the end of the world in 2012, with a cold, empty feeling because Gilligan’s Island had not yet been turned into a feature film, rest easy: you will not be cast into the void unfulfilled. Co-producer Charles Roven previously worked on the GET SMART movie, so you know it [...]

Today’s the day: Read FIRST WAVE #1 with Jim Lee and Geoff Johns

In case you missed our initial announcement and friendly reminder yesterday, today’s your chance to talk comics with two of the biggest names in the industry: Jim Lee and Geoff Johns. Where? Twitter, of course.
So head out to the comic shop and pick up your copy of FIRST WAVE #1 and start following Geoff, Jim [...]

Samuel Bayer Wants To Direct The Boys

This is the kind of news that should make the DC High Five squirm.
The Boys was the Garth Ennis/Darick Robertson comic book that was initially published by DC/Wildstorm, thanks to the intervention of new co-Publisher ...

Wednesday Runaround: Wanted 2 Back On, Peter Parker Laid Off

Millarwatch: Mark Millar tells STV, the Scottish independent TV station that, despite Angelina Jolie pulling out and necessitating a complete rewrite, Wanted 2 will be made contradicting other reports, on the basis that the original ...

Speculator Corner: Kevin Smith?s Green Hornet #1

I know next to nothing about wrestling. So names like Jerry “The King” Lawler pass me by. Well apparently he’s drawn one of the covers to an upcoming issue of The Green Hornet and it’s ...