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Retailer Kendall Swafford of Up Up & Away on Digital Comics

Retailer Kendall Swafford of Up Up & Away in Cincinnati, Ohio has been following the development of the digital marketplace for comics and shares his thoughts on what it means for the evolution of the marketplace.

CBR Review: Spider-Woman, issue 7

The series concludes with its first arc, but it has looked great for seven issues.

Preview: PVP vol. 7

Greetings, adventurer. Your quest is to venture deeper into the PvP archives than ever before. Are you brave enough to survive teenage man-crushes, magical lockboxes, marriage proposals, high-school reunions and an actual murder mystery? These are the dangers you must face if you wish to reach level seven of the Eisner winning comic strip. Enter at your own peril.

Baltimore Comic-Con Announces First Guests

Dan Brereton Takes on "Red Sonja"

Marvel Hotline: Kieron Gillen

Writer Kieron Gillen talks THOR 608, on sale March 24


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Evans Reportedly Accepts Cap's Shield

A new report is in claiming that comic-friendly actor Chris Evans will swing the shield of Captain America in July, 2011, but both the star's camp and Marvel remain quiet on the deal.

Chris Evans Reportedly Accepts CAPTAIN AMERICA Movie Role

Chris Evans has gone from flaming on to telekinetically pushing, and now to wielding the shield

It’s official: Captain America and the Human Torch are THE SAME PERSON

Variety confirms that Chris Evans is dipping into th ecomics wlel for a fourth time with the role of Captain America. Evans, seen below in a rare clothed publicity shot, beat out every other hot young would-be action star in Hollywood for the role (including John Krasinksi, Chace Crawford, Ryan Phillippe, Garrett Hedlund, Michael [...]

How Kurt Busiek (unwittingly) ruined Marvel and DC superhero comics!

Come along with me, as I generalize like crazy! It's what you love, right?

I've thought about this for years, and have never gotten around to writing about it. Of course, it took years for Busiek's true influence to reveal itself, so Marvel and DC superhero comics had already been ruined by the time [...]

When Words Collide - Monday, Mar 22nd

After a provocative comment about a new "Marvel House Style," Tim spoke with "Avengers: The Initiative" artist Jorge Molina about working for the House of Ideas and how he adapts his style to fit the stories.

DC Comics Solicitations for June, 2010

DC Comics has released solicitation information and images for new comics and products shipping in June 2010, including "Green Arrow" #1, milestone issues of "Superman," "Batman" and "Wonder Woman" and more.

Spidey's BLACK CAT Pounces Into Her Own Mini-Series

Writer Jen Van Meter is taking the ferocious feline themed Spider-Man ally on her own adventure; more inside

Spaced Flashmob On Trafalgar Square

There’s a couple of scenes that the Spaced crew always show to a US crowd to get everyone in the room itching to go out instantly and buy the box set. The slow-mo gun fight ...


ZIP Comics is a new publisher in Previews, and their first book is THE SCHIZOPHRENIC, written by Josh Frankel with art by Toby Cypress. Around Stately Beat Manor we loooooooovvvvveeesss us some Toby Cypress art, especially when he colors it himself. Trippy. More preview pages at the link.

And make sure to check out more [...]


Writer James Robinson and artists Javier Pina and Bernard Chang present the third part of the battle between New Krypton and Brainiac, with Superman trapped on Brainiac’s ship while New Krypton burns. Can Mon-El call upon all the skills he’s gained in the past years to save the Man of Steel? What secret will our [...]


CBR's new series covering Dark Horse's growing Hellboy universe in 2010, creator Mike Mignola muses on the growing tapestry and dark themes of Hellboy and unveils exclusive art from "B.P.R.D.: King of Fear."

Lying In The Gutters ? 22nd March 2010

Welcome To Lying The Gutters, the weekly runaround the best and the rest of Bleeding Cool. So, what’s been going on?
Top Ten Stories Of The Week:
1. Google Street View Discovers Secret Wars In A Pub ...

Castlerain talks Jack The Lantern: War of the Soul (Blog@Newsarama)

Castlerain Entertainment has been Canada’s premiere indy company that spotlights dark horror and fantasy. Blog@ had the chance to talk to writer Michael Angelos, who has worked at Castlerain since he helped re-establish the company a decade ago, about his creator-owned title Jack The Lantern, and it’s new upcoming story Jack The Lantern: War of [...]

C.C. Colbert on "Booth"

John Wilkes Booth, the man who shot Abraham Lincoln, is the subject of historian C.C. Colbert's first graphic novel. CBR spoke with Colbert about "Booth," which will arrive later this month from First Second.

Brit is a Guardian of the Globe

Image Comics has unveiled the first of this week's teasers for Robert Kirkman's upcoming "Guardians of the Globe" miniseries, this time featuring actual team members! First up is familiar Kirkman creation, Brit!

Best Shots Comic Reviews: SUPERGIRL, SPIDER-MAN, More

The Best Shots team is back with feature and pellet reviews of last week's comics

What G. Butt can learn from Greg Heffley

Who’s more popular? A stick figure middle-schooler or a burly Scotsman who’s entranced everyone from Madonna to Gabourey Sidibe with his roguish charms? Take a wild guess. Like Nikki Finke, we take some fun in rubbing in the fact that the much hyped film THE BOUNTY HUNTER, which forced Butler and Jennifer Aniston to pretend [...]

Review: WWE Heroes #1

Titan Comics sent me a copy (two actually) of the issue to review, so here are my thoughts on WWE Heroes #1...
Reviewed by: Chad Nevett
Title: WWE Heroes #1
Story by: Keith Champagne
Art by: Andy Smith
Colors by: Hi Fi Color Design
Letters by: Comicraft
Cover by: Andy Smith, Liam Sharpe
Publisher: Titan Comics
Cover price: $3.99 (USD)
Release Date: March 23rd, 2010
Rating: [...]


ARCHIE CREATORS ON THE ROAD...   Archie Comics artist and writer Bill Galvan (of Archie: Freshman Year) will be at Dragon's Keep in Provo, Utah this Saturday, March 27th. Look for him there--he will be signing comics and drawing sketches!Bill will arrive at...

New Dr. Who Trailer (Blog@Newsarama)

That title about says it all, doesn’t it? [Via Entertainment Weekly]

Review: Ninja Assassin on DVD and Blu-Ray (Blog@Newsarama)

Over at TVTropes, probably my favorite website in the world, they have a page dedicated to entertainment that’s about just exactly what you expect it to be about when you hear the title. Writer J.Michael Straczynski’s Ninja Assassin, released on DVD and Blu-Ray combo pack last week from Warner Home Video, is a great example. [...]

Overflow - by Dean Haspiel 03/22/2010

Dean Haspiel added a blog post titled "Overflow".

Dynamite Comics On Sale March 24, 2010

Dynamite Entertainment has provided CBR with advance looks at new comics on sale this Wednesday, March 24 including "Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time" #1, "Black Terror" #9 and more.


The real Guardians of the Globe are now being revealed, showing the cast of Image Comics' new mini-series

Exclusive Marvel 1st Look: VENGEANCE OF THE MOON KNIGHT #8

Take a first look at finished art sans-words from Vengeance of the Moon Knight #8, coming this May from Marvel Comics.

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh #40: Le Cinema Du Albert Pyun

The value of movies has been on my mind a lot. It’s inherent in just about everything I deal with everyday, and it’s implicit whenever I’m writing one of these columns about a movie. ...

Preview: Queen Sonja

Our first story arc comes to a stunning conclusion from writer Joshua Ortega and definitive artist Mel Rubi! Sonja is seated on the throne, and now the adventures can truly begin! But will the intrigue and battle from this series carry into the next? By the gods, yes! Yes, they will!

WIRED explores the many worlds of James Kochalka!

<p>Indie superstar <strong><a href=" Kochalka</a></strong> is famous for creating huge amounts of material in all sorts of areas (graphic novels, kids' books, webcomics, painting, music), but this year he looks to be busier than ever before! As this <a href=" rel="external" target="_blank">new profile in <em>WIRED</em></a> explains, he's got a lot on his plate!</p>
<p>The long-awaited vinyl-bound collected edition of his foul-mouthed super-sitcom comic <strong><em><a href="*ckers</a></em></strong> hits stores in just a few weeks, he's got a successful series of kids' graphic novels called <strong><em><a href=" Boo</a></em></strong> (and a new one coming this summer called <strong><em><a href=" Puncher</a></em></strong>), and he's just teamed up with indie game developers PixelJam to make his dream video game <strong><em><a href=" rel="external" target="_blank">Glorkian Warrior</a></em></strong> a reality. They used the website Kickstarter to solicit $10,000 in donations from fans in order to fund the game's creation, surpassing that goal well before their deadline! Finally, he has a significant role in the new rotoscoped sci-fi romance film <strong><em><a href=" rel="external" target="_blank">Mars</a></em></strong>, which just debuted at SXSW! Pretty sure that officially makes him the busiest man in Burlington, Vermont.</p>
<p>See below to grab copies of some of his books, or <a href=" here</a> for our full Kochalka catalog!

Travel the world with&#8230;cartoonists!

Wim at the FP Int’l blog alerts us to a new series of French language Lone Planet travel guides with covers by cartoonists associated with the cities. Thus we get Jacques Martin’s Alix in Rome; François Schuiten pm Brussels; NY native Miles Hyman on New York; and of course, Huge Pratt’s Corto Maltese on Venice. [...]

She Has No Head! - Ruminations On X-23, Minx, Comics For Women vs. Comics For Girls, Twilight, And The Kitchen Sink

I was genuinely psyched to do a review for the Marjorie Liu X-23 one-shot that came out this past week.  I had read CBR’s seven-page preview of the issue and was pretty impressed with what I saw.
In fairness, I know very little about X-23.  I know she’s supposed to be a clone of Wolverine, and [...]

Warner Bros. to take on BLEACH (Blog@Newsarama)

The Hollywood Reporter has said that Warner Bros. is wrangling the film rights to the manga BLEACH. Peter Segal — whose previous credits include 50 First Dates and the recent remake of Get Smart — is in negotiations to produce the film through Viz Media. WB isn’t just limiting this to their foray into the manga [...]

Scott Pilgrim: The Rap Song (Blog@Newsarama)

Move over, Incredible Hercules — I think we can crown a new winner for Best Recap Ever. I’ve always dug the songs that Euge from Adam WarRock and War Rocket Ajax has mixed on his web site, but he’s outdone himself this time with a rap recap for the first five Scott Pilgrim books. If you’re excited [...]

Viper Comics introduces Two New Webcomics! (Blog@Newsarama)

[Via Press Release] March has marked the month (aww, yeah alliteration) that Viper Comics has joined the webcomic scene with Sanford Park by Daniel Barcroft and RiverSide by Rhys McDonald. Sanford Park is a comic strip about life in the multicultural melting pot of American suburbia, of course coming from the park’s animals perspective. It updates every [...]


As Blackest Night comes to an end, the White Lantern has to step into the fray in the preview

Marvel Comics' JUNE 2010 SOLICITATIONS [Preview]

An exclusive early look at over 30 of Marvel's titles going on sale in June 2010, including ALL the IRON MAN titles

Exploring Ethnicity, History, & Tension With KATO

Writer Jai Nitz looks at Kato's confusing history in this Green Hornet family title

TURF #1 ? Highest Preorders For Any Title To Date At Forbidden Planet

Turf  is the first comic written by British chatshow host and all round god-geek Jonathan Ross, with 1985 artist Tommy Lee Edwards, published by Image Comics next month. Despite being published in America, it was ...

ARCHIE Comics gets Multiverse; Crisis on Infinite Archies imminent (Blog@Newsarama)

Archie Loves Betty! Archie Loves Veronica! It’s been a debate years in the making, one that threatened to erupt into a million-year war for the fate of red-headed mankind. But no longer. Archie Comics has announced that Archie truly can have it all with The Married Life: Archie Loves Betty and The Married Life: Archie Loves Veronica! [...]

BLACKEST NIGHT barrels toward its conclusion

The final issue of BLACKEST NIGHT hits next week, and with that one of the biggest comic events in recent DCU history concludes. Where that leaves our heroes, and what’s to come is still up in the air. But before you consider picking up that issue, you’ll need to grab GREEN LANTERN 52, the penultimate [...]

Preview: Wall-E

Set before the events of the blockbuster feature film, we learn how the unlikely duo of a robot and a cockroach became fast friends! You won’t want to miss an issue of this new ongoing series based on the smash-hit film from BOOM Kids!

MOONSTONE July 2010 Solicitations

See what indie publisher Moonstone has in store for the summer, from a Sherlock Holmes/Nightstalker crossover and more


Preview CARS #3, WALL-E #4, and THE INCREDIBLES #7, from BOOM! Kids March 27, 2010

DC To Announce Batman: The Odyssey by Neal Adams

DC are to announce Neal Adams’ Batman: The Odyssey tonight. It’s been a while coming, executives have even denied its existence, but later today it should all be official, when the June solicitations go live. ...

A Look At Shaky Kane And David Hine?s BulletProof Coffin

Shipping from Image in June. Bulletproof Coffin, a six-issue by Shaky Kane and David Hine. Preview art from issues 2 to 4. Ashcan will be published for the Bristol Comic Expo.

The pair threaten Voodoo Romance, ...


ARCHIE COMICS ANNOUNCES TWO COMPLETELY BRAND-NEW TITLES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER A DECADE: "ARCHIE LOVES BETTY" & "ARCHIE LOVES VERONICA"   New York, NY (March 22, 2010): This July, Archie Comics--home to world-famous characters Archie, Sabrina the Teenage...

Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1 - this June!

At long last - Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom! If I had a nickel for each time someone asked about this since the rumors of it started circulating, I’d be writing this post from some sort of gold-plated mobile device on my own private beach on Culebra. This new six-issue series is written [...]

Creator-Owned Comic HACKS & SLASHES From DDP To IMAGE

We speak with writer/artist Tim Seeley about his big publisher switch, and what's coming in the new series

New Moo: A Different Kind of Vampire (Blog@Newsarama)

With the recent release of New Moon and the success of the television series True Blood, vampires are in the hearts and minds – and throats – of the public-at-large. But in comics there’s a new kind of blood-sucker – the bovine kind. Comics writer and former Blog@Newsarama contributor Michael May has assembled three friends and [...]

Review: Sand & Fury: A ScreamQueen Adventure (Blog@Newsarama)

Sand & Fury: A ScreamQueen Adventure Written & Illustrated by Ho Che Anderson Published by Fantagraphics After two ambitious, but not-quite-realized projects in King and Pop Life, Ho Che Anderson is taking another tack with his latest book, Sand & Fury: A ScreamQueen Adventure. On the back cover blurb, Howard Chaykin describes the effect of Anderson’s book being [...]


The cover to HELLBLAZER: PANDEMONIUM was a long time in the making - I’m guessing the first sketch was conceived at least a year before the final image was decided upon. In a similar way to the first issue of a series, but possibly even more so, a graphic novel cover has to have specific [...]

Sagan Launches "Shrapnel: Hubris"

Veteran novelist and television writer Nick Sagan takes the reins for the sequel to Radical Publishing's sci-fi epic with "Shrapnel: Hubris," the follow-up miniseries to "Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising."

Mark Waid Smells Evil! BOOM!, Black Phoenix, and Challengers Announce C2E2 Events

Sagan Launches "Shrapnel: Hubris"

Veteran novelist and television writer Nick Sagan takes the reins for the sequel to Radical Publishing's sci-fi epic with "Shrapnel: Hubris," the follow-up miniseries to "Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising."

Britain?s Own Frederic Wertham ? The Gorbals Vampire

It was a children’s game that would garner headlines around the world and introduce some of the most anti-comics government legislation in the Western world.
Hundreds of young children in the Gorbals area of Glasgow were ...

A Year of Cool Comics - Day 80

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!
Today [...]

Where?s Alex? Here, but not

Hey gang, just a very quick housekeeping post before we dive into this week’s excitement. Because I’m sure my personal adventures are of great interest to you, just wanted to let you all know I’m on vacation in sunny Miami this week. No worries in regards to The Source — the magic of the Internet [...]

A look at Chris Sprouse?s variant cover to BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #1

Last week, we announced that Frazer Irving was going to be handling the art duties on the next arc of BATMAN AND ROBIN. Along with that news we showcased Frazer’s lovely RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #2 variant cover. But what of #1, you ask?
Well, here you go. Courtesy of superstar artist Chris Sprouse and inker [...]

Necessary: Celebrity Tweets + cartoons

Illustrator Odessa Begay captures the zeitgeist of 2010 pretty will with Museum of Modern Tweets, as the ephemeral thoughts of twittering slebs are illustrated in a becoming fashion. Dunno about you, but once a week just isn’t enough.

Punchbuggy Tour Part II hits the raod

Via pr, Ken Dahl (Monsters, Welcome to the Dahl House), Liz Baillie (My Brain Hurts, Freewheel) and MK Reed (Cross Country, Americus) are at it again with with their Punchbuggy Tour, criss-crossing the Northeast and Canada”

The Punchbuggy Tour is a multimedia event featuring live comics readings accompanied by a lively ukulele and banjo soundtrack, [...]

Even Foxtrot cannot escape the coming of the ipad

This Sunday’s FoxTrot by Bill Amend takes on the coming revolution. The person who sent me this link wondered if the iPad will have any effect on comic strips…we wonder the same thing. What do you think?
PS: how funny is it to see a cartoonist’s Twitter feed included in the gutter of his strip?
(Thanks to [...]

pood anthology announced

A few months ago we were asking “what is pood?” and it turns out, it’s a new comics anthology printed in the newsly fashionable newspaper size. Planned as a quarterly. the first issue will debut at MoCCA. Contributors include Joe Infurnari, Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca, Hans Rickheit, Connor Willumsen, Sara Edward-Corbett, Chris Capuozzo, Adam [...]

Monday Runaround ? Mail, Miracleman And McLovin

SnipeWatch: Bleach is being made into a movie. No word yet as to whether Nick Simmons will be providing the soundtrack.
CensorWatch: Steve Bissette looks at Diamond’s involvement with the Ratings War, including an attack on ...

VIDEO: Batman Arkham Asylum Wins Best Game At BAFTA 2010

Batman: Arkham Asylum developed by British company Rocksteady and published by Eidos has won Best Game at the BAFTA 2010 awards. It also won Best Gameplay, though favourite Uncharted 2: Among Thieves grabbed ...

The Streets Of San Diablo UPDATE 03/22/2010

Darryl Cunningham updated The Streets Of San Diablo.

A new ?visual novel game? called Air Pressure (Blog@Newsarama)

Blog@ friend and phenomenal cartoonist in his own right Stuart Immonen has turned me on to a fascinating little video game — or as the creator calls, it “visual novel game”. Available for play on both the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms (!), Air Pressure is a little mini-game that has alot of heart. I won’t [...]


ARCHIE COMICS SHIPPING JUNE 2010 ARCHIE & FRIENDS ALL-STARS #4: BETTY & VERONICA BEACH PARTY Blondes, brunettes, beach balls and bikinis... it can only mean one thing: it's summertime in Riverdale! Leading the charge are those leading ladies of comics,...