martedì 26 gennaio 2010

From Blackest Night to Necrosha: Dispelling The Copycat Myth

Cap and Batman, Blackest Night and Necrosha, Heroic Age & Brightest Day. No, they're not copying each other, it just happens. We take a look at how.

Braver and Bolder with J. Michael Straczynski

JMS spoke with CBR and teased some details on the secret weapon he has planned for "The Brave and The Bold" while also spilling on which superhero teams will be featured in upcoming issues of his critically acclaimed run.

DC Announces "Brightest Day" Ring Promotion

With "Brightest Day" set to break after "Blackest Night" wraps, DC has announced a follow-up to their recent rings promotion featuring a new Green Lantern ring as well as a Flash ring (costume not included). ROBOT 6 has details.

Marvel Launches All-New Retailer Resource Center

DC fights back with…more rings!

People have been wondering when DC would make some kind of move aimed at Marvel’s assault on their Lantern Ring promotion…and now they have. But instead of lashing out they’ve done it in a, dare we say, grown up way — offering two new rings for an even LOWER order threshhold on books that [...]

Foggy Ruins of Time #1

This is the first in a series (of indefinite length and regularity) of pieces giving you the cultural context behind certain comic book characters/behaviors. You know, the sort of then-topical references that have faded into the "foggy ruins of time."
It's basically like Meta-Messages, except that this is about references in old comics that have [...]

As promised, a closer look at BATMAN AND ROBIN #7

Yesterday, we showed off a page from BATMAN AND ROBIN #7 — and it was a doozy. But why stop there? We’ve got the first five pages from the issue here, courtesy of the superstar team of writer Grant Morrison and artist Cameron Stewart.
BATMAN AND ROBIN #7 hits tomorrow. Swing back later tomorrow for a [...]

Pipeline - Tuesday, Jan 26th

Pipeline Retro goes all the way back to 1991 for "Silver Surfer," including an interview about the popular cosmic series with its writer, Ron Marz. What was the fun of the title? What memories does it bring back for Augie?

Who doesn’t want to wear a Flash or Green Lantern ring?

We can’t promise it’ll make you any faster, or that it’ll respond to your willpower, but hey — that’s what our imaginations are for.
But we can promise a way for you to get your hands on one. With BRIGHTEST DAY banner issues THE FLASH #1 and GREEN LANTERN 53 soliciting in the February issue of [...]

Marc Guggenheim Gets Caught in the DC Universe "Web"

According to Marc Guggenheim, this week's The Web #5 is among the writer's favorite work he's ever done in comics

Bluewater: finding new ways not to pay people

While Bluewater is often just thought of as that make-a-buck-quick company that puts out the funny bios, they’ve been getting a lot of heat lately for a business plan that asks for a huge investment by creators. The new round of controversy began when Newsarama ran a fairly benign interview with publisher Darren G. Davis. [...]

Random Thoughts! (January 26, 2010)

Random Thought! In three days, I turn 27, but my due date was actually January 26th... which is Wayne Gretzky's birthday. Instead, I share my birthday with Oprah. That's messed up. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!
Link Thought! Quickie Reviews: January 13, 2010 (only one week late...). High Road/Low Road on TNA getting rid of [...]

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Pilot Season: Demonic"

Courtesy of Top Cow, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Pilot Season: Demonic," in stores tomorrow, January 27, from the creative team of Robert Kirkman and Joe Benitez and featuring a cover by Marc Silvestri.

Preview: Pilot Season: Demonic

From the creative minds of Image partners Robert Kirkman & Marc Silvestri! The demon is in his head. The demon makes him strong. The demon gets angry when he doesn't kill. Scott Graves is possessed and he will do anything the demon asks as long as it promises not to make him kill his wife and daughter. Scott stalks in the night as Demonic, a vigilante known for savagely slaughtering the wicked. He asks himself, how long can he continue living this way and what if the demon isn't real?



Hibbs assays 1/20

Jackie Earle Haley Talks "Human Target"

The "Human Target" star spoke with CBR in an exclusive one-on-one interview about playing the shady Guerrero on the new FOX series, how "Watchmen" initiated his love for comic book culture, Freddy Krueger, Sinestro and more.

Best Shots Advance Reviews: ULTIMATE ENEMY 1, CHEW 8, more

The Best Shots team takes a look at a slew of high-profile Marvel books shipping tomorrow & an Image stand-out

So Super Duper! Page 101! Celeb Stalker! (Blog@Newsarama)

If you like what you’ve read so far (c’mon, how can you not') totally check out more super cute comics!

Marvel Hotline: Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker discusses FALL OF THE HULKS: RED HULK #1 in this episode of Marvel Hotline!


More in

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "Teen Titans" #79 & "Supergirl" #49

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents a pair of exclusive previews for "Teen Titans" 79 and "Supergirl" 49, both of which will be hitting stores tomorrow, January 27.

Scott's Classic Comics Corner: Horsing Around

A little while back, I did a piece of dog-centric comics of yesteryear. Today, I thought I’d do the same for horses. I know that you’re champing at the bit – so let’s get started:

The Lone Ranger’s horse Silver is probably one of the most famous horses of all-time. Including two issues from the [...]

Danielle Leigh's Reading Diary -- Black Butler vol 1

Although Yana Toboso doesn't strive for realism -- far from it actually -- her portrait of a 19th century British butler and his young charge is energetic and intriguing.

Black Butler is almost a fun house mirror image of Kaori Yuki's gothic, melodramatic Godchild.  Toboso plays with the Victorian age much more freely than Yuki (although [...]

Marvel collects DC covers

As promised, photos of DC Blackest NIght tie-in comics covers eturned to Marvel, via Tom Brevoort’s Twitter.
You kids play nice, now!

Marvel collects DC covers

As promised, photos of DC Blackest NIght tie-in comics covers eturned to Marvel, via Tom Brevoort’s Twitter.
You kids play nice, now!

SDCC 2010 party preview

NY Mag’s Jada Yuan has been attending the Sundance Film festival and since San Diego is now completely Sundance-ified, here’s what we have to look forward to:

Yesterday, on day four of the Sundance Film Festival, this intrepid Vulture reporter was kept from covering a red carpet for The Runaways because it was overcapacity — [...]

Preview: Teen Titans

Now that he's had time to acclimate to normal life since the TERROR TITANS miniseries, Static makes the choice to go home and tell his family that he's alive. And he's bringing his Teen Titans teammates with him. Let's hope they can survive the rough streets of Dakota!

Plus: Ravager…slave girl!

Jo Chen Covers ECCC's "Monsters and Dames" Art Book

AC/DC Iron Man 2 Video to Debut Exclusively on Vevo

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers" #1

Courtesy of IDW, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers" #1, in stores this week from writer/artist Nick Roche.

Iron Man 2 Music Video

Watch the new video from the upcoming Iron Man 2 album.

Fall/Winter Xeric Awards announced

The latest batch of Xeric Grant winners has been announced — since its foundation in 1992, the Xeric has recognized a fairly amazing line-up of cartoonists and comics. Here’s some more comics we’ll be looking for in 2010:
Sarah Becan – The Complete and Definitive Ouija Interviews

Bryan G. Brown – First Fight
Sixta C. – Soldiers of [...]

Millar and Dynamic Forces auctyion Nemesis for charity

Via PR, Dunamic Forces and MarkMIllar are auctioning off the name of the hero in Millar’s new NEMESIS book for charity. More here.

Have you ever imagined yourself as the star of a comic book?  Award-winning writer Mark Millar is offering YOU that chance!  Millar’s upcoming comic book, “Nemesis” (illustrated by Millar’s co-creator, best-selling artist Steven [...]

T-Minus One Week …

You have seven days to go back and re-watch old episodes to get caught up in time for the season premiere next Tuesday night (fittingly on Groundhog Day).
The Helper Monkey has been watching selected shows from all five seasons as a refresher course and has a few observations.
– The show is so much better without [...]

Avatar takes down Titanic (Blog@Newsarama)

Sorry, Jack, but Titanic just got sunk… but a bunch of mutant blue cat people. CBS reports that the James Cameron’s CGI behemoth Avatar has stomped on the long-reigning king of the box office known as Titanic — which perhaps coincidentally was Cameron’s last mass-market film. The film currently has topped $1.8 billion, which is pretty good, [...]

Prometheus continues his attack in CRY FOR JUSTICE #6

Writer James Robinson tells the tale of a team in shambles. After a shocking loss, Prometheus reveals an even greater threat to the team than they thought possible. How will this new crisis change the face of the DC Universe? The pages below should reveal a clue or three.

Millar Announces "Nemesis" Benefit Auction

Creator Mark Millar is offering a lucky fan the opportunity to be immortalized in the pages of his and co-creator Steve McNiven's "Nemesis" through a benefit auction with all proceeds going to a special fund to help handicapped children.

AC/DC "Iron Man 2" Video Debuting Online Today

Marvel and Columbia Records have announced that a new AC/DC video for "Iron Man 2" will debut online today, with the movie's soundtrack featuring the music of the veteran metal band hitting stores on April 19.

1st Look: More Marvel DEADPOOL VARIANT Covers

Marvel has announced 15 titles will ship in Feb. with special Deadpool variant covers, and has revealed all of them

Image Comics' PIRATES Take to the Skies

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra wraps up this week, and we talked to the creators about why you should check it out

This just in: Minor television actor would like to play the lead in a blockbuster superhero movie (Blog@Newsarama)

Shocking, I know. Robert Buckley, the handsome young actor who played Kim Raver’s much-younger love interest in Lipstick Jungle and Clayton Evans on One Tree Hill, revealed in an interview with Jenna Busch for Popeater that he’s a comic book fan (Which is sort of a must rather than something to be ashamed of in [...]

Wizard announces New Jersey convention (Blog@Newsarama)

New Jersey’s got itself a new Situation, and I’m not talking about a guy with a fake tan, spiky hair and chiseled abs. Wizard has announced that it will be launching its own New Jersey Comic Con, in Edison, NJ, on October 15-17. The convention takes place the week after the Great Con War battleground of New [...]

Bendis Creates an "Ultimate Enemy"

"Ultimate Comics Enemy" #1 is in stores this week, kicking off an epic trilogy that will introduce a mysterious and powerful new villain into the Ultimate Universe. CBR spoke with Brian Michael Bendis about the project.

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Sentencing delayed in Handley case! Two men charged in Ponzi scheme involving comics and film rights! SPACE Prize winners announced! "Geek Monthly" magazine shuts down! Plus, much more!

Green Lantern, Thor, Walking Dead: Jan 26th Comic Reel

Director Martin Campbell talks space in "Green Lantern." Sam Jackson surprised to learn he will be in "Thor." A review of "The Walking Dead" script. Also, another "Smallville" guest and more.

Best Shots Advance Review: REALM OF KINGS: SON OF HULK #1

Best Shots' George Marston got an early look at the new mini-series, and really likes what he sees so far. Read on for why!

A Year of Cool Comics - Day 25

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!
Today [...]

Th3rd World Hopes Artist Appeals to MORTAL INSTRUMENT Fans

Publisher Th3rd World has chosen a new female artist to help adapt their comics version of MORTAL INSTRUMENTS

Marvel Comics Literally Hired A Gross Of New Freelancers In 2009

He’s been making his list and checking it twice. But CB Cebulski, Marvel’s Talent Manager, has counted up 144 new freelancers working at Marvel in the last year. He breaks it down like this;

Writers – ...

WOWIO Restructures For 2010 ? And The Apple Tablet?

Wowio was an early publishing model for digital comics. Burning through venture capital, it paid publishers $1 for every comic read online – yet gathered much less advertising revenue from the publication. A number of ...