martedì 5 gennaio 2010

"Spider-Man 4" Delayed By Villain Dispute

According to published reports, it's a dispute over which villain would appear in the next Spider-Man feature film that has delayed production of the anticipated sequel. ROBOT 6 has the details.

Top 10 Hobby Games Business Events of 2009

We list here our picks for the Top 10 Hobby Games Business Events of 2009, based on our assessments of their long term impacts.

CBR's Robot 6 highlights two essential books coming soon from Top Shelf!

The fine Robot 6 blog has kicked off their new year with a slew of 2010 previews... prominent among them two titles from our spring slate!

Super Spy: The Lost Dossiers is a captivating follow-up to Matt Kindt's Eisner-nominated masterwork Super Spy. Check out Robot 6's exclusive preview (a full standalone story!) by clicking here. The book comes out in March, and it's in the Diamond catalog this month, so ask your comic shop to order your copy NOW!

Then, get a load of Stuart Immonen's stunning artwork and Kathryn Immonen's razor-sharp writing, as showcased in their ingenious Nazi art theft graphic novel, Moving Pictures! This one will debut in May, but one look at the preview on Robot 6 and you'll be counting the days.

Comics You Should Own - Justice League Europe #1-28

Hey, it's a spin-off ... just like Joanie Loves Chachi!

Justice League Europe by Kieth Giffen (plotter), J. M. DeMatteis (scripter, issues #1-8, 13), Bill Loebs (scripter, issues #9-12), Gerard Jones (scripter, issues 14-28), Bart Sears (penciler, issues #1-8, 10-12, 15-19, 23-28; inker, issue #9, 11-12), Art Nichols (penciler, issues #8; inker, JLA 32), Chris [...]

Preview: Forgetless

Meet Derrick, failed T-shirt maker and substitute hypnotist's assistant. Derrick is broke, desperate, and about to get himself killed to get more views on YouTube. There is something horribly wrong with this guy! At least he got in the door at FORGETLESS, though.

Continuing the story of one very dangerous night of clubbing in New York's Lower East Side.

New from the critically acclaimed writer of EXISTENCE 3.0!


CBR Review: Cable, issue 22

The two year "Cable" time travel story lurches towards a conclusion, and the book perks up a bit as a result.

'Dune' Gets Director

Pierre Morel (Taken) has signed a deal to direct a remake of Dune.

'Spider-Man 4' Delayed

Shooting on Spider-Man 4 has been pushed back and the May 6, 2011 release date is in jeopardy.

Do Anything 0026 by Warren Ellis

“Heroes” is playing through my desktop speakers. And stops. Moves on to “Clay Bodies” by Zola Jesus. The robot head of Jack Kirby, set next to the speakers on my desk, has ...

Will The iSlate Kill The Comic Store, Save The Industry? Or Both?

January 27th. That’s the expected date for the official announcement of Apple’s new tablet-style machine, known as, amongst other things, as the iSlate. A portable integrated touchscreen device the size of a standard monitor.
This is ...


EXCLUSIVE: David Finch Goes Exclusive With DC Comics

I understand that David Finch has signed an two year exclusive deal with DC Comics.
Canadian artist Finch has been an exclusive Marvel comics creator for some years now, working on high-profile titles such as Ultimate ...

Random Thoughts! (January 5, 2010)

Random Thought! A new year, same old me. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!
Random Thought! I have got many links for you... 411 Wrestling Top 5: Moments of the Monday Night Wars. The Christmas edition of the High Road/Low Road on the Hart Dynasty (not really a Christmas edition aside from being posted on Christmas). [...]

Danielle Leigh's Reading Diary -- Butterflies, Flowers vol 1

There are two things everyone should know about Viz's new series Butterflies, Flowers -- it is one of those rare examples of true josei to be found in the U.S. marketplace and it is also an extremely funny comic.

Don't be deceived by the book's cover, which shows the "heroine," Choko, looking like a lifeless doll [...]

Scott's Classic Comics Corner: Bob Powell at Magazine Enterprises

Happy New Year everyone. This week, I am taking a quick look at Bob Powell’s work for Magazine Enterprises.

Bob Powell is one of the all-time great comic book artists. I have only come to truly appreciate his work over the past 5-10 years. He did plenty of work for many publishers from the early 40s [...]

CBR Accepting Nominations for their 2009 Reader-Voted Comics Awards!

Every year, the Comic Book Resources forum has the "Corries," a series of awards by CBR forum posters.
Well, the nomination process has begun for this past year's Best Comics (Best Writer, Best Artist, etc.) and nominations are currently taking place here (you can have to log into the CBR forum - if you don't have [...]

WORLD OF HURT - ?The Thrill-Seekers? Episode 19 (Blog@Newsarama)

(Click the image above for a larger version of the strip.) WORLD OF HURT - The Thrill-Seekers - Episode 19: “Delivering Pain” This was more like it. To make up for, what I felt were lackluster efforts in the previous two weeks, I decided to bring some action, a recap panel, and two tiers of bonecrushing action. The [...]

Movies: X-Men - Watch '90s X?Men Animated Ep. 37 for Free (Marvel)

Stream episodes from the "X–Men" animated series for free, every Tuesday on!

Comics: Fantastic Four - Will The Fantastic Four Survive 2010? (Marvel)

Get your first look at the FF's future!

Comics: Marvel Heroes - Archrivals: Nova vs The Sphinx (Marvel)

A feud for the ages spans time and space into the present day!

The media gets THE CHILL

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY magazine puts THE CHILL on The Must List saying, “In the heat of summer, a serial killer sends cold shivers down the spines of New Yorkers in this slashingly drawn graphic novel, with art by Mick Bertilorenzi. It’s brutal but funny, hard boiled but sexily romantic.”
And USA WEEKEND raves, “[Jason Starr] mixes [...]

Superstar artist David Finch signs exclusive contract with DC

You didn’t think we’d come into 2010 quietly, did you?
Of course not. Take a few deep breaths. We know the headline’s a doozy. But it’s also true: Mega-popular artist David Finch, who’s made a name for himself working on every title under the sun for Marvel will be calling the DCU his home base for [...]

On sale tomorrow: JSA ALL STARS #2

The team has survived its first major battle — but can they find their missing teammate? JSA ALL STARS #2 hits tomorrow.

Mugwhump The Great UPDATE 01/5/2010

Roger Langridge updated Mugwhump The Great.

Savage Critics on the Reporter!

Pairings #1 (of ??): Jeff Looks at Blackest Night, Fantastic Four

Walters and Francia on "Mass Effect: Redemption"

"Mass Effect 2" hits stores in late January and BioWare and Dark Horse have teamed up to whet fans' appetites with "Mass Effect: Redemption." CBR spoke with writer Mac Walters and artist Omar Francia about the series.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Greek Street" #7

Courtesy of DC Comics and Vertigo, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Greek Street" #7 by writer Peter Milligan and artist Davide Gianfelice with a cover by Davide Furno. The issue will hit stores tomorrow, January 6.

Fraction Announces More "Casanova"

Matt Fraction, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Bá revealed via Twitter over the holidays that work has begun on the third volume of the popular indie spy-fi comic series "Casanova." ROBOT 6 has all the details.

Rick Remender's "Voodoo" Nightmare

In "Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural" the title character's worst dream has literally come true with the supernatural Nightmare taking over Earth. CBR spoke with Remender about the series, which will conclude with issue #5.

Marvel Releases "Fantastic Four in 2010" Teaser Image

Marvel Comics has just released a new teaser image featuring the Fantastic Four and hints of the various threats and events they'll face in 2010 which is shaping up to be a busy year for the company's First Family.

1st Look: Marvel Reveals February's DEADPOOL VARIANTS

Marvel has announced 15 titles will ship in Feb. with special Deadpool variant covers, and revealed 4 of them


We have previews of all four Dynamite books shipping tomorrow, Wednesday 1/6, right here!

Exclusive Image Preview - James Stokoe's ORC STAIN #1

"Wonton Soup" Creator James Stokoe launches his first ongoing series at Image Comics and Newsarama has an exclusive preview

Exclusive Top Cow Preview: DARKNESS #82

Top Cow has provided us an exclusive look at this Wednesday's issue of Darkness, featuring an all-new story