sabato 2 gennaio 2010

What are you excited about for 2010?

ROBOT 6 ends a long day of posting with part one of a round-up of industry folks talking about what they're looking forward to in 2010. Jeff Parker! Paul Pope! Faith Erin Hicks! Matt Kindt! Evan Dorkin! And more!

Power Out UPDATE 01/2/2010

Nathan Schreiber updated Power Out.

Enter, Stage Left, on Coattails: Jeff Ponders Our Great Decade

Your Mileage May Vary

Every other week ROBOT 6 contributor Melissa Krause takes a look around the comics blogosphere to see what people are talking about. This week she collects a few thoughts on comics in 2009 ... what did you think?

Saturday's Annual Inventory for 2010 (and 1970)

Welcome to 2010, everyone. As is usual for my first column of the new year, I'm going to look at my pull list and see what I'm getting and decide what stays and what goes.
This year, though, I decided I'd do something a little different.

As most of you know, I'm an old guy. I [...]

Take a look inside Top Shelf's "Moving Pictures" collection

Courtesy of Top Shelf, ROBOT 6 has a six-page preview of creators Stuart and Kathryn Immonen's "Moving Pictures," which collects the webcomic of the same name.

EXCLUSIVE preview: "Artichoke Tales"

Courtesy of Fantagraphics, ROBOT 6 has a three-page preview of "Artichoke Tales" by Megan Kelso, the story of a young girl whose family is caught between the two warring sides of a civil war.

Beanbots UPDATE 01/2/2010

Kevin Kobasic updated Beanbots.

OMG they killed Galactus ...?

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, ROBOT 6 posts an EXCLUSIVE teaser image from "Fantastic Four" 575 by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Dale Eaglesham, featuring a classic Marvel character who has seen better days. The book is due in stores Jan. 27.

EXCLUSIVE preview: "Nova" #33 and #34

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, ROBOT 6 has pages from the next two issues of "Nova," which feature friends and foes from Nova's past and present, by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Andrea Di Vito!

Robot 6 anniversary card

Courtesy of Guy Davis, Dave Stewart and Dark Horse Comics, here's another incredible piece of artwork to help celebrate ROBOT 6's anniversary, featuring the robot himself and some friends who fans of Davis will no doubt recognize.

EXCLUSIVE preview: Weathercraft by Jim Woodring

Here's another one I was excited to receive this week, a preview of Jim Woodring's first full-length graphic novel, Weathercraft, due in April from Fantagraphics. You can a few more details on the book provided by the publisher and see more pages after the jump.
by Jim Woodring
$19.99 Hardcover
104 [...]

EXCLUSIVE preview: "Weathercraft" by Jim Woodring

Courtesy of Fantagraphics, ROBOT 6 has three pages from the first full-length graphic novel by "Frank" creator Jim Woodring, "Weathercraft," which arrives in stores in April 2010.

Strangeways teaser: "Red Hands"

Matt Maxwell, writer of the comic Strangeways that we've been serializing here all year, provides a bit of glimpse into the past and future of the series with this teaser image from a story called "Red Hands."
Matt explains the image:
From the final chapter of The Thirsty, which tells the tale of Raphael Guzman de [...]

Strangeways teaser: "Red Hands"

"In 'Strangeways,' vampires don't run from the church. Instead, they burn churches down," Matt Maxwell says about this teaser image for his webcomic, which continues to be posted at ROBOT 6 every week.

The Love Song Of The Every-Wednesday Reader

ROBOT 6's resident "Grumpy Old Fan," Tom Bondurant, isn't exactly grumpy or old, but he does reference T.S. Eliot in his latest column about heading to the comic shop every Wednesday.

Talking Comics with Tim: Cully Hamner

Cully Hamner is an artist who never disappoints me. So I was immensely pleased that he and I were able to finalize this email interview in the chaos of the holiday season just in time for our one-year anniversary at Robot 6. We start the interview discussing his current collaboration with Greg Rucka on The [...]

Talking Comics with Tim: Cully Hamner

ROBOT 6 contributor Tim O'Shea chats with Cully Hamner about drawing the Question, the "Red" movie, designing characters, being exclusive to DC, and many other aspects of the artist's work and career.

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Kindt story from Super Spy: The Lost Dossiers

Sean T. Collins worked with the folks at Top Shelf to get this one for us, and I was really stoked to see it when it came in. Matt Kindt's ingenious Super Spy came out back in 2007, and in March of this year Top Shelf will release a supplement to that ground-breaking work, titled [...]

Preview: "Super Spy: The Lost Dossiers"

Matt Kindt returns to the world of "Super Spy" this March with a new supplement that includes deleted scenes, new stories, diagrams, 3-D comics and more! Check out a story from the new book at ROBOT 6!

EXCLUSIVE Preview: "Guardians of the Galaxy #22"

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, ROBOT 6 brings you a preview of the next issue of "Guardians of the Galaxy," written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, and drawn by Brad Walker. It's due in stores Jan. 27.

First look: Guardians of the Galaxy #24 cover

To go along with the preview of issue 22 I just posted, Marvel also passed on the cover to issue 24, by artist Alex Garner. Whose hand is that? What emerges from the cocoon? Nobody's talking just yet, but let us know in the comments section who you think it might be.

EXCLUSIVE preview: Guardians of the Galaxy #22

We've got another preview for you courtesy of Marvel Comics, the first of two comics from their cosmic line. When I went looking for some previews to show you guys today, Marvel asked me what some of my favorite titles were from the House of Ideas. I replied with a list of, I don't know, [...]

The 30 Most Important Comics of the Decade, part 1

The past ten years have been significant -- indeed some might say phenomenally good -- for the comics industry and the medium as a whole. While our economy collapsed, the Earth got hotter, and general chaos and disaster reigned, comics finally started to crawl out of its red-headed stepchild status. People started acknowledging comics [...]

The 30 Most Important Comics of the Decade

From "Civil War" and "Scott Pilgrim" to "30 Days of Night" and "Safe Area Gorazde," ROBOT 6 begins its countdown of 30 influential comic books that changed the industry over the past ten years. Watch for Part 2 tomorrow.

SLG to publish "Captain Long Ears" this May

SLG Publishing will release the debut graphic novel from Diana Thung in May of this year, about a boy and his imaginary gorilla, and they've given ROBOT 6 an EXCLUSIVE first look at the first 10 pages of the all-ages project.

SLG to publish Captain Long Ears this May

SLG Publishing will release Captain Long Ears, the debut graphic novel by Diana Thung, this coming May. The all-ages graphic novel is about a boy and his imaginary friend, Jam the gorilla, as they attempt to save an elephant from a local theme park.
Courtesy of SLG Publishing, we have an EXCLUSIVE ten-page preview of the [...]

Thom Zahler talks romance, weddings and the future of Love and Capes

Thom Zahler kicked off his self-published series Love and Capes almost four years ago, and since then has published 12 issues, participated in two Free Comic Book Days, had a trade paperback released by IDW Publishing and married off his two lead characters. With the recent publication of the wedding issue and the announcement that [...]

Love and Capes and marriage

ROBOT 6 catches up with "Love and Capes" creator Thom Zahler on his "romantic comedy sitcom-ish comic book," with news on the next trade from IDW, digital distribution, Free Comic Book Day and exclusive art!

ROBOT 6 anniversary card

The webcomic "AppleGeeks" and Dark Horse Comics sent over anniversary wishes to ROBOT 6 in the form of a really awesome piece of artwork by Mohammad F. Haque. Now that the robot has a body, no one knows what could possibly happen next!

2009, My Mostly-comics Year In Review - by Mike Cavallaro 01/2/2010

Mike Cavallaro added a blog post titled "2009, My Mostly-comics Year In Review".

Robot 6 anniversary card #1: AppleGeeks artist Mohammad F. Haque

AppleGeeks artist Mohammad F. Haque (a.k.a. "Hawk") and Dark Horse Comics sent us over this anniversary greeting. Hawk created this really awesome piece featuring the robot in our logo. Hey, he has a body now! We really can take over the world ... and if he's built with Mac parts, we shouldn't have to worry [...]

This new decade not off to a real great start (Blog@Newsarama)

From the Guardian article headlined “Somali charged with murder attempt on Muhammad cartoonist”: A Somali man has been charged with trying to murder a Danish artist whose cartoons of the prophet Muhammad sparked a storm of protest and violence across the Muslim world. Danish police shot and wounded the 28-year-old man after he broke into Kurt Westergaard’s [...]

Dark Horse Titles On Sale January 6, 2010

Dark Horse Comics has provided CBR with advance looks at new comics on sale January 6, 2010, including the conclusion of "Gigantic," the debut issue of "Mass Effect: Redemption," "B.P.R.D.: King of Fear" and more.

EXCLUSIVE first look: Turf #1 cover by Tommy Lee Edwards

Last summer we learned that Jonathan Ross, the host of the BBC's Friday Night, will team with artist Tommy Lee Edwards on a new series for Image Comics called Turf. Today we're really excited to give you your first look at the cover to the first issue, courtesy of the fine folks at Image Comics. [...]

EXCLUSIVE first look: "Turf #1" cover

Courtesy of Image Comics, ROBOT 6 is pleased to debut Tommy Lee Edwards' cover to one of their biggest releases for 2010, along with a description of the comic by writer and BBC talk show host Jonathan Ross.

Fear and Loathing in a Comic Store (Blog@Newsarama)

Will 2010 be the year DC Comics surpasses Marvel as the top publisher in the industry? I ask this because in my secret identity as a mild-mannered comic shop employee, I have a front row seat to watch industry sales trends as they happen. Being around comic book fans forty-plus hours a week, seeing their [...]

Review: Mouse Guard

ROBOT 6's Michael May dives in deep on both "Mouse Guard" books, noting the book "may not exactly be an underground comic, but until it hits no. 1 on every 'best sellers' list in the world, I’m considering it under-read."

The year in manga

ROBOT 6's Brigid Alverson takes a look at the year in manga, noting in January she thought "2009 was going to be a bleak year," but by December was "surrounded by so much good manga that I don’t know where to start."

EXCLUSIVE preview: Incredible Hercules #140

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, ROBOT 6 is pleased to present this five-page preview from the "Assault on New Olympus" storyline by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Rodney Buchemi, due in stories Jan. 20, 2010.

EXCLUSIVE: Vinnie Jones And Howard Chaykin?s NOBLE

Mentioned it yesterday without realising exactly what a scoop it was, then found the pages below appearing as if by magic in my inbox.
Noble is a new comic book series written and drawn by Howard ...

EXCLUSIVE preview: Incredibe Hercules #140

Courtesy of our friends over at Marvel Comics, here's an exclusive look at five pages from Incredible Hercules 140, which continues the "Assault on New Olympus" storyline and is due in stores Jan. 20. Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente have been tearing it up on this title, and the addition of the "Agents of [...]

That Matt Smith Doctor Who Trailer Cut And Diced

Okay, we’ve all seen it now… but what actually is going on?

From a vampire story, shot in Trogir…

Ah, Miss River Song, glad to see you again… or should that be Mrs Who?

Vampire Swordsmen Can Jump

First ...

The year of living dangerously

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the CBR blog ROBOT 6, and to mark the occasion they've taken over the home page! Check back all day for exclusive previews, interviews and more.

Indian Momics To Revolutionise Industry In February

Indian mobile phone comics, or momics, have received some Bleeding Cool coverage, but 2010 promises a lot more.
Mogae Digital in a joint venture with Astro Malaysia is leading the charge, employing three hundred comic book ...

Politics & Prose Picks Act-i-vate Primer - by Dean Haspiel 01/1/2010

Dean Haspiel added a blog post titled "Politics & Prose Picks Act-i-vate Primer".

Action Comics featuring Hercules in the 20th Century

Action Comics featuring Hercules in the 20th Century

'Captain America' Filming in June

Joe Johnston is planning for a June start for filming the The First Avenger: Captain America.

'DC HeroClix The Brave and the Bold'

NECA is planning to ship its first DC HeroClix product, The Brave and the Bold, in February of 2010.

Marvel Acquisition Approved

As expected, Marvel stockholders approved The Walt Disney Company’s $4.3 billion acquisition of Marvel.

CE 2009: Comics

Cartoonist Attacked By Axe Man In Home, Intruder Shot

Kurt Westergaard, the Danish cartoonist whose work showing the Islamic prophet Mohammed caused international controversy, gaining a million dollar bounty on his head, was attacked by an axe-wielding assailant last night.
Hiding with his five year ...

Robot 6: The year of living dangerously

A few weeks ago Jonah Weiland, the owner/proprietor/executive producer/big kahuna of Comic Book Resources, sent me an email asking what I thought we should do for Robot 6's first anniversary.
First anniversary? I thought. And no, I didn't mean that in a "Wow, it's already been a year?" kind of way. I mean that in [...]

A Year of Cool Comics - Day 1

What can I say? I'm a bit of a sucker. So here, for your edification, is another daily feature, this time spotlighting a cool comic each day, whether it be a self-contained work or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years.
For the first day, I'll [...]