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Preview: Pale Horse

BOOM! Studios re-invents the Western - and you've never seen the Old West like this before. Ex-slave and former Union soldier Cole has spent the years following the Civil War building a reputation as the most fearsome bounty hunter in the land. But when the tables turn and a bounty is placed on Cole's head, all hell breaks loose. Finding himself unable to protect the thing most precious to him - his family - Cole goes on a rampage of revenge, leaving only a trail of blood in his wake. With nothing but his horse, his one surviving son and his gun, Cole's rampage leaves no stone unturned and no culprit alive! Covers by Leonardo Mancoo and Robert Adler.

Jim Shooter and Mike Richardson to Attend C2E2 to Launch Gold Key

Kick-Ass Cast Members Appear Friday at C2E2

Axel Braun Wraps "Batman XXX: A Porn Parody"

Witchblade Fragrance Line to Debut at C2E2

FIRST LOOK: Frankenpunisher Vs. Dark Wolverine

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive first look at "Punisher" 19 featuring Frankenpunisher vs. Daken, along with a few words about the rematch from series writer Rick Remender!

Eisner judge Hudnall admits pro-indie bias, then recants (Blog@Newsarama)

Hudnall, an employee of conservative activist and media provocateur Andrew Breitbart's “Big Hollywood” blog, responded in the comments thread that “It seemed to me, as a judge, we favored indy [sic] comics. In fact, I made a point of doing so.” He also noted that many of this year's nominations came from publishers who weren't traditional comics publishers, and so whose status as “indie” may be...

Con Preview: Fensterman on C2E2

A week away from Reed Exhibitions debut in the Windy City, organizer Lance Fensterman opens up about the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, from making the event a national success to keeping things comics-centric.

THE SANDBOX EFFECT: Has Auteurism gone too far at DC and Marvel? (Blog@Newsarama)

In the 1950’s, French film critics like Andre Bazin and Francois Truffaut came up with an idea called the “auteur theory” of film. Auteur theory basically says that film, an undeniably collaborative medium, should be evaluated and analyzed in terms of strong individual creators or “auteurs”. Anyone whose creative presence is so strong [...]

Preview: Action Comics

ACTION COMICS ships twice in April! With Nightwing nowhere in sight, ACTION 888 finds Flamebird face-to-face with the rampaging Rao! But can she defeat him by herself? Luckily, it looks like she won't have to! Enter: Wonder Woman and the Justice Society of America! And in the co-feature, Captain Atom discovers that to complete his journey, he must first travel through the lost world of Skartaris!

Paul Cornell New "Action Comics" Writer

The writer behind the fan favorite series "Captain Britain and MI-13" steps in to the Man of Steel's longest-running comic, focusing on Lex Luthor while Marc Guggenheim steps aside for more mysterious DC work.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Action Comics" #888

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Action Comics" 888 by Greg Rucka, Eric Trautmann and Pere Perez. The JSA/Wonder Woman guest-starring issue hits stores this Wednesday, April 14.

Reading Too Mucyh In Paul Cornell Being Tapped For Action Comics

His Hugo-nominated series for Marvel was cancelled – before it got the Hugo nom, but still.
And now Paul Cornell has been snapped by by DC, and is writing Action Comics instead of previously-announced Marc Guggenheim.
The ...

This Is The Doctor Who General Election

The UK has entered the month-long General Election campaign, where all Members of Parliaments’ seats are up for grabs and either Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Labour Party will keep a majority of seats ...

Paul Cornell Replaces Marc Guggenheim on ACTION COMICS

Marc Guggenheim's run on ACTION COMICS is over before it started. Paul Cornell will take over in June instead


Now that he can talk about the return of Maxwell Lord, we talk again with the writer about JL: GENERATION LOST


I know what you’re thinking — “Didn’t they just announce a new ACTION COMICS writer?” Well, we did. But stuff has changed and we’ll get to that in one second.
Firstly, starting in June, HUGO award-nominated writer Paul Cornell will join interior artist Pete Woods and cover artist David Finch on ACTION COMICS. Cornell comes to [...]

When Words Collide - Monday, Apr 12th

This week, Tim looks at a tale of two titanic talents, as a post-Sin City Frank Miller once took on the New Gods' origin story of Orion, Darkseid's son, giving the world his version of Jack Kirby.

The CBR Twitter Directory

Comic Book Resources is proud to announce the launch of our new CBR Twitter Directory, featuring the most extensive collection of comic book creator Twitter accounts available in one place! Creators, make sure you're listed today!

The ?Walking Dead? series just got a little bit super (Blog@Newsarama)

A source close to Bloody Disgusting it reporting that Brandon Routh has been cast in AMC’s Walking Dead series. His role is unknown yet, but I’d love to see this guy take over TV land. There’s no denying his charisma and good looks and his acting skills. So what do you think readers and WD fans, [...]

BOOM! Studios Titles On Sale April 14, 2010

BOOM! Studios has provided CBR with advance looks at new titles on sale this Wednesday, April 14, including "Irredeemable Special" #1, "Die Hard: Year One" #8, "Farscape: Scorpius" #0 and more!

Image Teaser: Nick Spencer's MORNING GLORY ACADEMY - Zoe

Teasers are officially all the rage, and Monday Image began a teaser campaign for Nick Spencer's new project

Eric Canete assembles the Avengers (Blog@Newsarama)

And God is it glorious. This print will be available this weekend at C2E2, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy drooling over this piece now. It’s pretty much everything I would want out of an Avengers roster and THEN some. I had the pleasure to see Canete work on the original for the print at [...]

She Will Cheat On You

Image Comics has released a brand new teaser image for writer Nick Spencer's new series. Stay tuned to CBR during this weekend's C2E2 coverage for more news about the project as it becomes available.

Nick Spencer's Thriving "Existence"

CBR News spoke with Image Comics writer Nick Spencer about the midway points of "Existence 3.0" and "Forgetless," the debut of "Shuddertown," the recently announced movie deal for "Existence 2.0" and much more.

Wonder of Wonders - Star-Spangled Panties: Separate But Unequal

by Carol A. Strickland

Let us turn to the Book of Wondie. In the beginning, Wonder Woman was created as an Amazon. Back in the Forties her creator had an extremely limited pool of origin possibilities that would allow her to bound into the world as a feminist woman who could receive a fair bit of [...]


In celebration of their re-release of the complete "Invader Zim" seasons one and two, Viacom and Nickelodeon have provided CBR News with an exclusive clip from "Attack of the Saucer Morons."


Best Shots wrap-up the week that was with reviews of FLASH SECRET FILES, WORLD WAR HULKS #1, ULTIMATE X #2 and more

The Interactive Iron Man 2 Trailer Demands Your Participation!

Oh so you;re used to the sit-back-and-take-it trailer as they pile all the best explosions and quips from the film into a concentrated 30 seconds as you gawp and drool?
Not this time, you lazy fucker.
The ...

"Elephantmen" Movie Rights Optioned by Zucker Productions

Lying In The Gutters ? 12th April 2010

Tweet Of The Week: Bruce Willis just gave me a pack of Smarties – Cully Hamner
Top Ten Most Popular Bleeding Cool Posts
1. The Man Who Broke Amazon
That’s right, the most popular post this week was ...

Chalres Burns’ X’ed out

One of the hottest promos at MoCCA was the Pantheon flyer for this fall’s new Charles Burns gn, X’ed Out, and we’ve sneakily scanned it in to give you a sneak peak.
The cover is a direct homage to this famed Tintin tale:

A theme echoed in the interior. (Click for larger version.)

X’ed Out comes out [...]

Dynamite Comics On Sale April 14, 2010

Dynamite Entertainment has provided CBR with advance looks at new comics on sale this Wednesday, April 14, including "Army of Darkness" 27, "Buck Rogers" 10 and "The Green Hornet: Year One" by Matt Wagner.

Exclusive DC Preview - MAGOG #8 (Plus Bonus THE SHIELD #8)

The JSA's MAGOG's solo series continues and the SHIELD drops by for a visit. Plus a bonus THE SHIELD #8 preview

Top Five Publisher surprises in March

Damond has just released it’s sales charts and market shares for March, and the top publishers list is of some interest:



Adele Blanc Sec — the movie

Luc Besson has directed a flim version of Jacques Tardi’s great comics heroine, Adéle Blanc-Sec, a sort of one woman BPRD of Steampunk. The fim has just been released in France but has no US distribution plans yet (Boooo!) Fantragraphics will release an Adele Blanc-Sec book later this year. More at io9.

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh #43: TV On The Radio

Had a nice old time on Sunday listening to BBC Radio 4’s adaptation of John le Carré’s SMILEY’S PEOPLE, as part of their current campaign to adapt all of the eight novels featuring George Smiley ...

Garo Manga @ Center For Book Arts

A new exhibit of Garo Manga opens this Wednesday at the Center for Book Arts.


The BRIGHTEST DAY is almost here, and to keep you sated with cool, fresh art, we’ve got two covers that’ll be hitting stores later this month.
First up is the variant cover to JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 44, from painter David Mack:

And next is a first look at GREEN LANTERN CORPS 47’s regular cover, from artist [...]

Preview: Uncle Scrooge

Lights! Camera! Action! Scrooge and the gang end up on the set of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, but what is lurking backstage that might sabotage the production…and Scrooge’s budget?! It’s Act 3 of “Around the World in 80 Bucks.” More cash craved cavalcades, only from BOOM Kids!

She-Hulk is an X-Man?

Marvel Comics has released a second "We are the X-Men" themed teaser image, this time featuring the offspring of the Hulk and Thundra, Lyra, accompanied by the promise of information at Sunday's C2E2 X-Men panel.

The Many Careers of William Stout

CBR spoke at length with the cartoonist/painter/muralist/film designer/writer about his storied career, including his Antarctic trek, working with Jim Henson and much more.

Shakespearean Scholar (And Frank Miller?s Girlfriend) Blasts KILL SHAKESPEARE

Though to be fair others find it ‘hard to fault’ and ‘enjoyable’.
Kimberly Cox is a New York Shakespearean scholar of note. She also happens to be the partner of graphic novelist and movie director Frank ...

Female Positivity In Spades At The Second Annual Drink & Draw Like A Lady Event

So it’s time to come clean, I’m totally a recluse lately (and by lately I mean the last two years – ish).  It takes a herculean effort on my behalf to go out and I generally have to be motivated by an incredibly impressive event, film, get together, whatever in order to make that herculean [...]

Marvel Makes Theirs Hachette

The comics publishing powerhouse Marvel Comics moves their book store distribution away from longtime partner Diamond Book Distributors and into the hands of industry leader Hachette, effective September 1.

MARVEL Leaves DIAMOND For HACHETTE in Book Trade Market

Hachette Book Group announced its acquired the rights to distribute Marvel books into the book trade market

Seth Kushner's Culturepop Launches Today! - by Dean Haspiel 04/12/2010

Dean Haspiel added a blog post titled "Seth Kushner's Culturepop Launches Today!".

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Co-founder reports Wikipedia to FBI over lolicon, "child porn"! Is there already friction between Marvel's Perlmutter and Disney? The best comics from MoCCA! What retailers can learn from Apple! Plus more!

Spider-Man, Green Lantern, The Walking Dead: Apr 12th Comic Reel

The tangled web of "Spider-Man" casting! "Green Lantern's" computer costume! Brandon Routh joining "The Walking Dead?" Also, "Cowboys & Aliens" films in June and more.

Marvel To Be Distributed By Hachette In Bookstores

As of September, Marvel will no longer be distibuted into the bookstore market by Diamond Book Distributors. Instead, Marvel’s bookstore market will be handled by Hachette Book Group – ironically previously owned by Time Warner, ...

Marvel Leaves Diamond Books for Hachette

Starting in September, Marvel will have a new distributor to the book trade, Hachette. Marvel was previously distributed by Diamond Book Distributors; Diamond Comics Distributors will continue to distribute Marvel periodicals and books to the comic shop market.
Since Marvel was acquired by Disney there had been much speculation that they would leave DBD; however, [...]

Is Marvel Manga no more? Title cancellations confirmed (Blog@Newsarama)

Looking for more Marvel Misfits or Wolverine: Prodigal Son? Unfortunately, MoCCA resulted in some saddening news: Del Rey Manga has cancelled the two titles, leaving an uncertain future for Marvel’s manga lineup. Deb Aoki had the scoop, after a fan let her know that Raina Telgemeier told her that she might not see a follow-up to [...]

Tim Seeley?s WildCats character designs: Maul

[Editor’s Note: Artist Tim Seeley shares his approach to drawing WSU characters for his current run on WildCATS.]
With Maul I wanted an outfit that would look cool both when he was big, bulky and purplefied, and when he was in human form.  I went back to the earliest design, and just tightened it up a [...]

Seth Kushner's Culturepop UPDATE 04/12/2010

Seth Kushner updated Seth Kushner's Culturepop.

A Year of Cool Comics - Day 101

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!
Today, [...]

Image Takes a Trippy Jaunt To the Past in BULLETPROOF COFFIN

UK comix alums Shaky Kane & David Hine revive some forgotten 60's characters in Image's trippy new limited series

FREE: Crossed #0 by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows ? Massive Trade Paperback Ships This Week

Wednesday in the US and Canada, and Thursday in the UK, sees comic store shelves groaning with the publication of the massive ten issue collection of Crossed by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows, from Avatar, ...

The Library That Isn?t ? HTMLComics

There are a number of sites, mostly message boards, that post links to all the illegal direct downloadable files for comic books, shortly after the books ship. A number of them have been troubled as ...

1st Look: BRIGHTEST DAY JLA #44, GLC #47 Variant Covers

Here's an early look at variant covers to June's JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 44 and GREEN LANTERN CORPS 47

Review: Culture Corner (Blog@Newsarama)

Culture Corner Written & Illustrated by Basil Wolverton Published by Fantagraphics If you’re a Basil Wolverton fan, you’ll want to pick this book up. If you’re not, or are mostly unfamiliar with his work, Culture Corner is not the ideal place to start. Culture Corner was a half-page gag strip created by Wolverton for various Fawcett comics publications, [...]

Dark Horse Comics B.P.R.D. T.E.A.S.E.

Is this the future of the B.P.R.D.? That's the question these two images from Dark Horse ask.

Claremont Continues Into (X-Men) Forever

"X-Men Forever 2" kicks off in June, continuing a story that began nearly twenty years ago. Writer Chris Claremont spoke with CBR about the future of the series and brought along exclusive art by Tom Grummet.

Exclusive Aspen Preview: Michael Turner's SOULFIRE Vol 2 #4

J.T. Krul and Marcus To continue Aspen's flagship title in this preview

Preview: Samuel L Jackson?s New Comic ? Cold Space

Here’s a preview to Cold Space, the new comic by Samuel L Jackson, Eric Calderon and Jeremy Rock, coming out this week from Boom! Studios. The solicitation reads
From legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson and ...

Introducing Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon

THE UNWRITTEN 12 is one off with amazing artwork by two newcomers Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon. I asked them a few questions about working on THE UNWRITTEN, so read along and check out their art, then pick up a copy on Wednesday!
PM:Tell me a bit about yourselves. You’re both recent grads? Where’d you go [...]


As promised last month, this week’s your chance to win a signed copy of THE FLASH #1, featuring the stellar work of writer Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul. What do you need to do? Well, it’s simple, really.
Starting today and until Friday, DC NATION’s Twitter account will be asking one Flash-related question a day. The [...]

Lone Ranger ? Women In Wooden Huts?

Lone Ranger 21, last week’s issue of the Dynamite Entertainment comic series of derring-do on the plains of the Wild West, has run into swampy ground over reaction to its very own “Women In Refrigerators” ...

Mark Millar Kick Ass Runaround Special

HMVWatch: As part of a series of tastemaker in-store advertisements for British media store HMV, Mark Millar gets his face added;

Here’s a selection of other posters. Oh and I checked with an advertising contact at ...

Monday Runaround ? Marvel Manga Lost In Transaction?

MarvelMangaWatch: The second volume of popular Del Ray Manga series X-Men: Misfits has been cancelled. Deb Aoki of reports that at MoCCA, creator Raina Telgemeier’s told a fan that the second volume ...