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Iron Man Action Figure – Satellite Armor – Hasbro – Toys “R” Us

Iron Man Action Figure – Satellite Armor – Hasbro – Toys “R” Us:

Kick the ?Kick-Ass? trailer?s ass (Blog@Newsarama)

Now here is a bloody nice concept. Lionsgate has put out the final domestic redband trailer for Kick-Ass, based on the popular comic series by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. Of course, you can watch just any trailer, but in lieu of the movie’s ultra-violent attitude, you can just blow this one up. Or shoot [...]

Pepe Moreno Signs "Batman: Digital Justice" and "Rebel" at Cartoon Art Museum

Exclusive Dark Horse Preview - DEVIL #2

Torajiro Kishi & Madhouse's original, Western-style sci-fi take on the vampire genre continue, and we have a preview

Transformers' Iron Hide Returns to Comics

Jeanine Schaefer on "Girl Comics"

With "Girl Comics," Marvel fans will be given the chance to see some of their favorite characters as depicted by some of the best female creators working today. We spoke with editor Jeanine Schaefer about the project.

Preview: Werewolves on the Moon: Versus Vampires

Through all of history, on the night of the full moon, the bloodcurdling cries of werewolves have pierced the night sky. For centuries werewolves have had to content themselves with shortened forays of feral change as dictated by the source of their power -- the moon! But all that is about to change as three werewolf friends -- Ted, Jeff, and Stan -- leave Earth and travel to the lunar surface in a quest to become Kings of the Moon! Unfortunately, Moon Patrol captain Maggie Pilgrim has other plans . . . as does the hive of vampires living on the dark side!

Jason Aaron dishes on writing (Blog@Newsarama)

Want to get inside the head of the writer of Scalped and Wolverine: Weapon X? Jason Aaron has some amusing yet insightful comments about his process, including: – I always aspire to have something memorable on every page, whether a line of dialogue or an action or what. I certainly don’t always achieve that, but I [...]

NOT_Mark_Millar is King of Twitterers (Blog@Newsarama)

An extreme hat tip to Heidi for discovering the latest Twitter-spoofer to his the Interwebz, an enterprising writer named NOT_Mark_Millar. Taking a cue from the Ultimates writer, whose top-of-the-world swagger has made him akin to the mythical Brian Boitano of the industry, take a look at some of these beauts: - If Kick-Ass does not out-gross Avatar I will [...]

Comic Book Legends Revealed

Learn the bizarre and tangled history behind Kirby's Kamandi, Last Boy on Earth. Find out the truth behind the real beginning of J.M. DeMatteis' Captain America run! Plus, discover a Golden Age treasure unearthed in the 1970s!

A Week of JMS: Day 4: Secret Origin in Comics!

This day is filled with talk of how JMS got into comics in the first place, and hints at his upcoming creator-owned work

Comic Book Legends Revealed #248

Welcome to the two-hundred and forty-eighth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous two hundred and forty-seven.
Comic Book Legends Revealed is part of the larger Legends Revealed series, where I look into legends about the worlds of entertainment [...]

PREVIEW: "The Flash: Rebirth" #6

DC Comics has released a four page preview of the highly anticipated final issue of Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver's "The Flash: Rebirth" miniseries, which is scheduled to hit stores on Wednesday, February 24.

Tonight to do FIngerman at Rocketship


Comics documentary round-up: Whedon/Spurlock; DC’s 75th

• Hot rumor via E! that Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock are teaming up to make a documentary following three hopeful San Diego Comic-Con attendees on a journey that will, no doubt, change them forever.

“They want to follow people for about three months leading up to this year’s Comic-Con,” the source said. “And then [...]


Well, if you’ve been keeping up with the epic happenings of BLACKEST NIGHT, you probably have an idea, but in this issue new writer J.T. Krul puts the spotlight on everyone’s favorite Lantern-ized archer, Ollie Queen. Check out some pages below.

Aiv At Fit - by Dean Haspiel 02/19/2010

Dean Haspiel added a blog post titled "Aiv At Fit".

Dixon spins Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time"

Veteran writer Chuck Dixon spoke with CBR News about the various challenges and rewards he faced in adapting novelist Robert Jordan's popular fantasy epic, "Wheel of Time," from prose to sequential art.

Preview: B.P.R.D.: King of Fear

While scouring the Tibetan caverns to obliterate the monstrous frog colony, Liz and Abe face the King of Fear-who's found a powerful new ally in his quest to destroy the surface world!

The B.P.R.D. take on frogs, subterraneans, and giant squid-bots!

REVIEW: "Power Girl" #9

Chad Nevitt gives Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner's "Power Girl" #9 four stars, saying, "To anyone who claims to hate the overly violent and darker superhero comics out there: this is the book for you."

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "B.P.R.D.: King of Fear" #3

Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "B.P.R.D.: King of Fear" #3 by Mike Mignola, John Arcudi and Guy Davis, with a cover by Mignola. The issue hits stores on March 10.

OP/ED: 10 Questions About DC's New Executive Team

They done a round of interviews and made statements, but we still have 10 Questions about DC's new Executive Team

Zahra’s Paradise launches

It seems that First Second is getting into the webcomics business. First it was E-i-C Mark Siegel’s Sailor Twain Or The Mermaid In The Hudson and now Zahra’s Paradise, a timely comic about the ongoing struggles in Iran. Calvin Reid has more information:

The Web comic will be published simultaneously in English, Farsi, Arabic, French, Italian, [...]

The Gauntlet: The Amazing Minuteman vs. Mr. Negative Stereotype (Blog@Newsarama)

Sometimes subtext can be as dangerous to a crusading superhero as death rays and ultra-powered lunatics. In comics, everything from coloring and inking to the juxtaposition of panels can send out subtle messages, messages that sometimes slip right past comic creators themselves. case in point: This week’s issue of Amazing Spider-Man, the latest episode in the [...]

Tom Beland Continues His Story

Writer and cartoonist Tom Beland spoke with CBR News about the upcoming release of issue 12 of "True Story, Swear to God," the year-and-a-half delay between issues and future true stories he plans on telling.

Marvel Double Preview: IRON MAN vs WHIPLASH, I AM IRON MAN

Previews of next week's Tony Star double-header IRON MAN VS. WHIPLASH #4 and

Urgent to DC Entertainment

Can you please get these men new headshots so we can get a difinitive facial hair statement? Esp. Pat Caldon, since he has managed to live a life free of internet presence.

Not Mark Millar rampages on Twitter

A new and probably soon to be removed Spoof-twitterer has arrived, known as Not Mark Millar, and he or she has some fun with the Scottish writer’s well known habit of leading a dramatic and wildly successful life full of shocking surprises and sudden triumphs:

#I was in NYC last week and walking down to pub [...]

Joss Whedon, Morgan Spurlock to unite for Comic-Con documentary? (Blog@Newsarama)

Could Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock be about to rock out with their Spock out? It could be true! E! has reported that this dream may become a reality, as apparently Whedon and company are looking for a group of super-fans to follow around the San Diego Comic-Con for an upcoming documentary. “They want to follow people [...]

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

A look at comics and obscenity laws! Marvel pushes Disney up list of innovative companies! More on "Zahra's Paradise," the webcomic about life in Iran! Interviews with Millar, Smith, Delano and Layman! Plus more!

Slott's "Mighty Avengers'" Siege Mentality

Hank Pym's "Mighty Avengers" wade into the chaos of the current "Siege" event in order to help defeat a powerful old foe. CBR spoke with writer Dan Slott about his plans for the series as it heads towards it's conclusion.

Runaways movie being cast? (Blog@Newsarama)

With all the hubbub about Marvel’s upcoming Avengers slate, could Runaways be closer on the horizon? According to All Things Fangirl, it very well could be. They’ve reported that in the program a new L.A. production of the play How I Learned to Drive, Weeds actress Allie Grant has written that she will be in “the [...]

Is the Scream Factory back for business? (Blog@Newsarama)

So there I was, minding my own business, when I saw this up on the Facebook page of one James Zahn: What stood out to me wasn’t just that there was a new cover to Death Walks the Streets, or that it was slated to come out by late fall/early summer of this year… but that [...]

Eduardo Barreto to Leave Judge Morgan (Blog@Newsarama)

Eduardo Barreto, the longtime Marvel and DC Comics artist who took over art chores on the long-running strip Judge Parker in 2006, has left the strip for health reasons, The Washington Post reports. Strip writer Woody Wilson (who also writes Rex Morgan, MD) says that Barreto, who has meningitis, has said that he won’t be [...]

On DC Entertainment?s Restructuring (Blog@Newsarama)

This is my personal opinion, folks. So flame away, but don’t blame Newsarama. I’m a big fan of Geoff Johns, and seeing him succeed warms the cockles of my heart–except for one little thing. The promotion of Geoff Johns to Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment, if I’m not misreading things, gives him a position of authority [...]

AFRO SAMURAI Producer Talks His & Sam Jackson's COLD SPACE

Newsarama talks with Eric Calderon about his and Sam Jackson's upcoming new BOOM! Studios series COLD SPACE

Kick-Ass, Prince of Persia, Iron Man 2: Feb 19th Comic Reel

Featurette Friday with "Kick-Ass" and "Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time!" William Hurt says General Ross not part of "Iron Man 2." Also, Bendis on "Spider-Man" reboot and DC President talks "Superman."

DC Preview: THE FLASH: REBIRTH #6 (Really!)

Preview The Flash: Rebirth #6, shipping from DC Comics Feb 24, 2010 (Finally!)

Justice League: Dwayne McDuffie

Newsarama talk with the writer of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths Dwayne McDuffie.

The Cut - 2/19/10

Art by Horacio Domingues

Toys, toys, toys. What was your favorite toy as a child?

In Grant Morrison and artist Sean Murphy’s JOE THE BARBARIAN, Joe is a teenager who imagines that his amazing room full of toys comes to life.

Sean has mentioned that Legos were his favorite toy growing up. I, on the other hand, am proud to admit that I was more into dolls, Barbie dolls. I had [...]

Race toward the finale of THE FLASH: REBIRTH

In a battle along the outskirts of time, the secrets of the Speed Force have been revealed by the deft hand of writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver. The new archnemesis of those who ride the lightning is coming for Iris Allen. And the Barry Allen you knew is gone forever…or is he? [...]

Carey Malloy Decrypts "Codebreakers"

BOOM! Studios throws a group of FBI hackers into the field in "Codebreakers," a four-issue series shipping in April. CBR spoke with writer Carey Malloy about the project, which explores the grey areas of cryptanalysis.

Your New DC FAQ

It was a busy day for DC Entertainment’s new executive team, and they were made available to many press outlets. Although a few key themes emerged (digital, digital, digital) various questions were asked in various places. Here’s, perhaps some of the ones on everyone’s mind.
So now, how is this all going to work?
Jim Lee: Well, [...]

SWEDISH INVASION video may rock your world

In April Top Shelf publishes three graphic novels out of Sweden, and this trailer is definitely the bomb. It stars a guy named Errki and gets better from there, with a sense of the fun-loving, quirky, self-deprecating humor that you’ll find in most comics products from above the 45th parallel. Northern humor. We loves it.
More [...]

2/27 NY Comic Book Marketplace moves to Penn Plaza Pavilion

Well, that was sudden. It seems that the Lexington Armory is not the most hospitable place to hold comics shows. A few weeks ago we mentioned that dealer Mike Carbonaro would be running a one day NY Comic Book Marketplace on Saturday, 2/27 at the Armory (sweaty home to last year’s MoCCA) and have been [...]

Ready for the weekend

Whew! Big news day and no rest! Our servers got some pretty decent traffic during yesterday’s news, and didn’t seem to seize up even though our tech team was importing our old content at the same time! (See archives at the bottom of the page.) Impressive! The migration task is ongoing, and the comments [...]

A Year of Cool Comics - Day 49

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here's the archive of the moments posted so far!
Today [...]

Barney Banks: Extra Life! UPDATE 02/19/2010

Tom Hart updated Barney Banks: Extra Life!.

Short ?n Curlies #30 by Si Spurrier

The KeyBoard Is My FuckMonkey:
Some extra-curricular thoughts on the whole “Superheroes: Good Or Bad For Comics” debate, which has been raging — RAGING! Like a furious mayfly! — all week long, in the echoing and ...