domenica 11 aprile 2010

DVD Round-Up: Week of April 13th

It’s another very slim slate of disc offerings this week.  Still there are some bright spots.

Now It Can Be Told! UPDATE 04/12/2010

Scott Shaw! updated Now It Can Be Told!.

CBR Review: Greek Street, issue 10

A violent, shocking issue as the series begins to pay off on the slow-build technique used so far.

'Date Night,' 'Clash' in Dead Heat

Based on early estimates, Date Night with a weekend gross of $27.1 million nosed out Clash of the Titans.

First Look: The Malcolm McLaren Graphic Novel by Alan Moore, Antony Johnston And Facundo Percio

Fashion and pop music impresario Malcolm McLaren was best known for created the Sex Pistols and popularising punk music, injecting it directly into the vein of mainstream culture and society.
But during the 1980s, he repeatedly ...

Marvel Versus? Disney? Isaac Perlmutter And Bob Iger At Odds?

In a New York Times piece, the decisions and conduct of chief executive of Disney, Bob Iger, are put under the spotlight. From delayed decisions over movies, flip-flops over game divisions and…Marvel. They report
The Marvel ...

Daily Briefs

Sengoku Basara Two to Take Fullmetal Alchemist's Slot

Wikipedia Co-Founder Reports 'Child Porn' in Wikimedia

Blast From The Past: James Cameron?s Spider-Man Script Treatment

The original “scriptment” for Spider-Man by James Cameron from 1992 was placed online a while back. But it’s a lazy Sunday evening and ripe for revisiting, along with the Neal Adams storyboard pages that accompany ...

Jarrett Williams rings the bell for "Super Pro K.O.!"

Manga and the squared circle collide as webcomics creator Jarrett Williams tag teams with Oni Press for a new graphic novel coming this summer. ROBOT 6 talks to the creator.

Dark Horse Titles On Sale April 14, 2010

Dark Horse has provided previews of titles on sale this week, including "B.P.R.D.: King of Fear" #4, "Star Wars: Dark Times" 16, "Gunsmith Cats: Beat" vol. 5, and the new Yoshitaka Amano hardcover "Shinjuku!"

Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who Episode Two

Warning. Here Lie Spoilers for the second episode of the fifth series of Doctor Who, aired yesterday. Brits should have seen it by now, as should anyone with a torrent. Anyone waiting for BBC America, ...

Sunday Brunch: 4/11/10

This week, I share some links to cool comic things and ramble on for far too long about Doctor Who. So, you know, an average Sunday.
QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What emotion-that-is-not-really-an-emotion should become a power ring next, and what color would it be?

BRAVE AND THE BOLD DEPT: "Chill of the Night!" Written by Paul Dini

An interview with Dylan Williams

Dylan Williams is the founder of Sparkplug Comic Books, art film/used bookstore owner , and guy behind the scenes in many of Portland's comic and independent press events. A few months back, I sent Dylan some questions for an article on Diamond for PW Comics, expecting a few short answers, and when I got his responses, I wanted to print them all.

Greg Rucka and the Fate of Batwoman

Join Kelly in this week's edition of SHE HAS NO HEAD as she reacts to the news that Greg Rucka is leaving DC Comics and posits some theories on what this might mean for the character of Batwoman.

OX by Bendis And Maleev ? What The Hell Is It?

Oh yes, while everyone was looking at the O.M.I.T. teaser in Marvel comic books this week, from Joe Quesada and Paolo Rivera…

It looks like Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev have their own version. The ...

How Far Does Shadowland Go Back?

Bleeding Cool has recently been talking about the upcoming Shadowland event series by Andy Diggle and Billy Tan, and how it ties into Daredevil and related titles. It was first mentioned in passing in the ...

Sunday Runaround ? From Godly Music To Viagra Spam

GodWatch: The LA Times looks at the influence of Wagner’s The Ring cycle over comic books, including Thor and Green Lantern – and how this will affect the movies.
It would be easy to lay all ...

Now British Sci-Fi Becomes SyFy With V ? Get Some Free Swag

That’s right, as of Tuesday, the British iteration of The Sci-Fi Channel, will also be going through a rebranding and renaming procedure like it’s colonial cousin, so become the less-genre-specific-and-more-trademarkable SyFy.
Which means they’ve got huge ...

Doonesbury On Action Comics #1

Gary Trudeau’s Sunday version of his decades-long political/social sitcom Doonesbury takes a look at the comics collector’s market.
You know, having seen a few full page strips of Little Nemo and Flash Gordon on display at ...