giovedì 25 marzo 2010

Dynamite and Liquid launch Grant Morrison’s 18 Days

Proving the law of physics that states that matter and Grant Morrison projects cannot truly be destroyed, only transferred from one publisher to another, Liquid has teamed with Dynamite, and Morrison's "Mahabharata" project -- announced a few years ago with now defunct Virgin Comics -- will be seeing print as an "illustrated script book" entitled 18 Days .... The original -- a classic Indian myth telling of three great warriors and their cataclysmic battles -- is the world's longest epic poem at more than 1.8 millions words, so there was certainly a lot of source material.

...Combined with the visual spectacle of Mukesh Singh's artwork, this is a book that goes beyond myth, beyond generations and beyond borders, transcending the story's origins and showing the world a dynamic new vision of gods and war,” Liquid’s CEO, Sharad Devarajan commented, “Dynamite is the ideal partner to help us bring this book to all fans of comics, pop culture and myth."

...Morrison has long had an interest in Indian myths -- see much of the Invisibles -- and he and Deepak Chopra appeared on a panel together at San Diego in 2008 to tak about aspects of the project.

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