martedì 20 aprile 2010

AX superstar Akino Kondoh speaks in New York tomorrow!

<p>Manga scholar <strong>Ryan Holmberg</strong> has been a big help with our upcoming book <em><strong>Ax: A Collection of Alternative Manga</strong></em> -- he wrote the artist biographies printed in the back of the book. He's also the curator of an excellent new exhibit at New York's <strong>Center for Book Arts</strong>, called "<a href=" rel="external" target="_blank">Garo Manga: The First Decade, 1964-1973</a>," showcasing the early years of legendary underground magazine <em><strong>Garo</strong></em> (an ancestor of <em>Ax</em>)!</p>
<p>The exhibit runs through June 26, but tomorrow night (Wednesday, April 21) Ryan is holding an <a href=" rel="external" target="_blank">artist talk</a> with contemporary underground manga-ka <strong>Akino Kondoh</strong>! Ms. Kondoh is internationally known as a gallery artist, illustrator, and animator, but she'll also be prominently featured in our <em>Ax</em> book -- contributing two stories and the gorgeous <strong><a href=" rel="external" target="_blank">cover</a></strong>!</p>
<p>Anybody in the New York area should check this out, 6:30pm at the <a href=" rel="external" target="_blank">Center for Book Arts</a>. And stay tuned for more details on <em><a href=" coming to you this summer!

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