venerdì 23 aprile 2010

A bad week for comic-book movies?

So how's that April 17th working out for you, Mark Millar? You'll recall that the excitable Scottish scribe was waiting for the day AFTER the KICK-ASS opening for his agents to take out his next project, NEMESIS, a move he may regret considering the tepid opening for KICK-ASS, which only managed a sub-$20 million opening AFTER Lionsgate toted up every penny -- thus avoiding being #2 to a four-week-old cartoon about getting your dragon to use a potty chair. Millar seems to have made peace with the opening however, probably because his agents didn't listen to his advice and already sold the hell out of his next few books.

Although there's no disputing that KICK-ASS will recoup on home DVD and got a very smart, savvy marketing push to the target audience, it's still being looked at as a case study of internet buzz not equalling actual movie goer buzz. Some are using it as a platform for wider mythbusting:

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