giovedì 15 aprile 2010

Fram�t! Jeffrey Brown and Sweden invade CHICAGO!

<p>Hey Chi-town friends, the <a href=" Shelf Swedish Invasion</strong></a> is coming to you! Starting Friday and all weekend long, the new <strong>Chicago Comic &#038; Entertainment Expo (C2E2)</strong> takes over the lakeside McCormick Center in downtown Chicago, and we'll be there in full force!</p>
<p>Come out and meet:
<li>Indie comics superstar <strong><a href=" Brown</a></strong>, signing his vast array of graphic novels and debuting his awesome new book <em><strong><a href=" Scenes</a></strong></em>!</li>
<li>Swedish Invader #1: <strong><a href=" Jonsson</a></strong>, author of the hilariously painful hipster memoir <em><strong><a href=" Princess</a></strong></em>!</li>
<li>Swedish Invader #2: <strong><a href=" Gärdenfors</a></strong>, author of the wild travelogue <em><strong><a href=" 120 Days of Simon</a></strong></em>, a true story of sex, drugs, and hip-hop!</li>
<li>Swedish Invader #3: <strong><a href=" Karlsson</a></strong>, author of the surrealist fever dream <em><strong><a href=" Troll King</a></strong></em>, full of magical biology and neo-traditional folklore!</li>
<p>And don't forget to swing by the <strong><a href=" rel="external" target="_blank">Nerd City / Top Shelf Swedish Invasion party</a></strong>, Saturday, April 17, at the Double Door in Wicker Park!

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